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Typhoon Haiyan PowerPoint Presentation
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Typhoon Haiyan

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Typhoon Haiyan
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Typhoon Haiyan

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  1. Typhoon Haiyan How can we help those effected by this natural disaster? If you or your family have been effected by Haiyan please see anyone of your teachers, counselors or trusted adult in the building for support!

  2. What is a Typhoon? Where are they likely to occur? • A typhoon, hurricane, and cyclone are all the same thing but come from different places in the world. • They cannot cross the equator • Typhoons (max 200mph) are in the Pacific, Hurricanes in the Atlantic • Haiyan was 3.5 times more ferocious then Hurricane Katrina –Holly Yan, CNN

  3. Haiyan was 3.5 times more ferocious than Hurricane Katrina –Holly Yan, CNN Haiyan had a near perfect eye, the eye wall is very important to the strength of the storm

  4. Typhoon Haiyan Friday, November 8, 2013

  5. Important data • Filipinos in America • Filipinos are the second largest Asian group in America. • Filipinos in Seattle • 2010 census registered 98,000 in Seattle • Preparation? • 500,000 were on typhoon watch • Evacuated 160,000 to typhoon shelters • People knew about Haiyan’s track several days ahead of time, and how big it might be. One thing they did to prepare besides evacuations were food dumps. However Haiyan came in with a 20m about 60 ft wall of water similar to what a tsunami would have, and washed away many of the food dumps* too. *Food Dump: The Red Cross prepositioned food at stations across the country. Many of these supplies were washed away by surprisingly high storm surge

  6. Satellite picture of typhoon Haiyan’s eye

  7. Haiyan’s devastating storm surge. Includes graphic images.

  8. How can Madison support the relief efforts? • American Red Cross • The do-gooders at the American Red Cross do a good job of spending your money when you donate. They manage to keep administrative expenses at less than 5% of their total overhead, and they spend 92.1% of their income on actual programs that benefit the community. Whether it's teacher CPR, or managing crisis during the aftermath of a disaster, the Red Cross puts your money to good use.

  9. Who should we donate to? • The Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) is coordinating with the Philippine Consulate San Francisco, Washington State government and officials, and national media outlets to disseminate information on missing loved ones. • Here's the link to the Philippine Red Cross‘ RFL (Restoring Family Links) and Tracing Services in the aftermath of the Typhoon: http://familylinks.icrc.org/en/Pages/Countries/Philippines.aspx • Additional Questions please direct to Sheila Burrus, FCS ED—206 300 5832 • ·         Cash donation Can be mailed or dropped off at the center :5740 MLK Way, Seattle 98118 • ·         Wells Fargo Account#5612975465 RTN#125008547 • ·         Click here to donate online: http://www.helphaiyansurvivors.org/ • ·         FCS will arrange for a 20’ Container to ship collected Relief goods • ·         Immediate need for personal hygiene products, non perishable food items and first aide kits.

  10. OTHER fundraising events • Nov 17 Marathon Benefit concert, FCC*, Sunday  from 2pm.  • Nov. 24Zumbathon. SUNDAY, 1-3pm, FCC *Filipino Community Center 5740 MLK Way, Seattle 98118