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Readiness/VLA Certification

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Readiness/VLA Certification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Readiness/VLA Certification. Jean Pong and Donal Barry. Channel Ops Readiness Mission & Pillars. To create positive business impact and enable our Partners to realize their potential by empowering them with operations knowledge within a consistent readiness framework. Query &

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Readiness/VLA Certification

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Presentation Transcript
readiness vla certification

Readiness/VLA Certification

Jean Pong and Donal Barry


Channel Ops Readiness Mission & Pillars

To create positive business impact and enable our Partners to realize their potential by empowering them with operations knowledge within a consistent readiness framework

Query &









Internal Skills



Execution & Measurement

Engagement Management

Query & Communication

Training & Certification




People Skills



CPE (Service) DNA





Account Mgmt

  • Subsidiaries
  • Channel Partners

Contract Mgmt







CP Survey

Hits on online training materials

Trend-down of queries on Trained topics

Post-training Surveys

Returns Process Pulse Check

Focus Groups

PI: Channel Partner NSAT

QBR Pulse Check

Budgeted vs. Actual Engagements

CP Survey

PI: Account Management turnover

Post-event Surveys

PI: Channel Partner NSAT

PI: Email/Online Support: Avg. Cycle time of IT inquiries

PI: Reactivated ITs Inquiries

PI: Queries to transactions

PI: IT Inquiries w/ greater than 4 inbound communications

PI: Pricing errors to ACDs

PI: Channel Partner NSAT

Performance Reviews

Certification Sessions

COMpetency Roadmap Status

PI: Channel Partner NSAT

Post-training Surveys


(Note: PI = Predictive Indicator)

SWAT Team / Biz Desk

ChOps Scorecard

CAS Support

RCOM Partner Visits

Contract Process Improvement


  • Effective Controls
  • Uniformity
  • Biz Insights

VL Admin Cert Tool

Triple Play

  • SMART Tool

APOC CP Training Framework

  • Partner Handbook
  • VL / FPP Manuals
  • Robo Demos

COMpetency Syllabus

COM Certification


Mandatory one week OM training

WW Scorecard

MSE Replacement

Express Lane

Agreement Tracking

eBattlecards & Quick Ref Packs

Knowledge Center System



our joint readiness engagement map
OUR Joint Readiness Engagement Map

Microsoft COM

Annual Partner Survey & Pulse Checks


MS Readiness Team

LAR Conferences, Focus Groups & Pilots

channel partner readiness launches
Channel Partner Readiness Launches

January 2006

LAR Quick Reference Kit April 2006

Channel Ops Readiness

Sales & Marketing Executive Update

September 2006 (Internal MS)

Softcopy published in Q2 FY06; Hardcopy August 2006

August 2006

Note: Indicates English launch date. Published softcopies are available on and are updated on a quarterly basis.


channel partner readiness launches7
Channel Partner Readiness Launches

Distributor Quick Reference Kit September 2006

New Partner Kit September 2006

Online VLA Certification in New Zealand November 2006

Note: Indicates English launch date. Published softcopies are available on and are updated on a quarterly basis.


what s next
What’s Next?

EA 6.5 Handbook Jan/Feb 2007

Select 6.5 Handbook Jan/Feb 2007

CASA Handbook May 2007

ESA Handbook June 2007

Online VLA Certification – Australia and Beyond 2007

Knowledge Base Internal Pilot June 2007

what s it all about
What’s it all about

Microsoft’s VLA eCertification is a skill-based program that utilizes a series of online learning courses, assessments and exams by which individuals can build skills and gain certification in Microsoft Volume Licensing Administration.

The program provides a structured learning approach to Operations processes and requirements and in doing so further improves the individual and the partners’ operational skill set.

Additionally the improvement in your processing knowledge assists you to manage processing costs through the reduction of invalid agreements/orders/ adjustments and associated rework.


Online learning courses (3 Modules)

Includes one overview course and two skills areas:

Volume Licensing Essentials (Overview)

Volume Licensing Agreement processing (Skill Building)

Microsoft Operational Tools (Skill Building)

There are ten (10) courses to be completed to become a certified VL Administrator

Online exams and assessments

These are included at the end of each course to test or confirm the individual’s knowledge on the subject matter presented.  Passing each exam or satisfying the assessment criteria takes the individual one step closer to VLA eCertification

It’s free!

There are no course or exam fees and because the course is web based, you can access them from work or home (provided you have internet access).

Upon completion

Once you have completed the required courses, your Channel Operations Manager will present each individual with an eCertificate via email and notify the Partner organization of the success!

target audience
Target Audience


Operations Specialists

Licensing Specialists


  • Partner:
    • Licensing new hires
    • Programs new hires
    • Processing new hires



In Scope

Scaled roll out APAC & GCR

(Piloted & rolled out in NZ (NOV) next Stop Australia)

10 Courses

(8 currently available, 2 in development due by end Dec ’06)

Licensing/Operations Processes and Tools

  • Out of scope
  • E-Open
  • MVLS
  • Licensing programs and tools
    • (e.g. MOPET, CPS creation etc)
vla at a glance
VLA at a Glance

Program Structure:

The course will consist of 3 Modules and up to 10 Courses

The recommended order of progression through the eLearning course is as follows

how to access
How To Access

To find out more visit the following URL via the partner portal.

Then follow the instructions to access and take the VLA eCertification program at:

Key word: VLAeCert

This will be backed up with a User Guide (Readiness format) which explains the detail of the program. This will also be avail on ExploreMS and will be sent to you via VLCOMM

training site18
Training Site

Key word: VLAeCert


Progress is tracked individually - (PI privacy issue)

Individuals can view their status online through PLC website

Individuals are able see an overview of their program status in three categories:

Scheduled courses

In Progress courses

Completed courses


For Partners

proposed use of vla program
Proposed Use of VLA Program

AUS – VLA & Certification tied to Channel Agreements via Project Refresh

1 appointed VLA/partner (min)

+70% Pass Rate

60 days to complete from availability

New Hires:

Complete within 60 days of joining the LAR Ops team

Staff turnover: If VLA leaves,

LAR to appoint & complete VLA within 90 days

Course Updates/Refresh:

Complete updates within 90 days of availability

e-Certificate presented only upon completion of all required modules

VLA certification can be carried with individual

QBR component tied to LAR program criteria

VLA certification to be agenda item on business reviews

The structure and requirements of the VLA course will be communicated in detail through the program guide



  • Participation in the program can be tracked by the Channel Management team @ APOC
    • Channel Manager will present each individual with a e- certificate on completion of the required exams.
    • Channel Manager will notify the Partner organization of the VLA completion.
vla deliverables
VLA Deliverables

Course Guide


Partner PLC

E-Cert Process

Metrics Reporting

Internal Scorecard


Commitment from corporate is for all new refreshes to be updated each Quarter

what next
What Next?

Launch in AUS Q4 > kicks off 1 March 2007

Identify participants

1 or more Partner VL Operations staff to participate.

COM to gain commitment from each LAR re timelines/# of employees to complete

Review/Update the handbooks

Partner ready

Escalation Path, Log on info, etc etc

Internal COMs

Complete the prescribed courses within 60 days of availability

eCert will be given on completion of all relevant courses.

feedback from pilot
Feedback From Pilot

“.......filling out the agreements/enrolments from an Adobe attachment is a good idea, pretty realistic to how it happens normally....”

“I’ve been in Licensing for 8yrs (didn’t think I needed the course), 4 new employees who took the course were asking me lots of curly questions so I had to take them & found them very relevant indeed ”

         “...…All very valid information in these exams, at the end it gives you a very good understanding of what Microsoft are looking for and what you should and should not do before sending the agreement to MS for approval.”  Great for new hire induction….”

“…....Very very excited about this.....much needed (for me);o) ”

              “…….Ive completed all the courses already” excellent mode for training, why didn’t you think of this sooner MS….”