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A Day in the Life of an… PowerPoint Presentation
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A Day in the Life of an…

A Day in the Life of an…

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A Day in the Life of an…

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  1. A Day in the Life of an… Chapter …Helpful Hints and Day to Day Tips For Making the Most of YOUR Organization

  2. Describe Your Typical Day…(If you have one!) Now, describe your typical ASDAy! What things do you do every day to make ASDA run?

  3. What is this Presentation About? YOU! And your ability to… Make Your Chapter Successful!

  4. Dental School Success ASDA 8, 9, 10 and 11 Trustees 1 Cup: Coffee (Okay, Maybe 3 Cups) 1 Pinch: Sleep 1 gallon: Professional Commitment

  5. Let’s make this interactive! Everyone has a worksheet…. Fill it out as the Session goes on! Use it to keep track of *events you may want to implement… Or *Contact info to reach other chapter leaders!

  6. What Kind of Leader Are You? Silent Partner Dictator Team player Listener Moderator

  7. Define Your Leadership Style? What kind of example do I set? Do I have a clear vision? …. Do the people I lead understand my vision? Do I share the leadership? Do I share the leadership well? Do I motivate others? Do I inspire or limit my chapter? Do I promote innovation? Do I promote confidence in others?

  8. ASDA Structure Nationals Locals

  9. ASDA Success at the Local Level P: Planning Ahead E: Executive Council R: Reliability C: Communication S: Scheduling S: Structure It’s all about the… PERCSS!

  10. Is for…Planning Ahead(Or “Why iCal and Google Calendar Rule All”) If things are on the Calendar, they are more likely to actually happen. Everyone remains on the same page. Plan Backwards…From Event Date to Today! Make the Calendar public and easy to read! Over Plan and Over Prepare

  11. Is for…Executive Council(Or “How Too Many Head Chefs Make a Messed Up Feast”)

  12. Is for…Reliability(Or “How the Circle of Trust can Make or Break Your Year”)

  13. Is for…Communication(Or “Why ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ is A Not Rhetorical Question”) Create an Open Forum Environment Allow Everyone to be Heard Use Email, Phone, Facebook and Texts Appropriate Gaps Going around other leaders Say it to their face!

  14. Is for…Scheduling(Or “Please, Have a Seat at MY Time Table”)

  15. Is for…Structure(Or, “Why The Pyramid is Stronger With More Cheerleaders at the Bottom”) Executive Council? Committees? Leadership? Accountability? Adding Chair and Co Chairs?

  16. We asked…What tips would help your chapter run more efficiently? Taking it to the National level…

  17. ASDA Success at the National Level Developing National Members and Membership Growth Promoting Organized Dentistry Fundraising State Level Advocacy: Legislative Puzzle Pieces Ethics Education Nationwide

  18. Topic 1: Organized Dentistry What can chapters do to promote organized dentistry after dental school? How can we create these relationships with respective state associations?

  19. From Minor Leagueto Major League Communicating and Continuing with Organized Dentistry

  20. Communicatingwith Organized Dentistry • They wantto help • They are easy to access • You located at Group Practice #8; 2nd Floor Bay H, Chair 4, 29° 32' N 98° 28' W ….are not • They have • Money • Great Ideas and Opportunities Where do I start: • Local Association Websites/Facebook • ASDA Resources • Trustees • Website/Mouthing Off Blog

  21. Continuing on with Organized Dentistry • National Signing Day Season: • Feb 1st – April 30th It’s FREE for the first year Signing Day FAQs: • Mouthing Off Blog Article Reduced Dues Program • 1st year: 0% • 2nd year: 25% • 3rd year: 50% • 4th year: 75%

  22. National Signing Day Team ADA • Applications: • Tripartite Membership: • Local + State + National • ADA direct membership • Federal Dental Services, Provisional, Graduate Student • ALL new graduates can “sign” for FREE • Benefits After Graduation

  23. In the words of LeBron James…“In the fall, I’m going to take my talents to the ADA” “I never wanted to leave ASDA, and my heart will always belong there, but I also feel like the greatest challenge to me is to move on.”

  24. Alumni Relations: Signing Day for 4th Year Students to Transition to the ADA & TDA

  25. Membership: BBQ with ODA for 1st Year Students

  26. Integration with Student Government Excellent Support and many Leaders serve dual roles! First Ever Online Version of the Chapter Newsletter: The ASB Articulator Redesigned, and a Crossword Puzzle too!

  27. Topic 2: Fundraising How can we budget to maximize travel?

  28. Maximizing profit for covering chapter expenses and travel Fundraising

  29. Go Big!! • Plan to make most of your funds from one event • Focus your efforts • Work as a team • Sponsors PLAN AHEAD!!!

  30. Funding Travel

  31. Keeping Your Chapter Involved • Send your members to: • Meetings • Conferences • Clinics • Annual Session • Plan your annual budget • What do you want to fund? • How many do you want to send? • Pay for the meeting, but not the travel • Multiple sponsorship levels • $600, $400, etc.

  32. Budgeting for a surplus!

  33. Vendor Fair “How To” & School Policy Thanks for hosting a GREAT meeting!

  34. Lunch and Learns & Vendor Fair Just held fair for almost 30 Vendors! Typically have 3 L&Ls a month! New Leadership Structure!

  35. Recent Vendor Fair brought in $10,000.00! Planning another in the Spring!

  36. Topic 3: State Level Advocacy What steps can chapters can take toward state advocacy? What are ASDA’s expectations?

  37. State-Level Advocacy Use your ASDA resources Keep your ears open for opportunities to promote our policies Talk to your state association and dental society members and staff Contact the offices of your state Congress members to get more information on the best ways and times to have the greatest impact with your communications/visits ASDA’s goal: For all dental students to have a basic understanding of what types of laws are made at the state level that affect dentistry and know how can students and dentists have a voice in affecting change in this arena

  38. ADPAC Presentations

  39. Advocacy & Lobbying