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Monday, September 15th PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday, September 15th

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Monday, September 15th
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Monday, September 15th

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  1. DO NOW- Recall Thursday’s and Friday’s lessons. What categories of information did Mr. Doppler present on the Chesapeake colony? What details can you recall? OBJECTIVES- To familiarize ourselves with the details of the upcoming unit project. To begin to refresh our understanding of the geography of the original 13 colonies. AGENDA- Recall and categorize information learned on Thursday & Friday Understand the Colonies Brochure Project parameters HOMEWORK- Read in your text: Chapter 2, Section 2. From the reading, draw and complete a two-sided chart: One column lists reasons that the English settled in VA The other column lists the challenges these settlers faced. Monday, September 15th

  2. Colonial Brochure Project

  3. Introduction • The 13 original colonies were a refuge for those Europeans who needed change, escape, or a second chance. They held enticing opportunities, untold riches, extreme danger, and grave risk for those who braved the Atlantic crossing to reach them. • Each colony was unique in population, resources, lifestyle, background and so on, although in some cases regional similarities united them.

  4. Why are we doing this project? • The purpose of this project is to use effective research, cooperative learning, and creativity to uncover as much information as possible about one of the original 13 colonies. • Creating a brochure will not only let you put this knowledge to use, but also allow you to use your creative talents to present the information in a polished, persuasive final product.

  5. What are my resources? • Miss Welc and Mr. Doppler, for one. Your US History book will also be key in obtaining the needed information. In addition, your textbooks and appropriate, scholarly internet sites and library resources (minimum of 3) may provide extra information. • Please e-mail Miss Welc your hyperlinks at to have your websites approved.

  6. How much time will I have to work on this? • You will have several days of full or partial class periods to work on this project. Also, progressive work on your brochures will be counted as homework (e.g. a rough draft of the written information in your brochure will be due, and then a rough sketch of your brochure’s layout will be due, etc.)

  7. ASSIGNMENT TIMELINE – Due Dates Date assigned: ____________________________ Draft of writing due: ____________________________ Rough sketch of brochure layout: ____________________________ Draft of brochure: ____________________________ Final brochure due: ____________________________ Presentation date: ____________________________

  8. Do I have to present my finalized project to the rest of the class? • YES! • First, because public speaking ability is a VERY valuable skill to develop while in high school. • Second, because we need you to TRULY TEACH the rest of the class about the history of the colony on which you’ve become an expert! • You will be encouraged to present together with your student learning partner (the one sharing the same colony), but if you are still nervous about this portion of the assignment, you can come and practice presenting to Miss Welc after school before going up before the class.

  9. Can we turn in one brochure for the two of us? • No, your final brochures are individual in their arrangement, writing, design, research, etc. • Your student learning partner simply shares a topic with you and will be there every step of the way to consult for good ideas, help each other with research, editing, etc. • You will also present your individual Colony brochures to the class together.

  10. How will I be graded? • You will be provided with a rubric for a full break-down of points and grading. • This will count for a test grade in the books.

  11. Grading Rubric

  12. DIRECTIONS: • Your assignment will focus on one colony alone. Because our class is small, two students should be assigned to each colony. YOUR PROJECTS ARE INDIVIDUAL, however, the other student sharing your topic will be your partner. You will help each other with research, developing ideas, editing, and ultimately, with presenting your brochures to the class.

  13. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST: Your brochures and presentations, must contain all of the following information! ___ 1. Where - Where is your colony located? - Is it a Southern, Middle, or Northern colony? What’s the difference? ___ 2. Who - Who was involved in the founding of your colony? - What population(s) lives there? Nationalities? Religious groups? Why? - Who is in charge of governing your colony? Why? ___ 3. When - When was your colony founded? - What are any other significant dates in the early history of your colony? ___ 4. What - Whatis life like in your colony? - What is going on there socially? Politically? - What makes it different from the other colonies? How is it similar?

  14. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST, Continued: ___ 5. How - How was your colony’s founding funded? - How does geography dictate life in your colony? - How do people make a living there? ___ 6. Why - Whydid your colony come to exist? - What reasons did people have to settle there? - Why should someone move to your colony? ___ 7. Images - Include at least two images - One of these should be a geographic representation of your colony ___ 8. Sell it! - Persuade your reader to come to your colony! - Make a point in your writing to emphasize the virtues and values!

  15. Your brochures will be tri-folds with six total panels. In other words, the paper will have information on both sides. How you want to layout / organize your information is up to you. PROJECT LAYOUT AND PRESENTATION:

  16. PROJECT LAYOUT AND PRESENTATION: Brochure layouts will resemble the diagram below (when flat), however, the design of the panels will be up to you! Make them look professional! Make them look appealing! Sell your colony with your research and information and writing skills!

  17. A FEW SPECIFICATIONS: • Yes, they need to be typed! • Microsoft Publisher is the best method of producing a printed brochure. • Your artwork / images may be hand-drawn or computer graphics/pictures. • Make sure to include the author’s name on the front! STILL CONFUSED?Any questions or concerns about the project can be addressed to Miss Welc or Mr. Doppler, either during designated project class time or after school.

  18. Name the original 13 colonies… Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island New York Pennsylvania Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

  19. Name the original 13 colonies… • Did you get them all?

  20. Homework Reminder Read in your text: Chapter 2, Section 2. From the reading, draw and complete a two-sided chart: One column lists reasons that the English settled in VA The other column lists the challenges these settlers faced.

  21. Forensic Artist Geography Activity • Two witnesses to the Geography of the American Colonies will report to you, a Forensic Artist, about the details of the situation. • Listening closely, use your familiarity with the shapes of the original 13 colonies, and the directives of the two witnesses to compose, blindly, your own map WITH labels. • The witnesses will determine who is the most capable “forensic artist” in the group by viewing the finished maps and deciding which is most accurate

  22. DO NOW- Think about the things that your family owns which play a large role in your daily life. What does it mean to own these things? Why does ownership matter? OBJECTIVES- AGENDA- Check Homework HOMEWORK- Tuesday, September 16th