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Driver’s Education

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Driver’s Education. Chapter 12. Table of contents. Dirty Windows Sun Glare Hydroplaning Wind Cold Weather Dirty Windows. Dirty Windows will Reduce visibility and can be the cause of a dangerous wreck.

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table of contents
Table of contents
  • Dirty Windows
  • Sun Glare
  • Hydroplaning
  • Wind
  • Cold Weather
dirty windows
Dirty Windows
  • Dirty Windows will

Reduce visibility and can be the cause of a dangerous wreck.

  • Prevent moisture buildup on your windows by

Turn on your front-window defroster, switch on your rear defogger, and use your AC/heater .

  • Windows wear down over time

The plastics used in many vehicle interiors can give off vapors that coat the inside of windows over time.

sun glare
Sun Glare
  • Sun Glare

When the sun creates severe and blinding conditions.

  • Ways to Protect Yourself

Avoid looking at the sun or by wearing sunglasses or a sun visor.

  • Low-Beam Headlights

By driving with low-beam headlights you help other drivers see you.

  • Hydroplaning is

Is when a tire rises to the top of water and loses its grip to the road.

  • Hydroplaning is caused

By a combination of standing water, speed, and tire condition.

  • Hydroplaning occurs

At 35 mph in water as little as 1/12-inch deep.

  • Strong winds

Can cause your vehicle to lose control or even pushed off the roadway.

  • Passing Trucks

Can produce a strong blast of wind. Be ready to slow and apply extra pressure to the left.

  • Tornadoes

If you see a tornado stop and find a ditch or bridge and lay down.

cold weather
Cold Weather
  • Be alert for exhaust leaks

Make sure to have air coming into your vehicle

If you are stuck in snow make sure your tailpipe isn't blocked.

  • Do not race a cold engine

Racing a cold engine can cause wear.

  • Don’t set your parking brake

Ice/slush stuck to the bottom of your car can cause the parking brake to freeze.