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  2. Planet Earth is in Great Danger!

  3. And our only saviours?

  4. Is YOU!

  5. Here’s the list of dire troubles we currently face… • Water pollution e.g. sewage, littering and dumping, fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides, seepage from land fills and oil spills

  6. What a DUMP!!! (an example of a polluted water body) Consequences of water pollution?? • Endangered Species *no more fishies??* • Negative Effects on Health *our own lives are endangered!* • Eutrophication *imagine rivers filled with rotting organisms!* *audience gasps…*

  7. Next Problem… • Air Pollution e.g. haze, smog, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer & global warming

  8. Example of the terrible air pollution in UK Oh no… What now? • Irritation to lungs and eyes • Buildings and vehicles get dirty easily • Level of cleanliness of air is horrible • Serious health problems • Causes acid rain

  9. *audience moans…*

  10. That’s not all… • Land pollution e.g. littering and illegal dumps, pesticides and herbicides

  11. A common sight in Hong Kong The devastating effects? • Negative effect on public health - Diseases get spread • Poisoning of plants and animals - Species get extinct • Soil contamination - Contaminates the water bodies too

  12. You see the problem… You see the Possibility of Earth becoming Extinct! You see the Danger…

  13. Save our EARTH! You need to Rise up and…

  14. United Nations Environment Programme Here’s a list of Organisations which have risen up to take charge… 2. WWF- World Wide Fund For Nature

  15. 3. Association of Southeast Asian Nations

  16. 4. Will it be YOU?

  17. *audience CHEERS!!! YES!!!*

  18. Here’s the Ways YOU can help Save the Earth! • Go green! We don’t mean literally painting yourself green… it means that you can help by buying environmentally-friendly products! e.g. The Body Shop

  19. Practice the 3 Rs! Also known as Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Reduce Waste • Buy biodegradable products Reuse Things • Think about how things can be reused instead of throwing it away! (saves $$ too!) Recycle Waste - Bring biodegradable materials to recycling bins!

  20. Other ways to prevent pollution… • Prevent littering and illegal dumping • Reduce use of pesticides & herbicides • Prevent oil spills • Reduce vehicle emissions • Reduce emissions from industries • Reduce emissions from power stations • Search for alternative sources of energy • Reduce use of CFCs • Protect Forests

  21. So… what are you waiting for?Save the Earth Today!

  22. *theme song plays…* "By Your Powers Combined, I am Captain Planet!" Captain Planet, he's the manLeading the charge, Earth's number 1 fan! Check him out, you're gonna seeHe's the Mega-mac Daddy of ecology! Cap's the hero with the gumptionTakes on the "overs," population and consumption Yeah, he could use a better groomerSome people say he's got a bad sense of humor "I'm baaaaaack!"

  23. But when Eco-Villains run amok Plundering and pillaging, Yuck! Cap's here to level the playing field With a Ph. D in sustainable yield But he's not the only hero for Earth Gaia's wisdom gave the Planeteers birth Wheeler's the Fire Ma-ti's go Heart Gi's got the power to make Waters part Kwame's rockin' with element Earth Linka uses Wind for all she's worth But still Greedlys and Blights trash our planet It's up to us to say, "We won't stand it!" Raise your voice and challenge your peers Say it's way cool to be Planeteers! "The Power is Yours!"

  24. Yeah! The POWER IS YOURS!

  25. Done by: Audrey Han (3)Gerdine Chong (11)Clarice Luo (18)Jacqueline Sia (23)Christabel Tan (27)

  26. *loud, standing ovation…* *curtains close…*