the torture time n.
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The Torture time.

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The Torture time. By JJ 3B. Gas Chambers.

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The Torture time.

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gas chambers
Gas Chambers

A gas chamber is a horrific chamber that wipes out Jews, with a horrendous gas called Zyklon-B. A gas chamber was known as a “shower” to trick the Jews to going into the chamber. Most of these chambers were used in Auschwitz, 1943 was when they were first installed in Auschwitz. A Nazi noted that they were excellent tools for killing Jews. A similar tool to the gas chamber, was the gas van. A gas van was a mobile gas chamber, mostly put into train carts, and was included after Hitler’s ‘Final solution”. In conclusion a gas chamber is a miserable chamber that the Nazi’s used for torture and death.

It is a gas chamber, where the Nazi’s would send the Jews to there death.

Lawton, Clive A. Auschwitz. Cambridge; Candlewick Press, 2002. Print.

“Gas Chambers”. Learning About the Holocaust. 2001. Print

medical experiments
Medical Experiments

Medical experiments are the deadly tests on Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, crippled and more. These experiments are tested to determine if one could survive in such harsh conditions, such as putting Jews in ice cold water and see how long they would last. About 7,000 prisoners had experiments done on them. Different camps had different experiments, such as Raven Bruck left people crippled and disabled. Sachsenhausen tested to see if Gypsies had the same blood as the Aryan race. Auschwitz was the worst, because of Josef Mengele. He was the torture master of medical experiments, Auschwitz also had other sick doctors that would do many terrible things to Jews. In conclusion Medical experiments are extreme torture.

A women who got a medical experiment on them, during the Holocaust.

“Medical Experiments”. The Holocaust. 1997. Print

white rose movement
White Rose movement

The White Rose Movement is a group of young adults that resisted against Hitler. This started in the summer of 1942-43. 24 year old Scholl , his friend Christopher , and Scholl’s sister ( Sophie), formed the movement. They all use to be in Hitler youth but, they resisted against him when they saw the injustice. They passed out leaflets called The White Rose, “written to strive for the renewal of the mortally wounded German spirit”. Though they accomplished a lot together, they got beheaded on February 22, 1943, when a Nazi guard found one of there leaflets. Their last words were “ Long live freedom”.

A symbol for the White Rose Movement. Saying we are all in members of the White Rose Movement.

Rogasky, Barbra. Smoke and Ashes. New York: Holiday House, 1988. Print

zyklon b

Zyklon-B is a dangerous, explosive gas, used in death camps. The Nazi’s used Zyklon-B to kill the rats and bugs on the train carts, so they figured it would kill Jew’s, since it killed rats (subhuman). This gas comes in many forms such as, pellets, crystalline, and sealed in tin containers. The pellets were used in gas chambers located in Auschwitz ( the biggest concentration / death camp). In these gas chambers the pellets would take minutes to go into effect and wipe out anyone who stands inside. Also this substance was used in Hitler’s “Final Solution” (the genocide of the Jews). Zyklon-B was a bad substance to mess with.

A tin container of Zyklon-B pellets.

“Zyklon-B”. Learning About the Holocaust. 2001. Print.