Using tide verifying contact information and supplemental information
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Using TIDE –Verifying Contact Information and Supplemental Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using TIDE –Verifying Contact Information and Supplemental Information . Objectives. Accessing TIDE Understanding the administration differences of the Supplemental Information task. Minnesota Assessments Portal.

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Using tide verifying contact information and supplemental information

Using TIDE –Verifying Contact Information and Supplemental Information


  • Accessing TIDE

  • Understanding the administration differences of the Supplemental Information task

Minnesota assessments portal
Minnesota Assessments Portal

All AIR systems are accessed through the Minnesota Assessments portal located at

Minnesota assessments portal1
Minnesota Assessments Portal

As Assessment Coordinators, your primary portal entry will be the “Assessment Coordinators” page.

User roles
User Roles

  • District-level users can create and interact with lower-level users. The different district roles allow users to perform different tasks.

  • School Assessment Coordinators are often school or program administrators or principals. They can create school-level users and edit test settings, accommodations, and restrictions for students within their institution as well as access the Online Reporting System.

  • Test Monitor/Teacher/Test Data Entry users can perform different assessment-related tasks.



















Logging in
Logging In

Minnesota Assessments systems provided by AIR use a Common Login System. If you are logged into one system, you are logged into all of them and can switch between systems.

Select test administration
Select Test Administration

  • After you log into TIDE, you may be prompted to select a test administration.

  • Select the appropriate test administration from the drop-down list and click [Select].

Tide home page
TIDE Home Page

TIDE is the repository for all student and user information. It is also where accommodated paper materials are ordered, initial orders are viewed, and additional materials are ordered, depending on the administration.

Tide tasks
TIDE Tasks

The following features and functions, called tasks, are included in TIDE for District Assessment Coordinators. Tasks are identified by their tab names and are also included below the icons shown.

Contact info
Contact Info

  • Contains default district shipping address

  • May vary by test administration

  • Must be confirmed prior to accessing the “Orders” tasks

Supplemental information
Supplemental Information

  • Locked until Contact Information is confirmed

  • Unlocks “On-time (Initial) Orders” task

  • Varies by test administration

Supplemental info page by administration
Supplemental Info Page by Administration

  • Percent of district overage for test materials (MCA and WC GRAD)

  • Location to ship district’s materials (All)

  • Preprinted answer documents vs. preprinted labels (MCA and WC GRAD)

  • Student results labels (All except WC GRAD)

  • Date to receive test materials (MCA and MTAS only)

  • Individual Student Reports (MCA only)

Wc grad participation task
WC GRAD Participation Task

  • To indicate that your district WILL participate in the current administration, select “Yes” from the dropdown list. Then click “Save”. The other TIDE tasks will then become available, such as Supplemental Information and Orders.

Supplemental information task overage
Supplemental Information Task – Overage

Please indicate whether you would like to receive a 5% overage for your test materials. Please remember that a 10% overage will be sent to each school in your district.

Supplemental information task shipping preference
Supplemental Information Task – Shipping Preference

Please indicate the location to which you would like your district’s test materials to be shipped.

  • Ship to District Address under Verify Contact Information

  • Ship to individual school addresses

Supplemental information task student information
Supplemental Information Task – Student Information

Please indicate whether you want your student information preprinted directly on the answer documents or on labels delivered with test materials that you affix to the answer documents. Indication affects paper administrations only.

  • Preprinted Answer Documents

  • Preprinted Labels

Supplemental information task student results labels
Supplemental Information Task – Student Results Labels

Please indicate if you want student results labels sent to your district with final reports.

Supplemental information task test materials shipping
Supplemental Information Task – Test Materials Shipping

Please indicate which date you would like the test materials to be delivered to your district/school.

  • This question appears only in MCA and MTAS administrations

    • What is selected for MCA applies to MCA-Modified and WC GRAD shipments

  • If you would like materials delivered on 3/18/2014 (for Title I/WC GRAD) or 3/4/14 (for MTAS) select "First.“

  • If you would like materials delivered on 3/25/2014 (for Title I/WC GRAD) or 3/11/14 (for MTAS) select "Second."

Supplemental information task individual student reports
Supplemental Information Task – Individual Student Reports

Please indicate the date by which all individual student reports (ISRs) for spring 2013 were delivered to families. Date should be in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Note: Only applicable to MCA

On time initial orders
On-time (Initial) Orders

  • Confirm and edit school addresses

  • Review initial test materials

  • Order WC GRAD initial large print and Braille test materials

Confirming school addresses
Confirming School Addresses

By selecting “ship to individual school addresses”

  • Materials ordered at the school level will be packaged and shipped to individual schools

  • Materials will be shipped to the default school address if the shipping address is not confirmed on this page.

School shipping addresses
School Shipping Addresses

If the correct address is displayed, simply click [Save Order] to set this address.

If the address displayed on this page is not the location you would like this school’s materials shipped, click [Change Address].

Changing school shipping addresses
Changing School Shipping Addresses

  • Click the [Change Address] button to edit the text fields.

  • From the drop-down list, select “Add new location” and add a name for the address.

  • Fill in the fields and select [Set Address].

Viewing on time initial orders

Viewing On-time (Initial) Orders

View district orders

View school orders

Deleting orders
Deleting Orders

  • “On-time (Initial) Orders” window must be active

  • Simply reduce the number that appears in the “Total Quantities Ordered” Column to zero


The Resources section of the Minnesota Assessments portal contains links to the following useful resources:

  • Manuals

  • User guides

  • Tutorials

  • Online Test Monitor Certification Course

  • Webinars

  • PowerPoint presentations

    Additional Resources:

    MDE’s Weekly Assessment Updates

Resources pages
Resources Pages

The “Resources” pages are where all documentation will be found. The “Resources” pages are divided by functional area.

For more information
For More Information

  • Visit

  • Call, fax, or email the AIR Minnesota Assessments Help Desk.