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Office 365 Education – Licensing Student Advantage

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Office 365 Education – Licensing Student Advantage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office 365 Education – Licensing Student Advantage. Office 365 Education Is…. Value of Microsoft Office 365 Education. Meet student and educator needs. Enable learning from anywhere. Enterprise-grade cloud services. Comprehensive tools to do your best work.

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value of microsoft office 365 education
Value of Microsoft Office 365 Education

Meet student and educator needs

Enable learning from anywhere

Enterprise-grade cloud services

Comprehensive tools to do your best work

value of microsoft office 365 education1
Value of Microsoft Office 365 Education

Meet student and educator needs

Enable learning from anywhere

  • Provides anywhere-access to email, assignments and calendar on most devices
  • Works with devices that students and educators use most –including PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
  • View and edit assignments with Office Web Apps across a broad range of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome)
  • Connect securely over Internet with HTTPS without the need for VPN
  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Office programs that users already count on
  • Provide sites for students and educators to work together in real time on assignments, and group projects
  • Communicate seamlessly from email to instant messaging to online classrooms
  • Helps students and educators become more productive with a 50GB mailbox that unifies email and voicemail
office 365 what is it
Office 365 | What is it?

Latest productivity services running in Microsoft’s cloud

Familiar Office anywhere

Faster install, regular updates

Built for the Cloud










office 365 a t a glance
Office 365 at a glance

Familiar and full Office user experienceFast deployment and broad management controls

Works with your on premises email and storage

Per-user licensing

Online meeting with desktop sharing

IM & Presence across firewalls

GAL search with contact card

Windows Live federation

Access documents offline

Document-level permissions

My Sites to manage and share documents

Share documents securely with Extranet Sites

Free/busy coexistence

Integrated personal archiving

Retention policies and legal hold

50Gb mailbox with voicemail & unified messaging

introducing the new student advantage
Introducing… The New Student Advantage




Office for 100% of organization's faculty and staff

Education customers in Volume Licensing – EES or OVS-ES

Office 365 ProPlusto all students at no extra cost

the path to student advantage
The Path to Student Advantage

Academic Institution BDM


Academic Institution IT

  • Office 365 ProPlus requires an Office 365 tenant, then student directory is uploaded
  • After Office 365 ProPlus order is processed, IT staff assigns Office 365 ProPlus licenses to students
  • IT staff can eliminate physical media delivery and inventory management
  • Reduce support costs by standardizing on productivity software
  • Customer may extend power of the cloud with free Office 365 A2
  • Customer must have an EES or OVS-ES VL subscription
  • Institutions license Office Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlusto 100% of Faculty and Staff
  • Orders new Office 365 ProPlus for Students SKU at $0
  • Download Office 365 ProPlus via Click-to-Runon up to 5 different devices, even mobile
  • Office is locally installed, available offline
  • Students’ Office 365 ProPluswill always be up-to-date
  • Documents and settings roam with each user
office 365 proplus the best office client experience for students now at no additional cost
Office 365 ProPlusThe best Office client experience for students, now at no additional cost

Office as a Service

Use Across Up To 5 Devices

Office on Demand

Click To Run

Save to Cloud

Upgrades Included

Familiar & full Office applications -locally installed, available offline

office 365 proplus the best office client experience for students now at no additional cost1
Office 365 ProPlusThe best Office client experience for students, now at no additional cost

Achieve valuable insights with powerful analysis tools

Turn your ideas into impactful presentations

Collect your information in one easy-to-find place

Transform ideas into professional-looking documents

Communicate and collaborate easily with colleagues in different locations

Create professional-quality publications and marketing materials

Manager your schedule and tasks with colleagues

Track and report important information

office 365 education plans
Office 365 Education Plans

Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office working together to provide enterprise-level value

*Office Pro Plus (includes Full Lync Client with meeting recording capability)

USD estimated prices per user/month

academic volume licensing options
Academic Volume Licensing Options
  • Committed Subscription Programs*
  • Commit to standardize all of organization’s desktop with Microsoft Enterprise Products and obtain better pricing.
  • Software Assurance is included
  • 1 or 3 year contract term
  • Transactional Programs
  • Order when needed. Pay as you go
  • Software Assurance purchase is optional
  • Open is 2 year, Select Plus contract does not expire

Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions

5 FTE or more

On-premises subscription and Office 365 A3 and Office 365 ProPlus

Academic Open License

5 licenses or more (waived for O365)

On-premises perpetual and Office 365 A3 and Office 365 ProPlus

Eligible for new Student Advantage

Small and



Academic Select Plus

~250 desktops or more

On-premises perpetual

Enrollment for Education Solutions

1,000 FTE or more

On-premises subscription, Office 365 for Education (all plans), and other online services



Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement

No minimums, direct channel (customer buys from Microsoft through MOP) –

Office 365 for Education (all plans)

* Committed Subscription Programs include School Agreement for primary/secondary institutions (where available)

how an institution licenses office 365
How an Institution Licenses Office 365

2ways to buy through the EES program, depending upon customer size

Campus and School Agreement + Enrollment for Education Solutions (CASA+EES)

  • Complete the Campus and School Agreement (CASA)*
  • *Unless already in place
  • Buy through a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP)
  • 1000+FTE employees or students
  • Complete the Enrollment for Education Solutions (ESS)

Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES)

  • Complete the Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) eAgreement
  • 5+FTE employees or students
  • Buy through an Authorized Education Reseller (AER)
counting faculty staff fte employees
Counting Faculty & Staff FTE Employees

EES offers the convenience of licensing products based on the number of faculty/staff (FTE) employees in the organization

This formula outlines how to determine the number of faculty/staff FTE employees in your organization:

Full-time faculty

Part-time faculty  3

Full-time staff

Part-time staff  2

Total FTE employees

For example, you have 2,000 full-time faculty, 3,000 part-time faculty, 1,000 full-time staff, and 1,000 part-time staff. The FTE employee count is calculated as follows:

2,000 + (3000  3) + 1,000 + (1000  2) = 4,500 FTE employees

Note: In EMEA, FTE Employees = faculty and staff who work more than 200 hours per year.

comparing the two models of office
Comparing the Two Models of Office

Choose an option for customer to cover 100% of faculty and staff

Office 365 ProPlus

Office Professional Plus 2013

People First and Move to the Cloud

Traditional Model of licensing Office

  • Tied to hardware
  • Longer installation times
  • Poor side-by-side experience with older Office versions
  • Traditional update management
  • Transfer of license upon graduation
  • Per person (on up to 5 devices + mobile apps)
  • Office side-by-side with old versions
  • Cloud service available wherever you go
  • Faster installation (Click to Run)
  • Manageable background updates
hybrid cloud offers a great opportunity for partners

74% of customers want their trusted cloud service provider to also offer on premises expertise.

Hybrid Cloud offers a great opportunity for Partners

Projected growth rate for Public IT cloud services spending is five (5) times that of the IT industry overall.

Experienced cloud partners estimate ramping up to the cloud would be much faster today – as fast as 6 to 12 months.

A balance between on-premises and cloud spending is the reality – the opportunity is in integrating cloud and on premises systems together optimally.

Source: “Successful Cloud Partners”, an IDC InfoDoc, 2013

student advantage partner sales opportunities
Student Advantage Partner Sales Opportunities

Deliver Cloud Benefits to Customer

Qualify Institution for Student Advantage

ModernizeFaculty and Staff

  • License Student Advantage benefit and provide to students
  • Deploy Office 365 A2 for campus-wide messaging, collaboration, and more
  • Upsell Office 365 Education A3 to portion of students
  • Introduce migration, integration, and other professional services
  • Ensure your Education customers have academic annuity agreements, EES or OVS-ES
  • Cover 100% of faculty and staff with Office Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus
  • Start Office 365 free A3 trials in IT group and key department(s)
  • Upsell Faculty and Staff to Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 A3
  • Provide same benefits of Office 365 ProPlus to Faculty and Staff as Students (5 instances, mobility, always current)
office 365 partner services opportunities
Office 365 Partner Services Opportunities

Broaden your service offerings, grow margins, cement advisor role

Deployment planning and evaluation

Infrastructure integration, synchronization

Data migration (email, contacts, 3rd party apps)

Mobile devices integration

Monitoring and Management services

Post-deployment support and training

Custom Solution Development



Enterprise Social

office 365 through ovs es
Office 365 through OVS-ES

Partner Orders SKU

from OVS-ES Price List

Retrieve Digital 5x5 Product Key from VLSC

Input Product Key to Activate Service on

  • Input 5x5 product keys on to activate service
  • If customer has an O365 tenant already, then log in to the account to input the product keys
  • 1-year service subscription term begins the date the keys are redeemed
  • “Partner of Record” needed to ensure partners receive communications about renewal for customers and secure future Advisor Fees for any additional transactions processed at Office 365 Portal (if applicable).
  • Sold as 1 year subscription
  • Up-front payment
  • Available as “Additional Product” and may be ordered in any quantity
  • OVS-ES: No minimum threshold once program minimums are met
  • Academic Open: 5 License minimum order requirement waived. A new order starts a new contract.
  • Customer and partner receive order confirmation email, per existing process with link to Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)
  • 5x5 Product Keys stored in customer’s VLSC account
  • In Open License, customer signs VL contract that contains Cloud Terms post order submission
office 365 education in ovs es
Office 365 Education in OVS-ES

Focus on OVS-ES agreement first, then add Office 365 plans

  • Meet Minimum Requirements:
  • Organization-wide Commitment
  • At least one Desktop Platform Product
  • 5 FTE or more
  • Add Office 365 Services for Faculty/Staff or Students:
  • Office 365 A3 full USL
  • Office 365 A3 Add-On
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Per user, in any quantity as Additional Products
  • In OVS-ES, Office 365 Plans are not platform online services and do not count toward the org-wide commitment

OVS-ES Agreement vs. Office 365 subscription termOVS-ES contract and Office 365 subscription expiration are independent and not coterminous.

Anniversary Order placed for on-premises products

Anniversary Order placed for on-premises products

Order Placed for Office 365 SKUs through OVS-ES

A3 Renewed by reordering SKU through OVS-ES or from O365 Portal.

A3 Starts…

Keys Redeemed: A3 1 year subscription starts when Keys are redeemed.

T&Cs are suppressed: OVS-ES customers will not be prompted to accept terms again in MOP.

A3 Renewal

Add A3 Seats

Seats Added Mid-Term: A3 subscription expiration date needs to be the same for all seats. Any extra months of usage will be spread over all existing seats within the same subscription.


adding f ree and paid office 365 p lans to ovs es
Adding free and paid Office 365 plans to OVS-ES
  • Institutions can add the free Office 365 Education A2 through MOP and A3 or Office 365 ProPlus through OVS-ES.
  • All Office 365 licenses are assigned per user and may be ordered in any quantity needed. The user count for Add-Ons may exceed the FTE count but can only be ordered for defined organization.


260 Users

in Organization


200 FTE

Org-wide Count

Defined “Organization” = 200 FTE / 260 Users


75 UsersOrder in any quantity

Education Desktop

Plan A2 (Free)

Plan A3 Add-on

Plan A3 Add-on – through OVS-ES

License per user in any quantity needed after qualifying for OVS-ES

Education Desktop Org-Wide

License for 200 FTE

All users and on-premises devices are covered

Plan A2 – Free through MOP

License for all 260 Users

No on-premise license for related products

two ways to add office 365 education a3
Two ways to add Office 365 Education A3

To remain fully licensed end-to-end for communication, collaboration, and productivity tools, customer is better off adding the A3 Add-On to on-premises Education Desktop Suite.

  • Customer Scenario:
  • 2,000 FTE
  • 1700 Full Time Employees
  • 900 Part Time Faculty

A3 Add-On

A3 Full USL

A3 Add-On x 2600 Users = $62,400

A3 full USL x 2,600 Users = $127,608

Edu Desktop x 2000 FTE = $94,080

On Prem Components x 2000 FTE = $48,240

Total Spend: = $156,480

Total Spend: = $175,848

Based on Level A NET, GBP