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Key Reports

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Key Reports

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  1. Key Reports

  2. Agenda • How to access reports • Seven key reports • Highlights from each report • Additional reports • Summary & next steps

  3. WCCP - EBI Dashboard Save the EBI link to your desktop or IE

  4. Reports that affect your sales targets: Target Progress report Distribution Gap reports MACO Visibility report Simplified Ranking report POCE report Reports that reflect your budget: Commercial Direct Spend report GL Account Detail Transaction report Key Reports Overview

  5. Provides quick snapshot of where you are re: performance and payout Breaks numbers down for 3 KPIs MACO Distribution POCE 4th KPI (Initiative) changes monthly A.K.A. 101 Target Progress report Target Progress Report

  6. Target Progress Report

  7. Provide detailed look at the distribution of each of your SKUs Identify gaps re: whether a SKU is available at a given POC Are available in both On-Premise (005G) and Off-Premise (005H) versions Distribution Gap Reports

  8. Distribution Gap Reports

  9. Provides detailed look at where you are vs. MACO targets Includes data re: overall monthly targets and SKU-specific targets Flags SKUs as on-target, up to 10% below target, or more than 10% below target Indicates estimated variances MACO Visibility Report

  10. MACO Visibility Report

  11. Ranks all your accounts weekly by industry volume (in hL) and Labatt share (in %) Identifies your largest accounts Includes number of visits (live and telephone) A.K.A. 003 report Simplified Ranking Report

  12. Simplified Ranking Report

  13. Provides POC evaluation data for last 8 weeks Gives pass/fail grade for Basic and Winning behaviours Passing grade for Basic POCs = all “Yes” Passing grade for Winning POCs = all “Yes” for Basic behaviours + all Winning questions minus one  "Yes"  for Winning behaviours Shows where you are vs. POCE target All “No” items become sales objectives A.K.A. 114a report POCE Report

  14. POCE Report

  15. Activity

  16. Activity

  17. Provides financial summary of where you are with respect to fixed costs and variable budget Compares planned vs. actual costs Numbers organized in MTD, YTD, YTG, and Full Year A.K.A. 031 report Commercial Direct Spend Report

  18. Commercial Direct Spend Report

  19. Provides financial summary of where you are with respect to fixed costs and variable budget Compares planned vs. actual costs Organizes numbers in MTD, YTD, YTG, and Full Year Used to reconcile expenses every month A.K.A. 031 report GL Account Detail Transaction Report

  20. GL Account Detail Transaction Report

  21. More national reports Trend reports Variance reports Etc. Regional reports Québec GL detail transaction report Sales Bible Etc. Additional Reports

  22. Summary & Next Steps • Access reports through WCCP – EBI Dashboard • Use key reports to focus your sales efforts and impact your bottom line • Additional report training to come THANK YOU!