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Current CSR News Final Project Milestones The Great Debate PowerPoint Presentation
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Current CSR News Final Project Milestones The Great Debate

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Current CSR News Final Project Milestones The Great Debate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Current CSR News Final Project Milestones The Great Debate. MBA 292C-1 Professor McElhaney 04.18.07. CSR in the News. CSR in the News. CSRwire-hosted CSR Directory: More than 2,000 Organizations in 95 Countries

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csr in the news1
CSR in the News
  • CSRwire-hosted CSR Directory: More than 2,000 Organizations in 95 Countries
  • Americans Report Increased Environmental Consciousness and Expectation That Companies Will Take Action
    • National survey finds almost half of Americans are now environmental "doers;" highlights untapped opportunity for sale of green products
csr in the news2
CSR in the News
  • An Inconvenient Tooth: Food Is Major Contributor to Climate Change
    • It turns out that food (and all the energy it takes to make it) is one of the largest human activities contributing to global warming.
    • The average American creates 2.8 tons of CO2 emissions each year by eating—even more than the 2.2 tons each person generates by driving, according to recent research (Echel and Martin, 2006).
    • Beginning on Earth Day, 2007, Bon Appétit Management Company—the nation's pioneer in "greening" food service, is launching a national campaign to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and help their guests do the same.
csr in the news3
CSR in the News
  • Ecofuture Introduces CarbonFree(TM) Light Bulbs
    • Ecofuture, a Hudson, Ohio based startup announced today the launch of The Bulb (, a new brand of Energy Star certified light bulbs with a carbon footprint of ZERO. Ecofuture offsets all CO2 emissions generated from the use of each light bulb (over the entire life of the bulb - up to 10,000 hours) through a donation to, making The Bulb the world's only CarbonFree™ light bulb.
csr in the news4
CSR in the News
  • Volunteers Struggle to Find Opportunities They Want
    • As Americans observe National Volunteer Week, more than half say they won’t or are unsure if they will volunteer more in the coming year, with many saying it’s because they can’t find an opportunity that’s right for them, a new survey by Nationwide Mutual Insurance shows.
    • Nearly half of survey respondents acknowledge difficulty in finding opportunities that match their desire to make a difference, personal values or skill sets.
    • Survey respondents said key factors in attracting them to a volunteer opportunity include:
      • The ability to use personal skills
      • The ability to support a cause that aligns with personal values
      • The ability to make a personal connection
      • The ability to make a difference
      • The ability to work directly with people being served by the nonprofit
csr in the news5
CSR in the News
  • Companies that Help Gen Y Employees Volunteer Their Workplace Skills to Non-Profits Can Gain Recruiting Advantages
    • Nearly Two-thirds of Gen Y Employees Surveyed Prefer Companies that Let Them Volunteer Skills
    • Fewer than One-third of Companies Have Compelling Programs
projects in class presentations
April 25th




Lori Bonn



Brown Forman

Grupo Nueva

May 2






William Sonoma

Wells Fargo


Projects: In-Class Presentations
projects in class presentations1
Projects: In-Class Presentations
  • May 9 (last class)
    • Dreyers
    • PWM
projects format for final deliverable
Projects: Format for Final Deliverable
  • Team & company liaison introduction
  • Company overview (brief)
  • Project Scope
  • Methodology
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Value of project
    • To company
    • To your learning, MBA education
  • Thank company
the great csr debate
The Great CSR Debate
  • PRO Team Leader: Mike Abbott
  • CON Team Leader: Lorin May
    • First PRO Team (5-7 minutes to lay out statement and position): Pedro, Mike A., Hans, Mike P., Melissa, Matt E.
    • First CON Team (5-7 minutes to lay out statement and position): Jeff D., Iris, Elizabeth L., Steven O., Lorin, Margot
the great debate1
The Great Debate
  • Second PRO Team (rebuts first CON, extends position, 5-7 minutes): Maria, Sarah, Mike T., Annabelle, Joe, Akif
  • Second CON Team(rebuts first PRO, extends position, 5-7 minutes): Shirin, Cristin, Adrian, Yang-Yang, Wiam, Nick
  • PRO Closing Argument: (restates position, 3-5 minutes): Alec, Steven A., Elizabeth S., Theresa
  • CON Closing Argument: (restates position, 3-5 minutes): Amy, Gabi, David, Emily
the great debate2
The Great Debate
  • Judges: Q & A (10 minutes)
    • 3-5 questions per side
    • Determine winner
    • Give specific feedback/ reasoning for vote, discuss what worked, what did not work
    • Roni, Daniel, Jennifer, Brooke, Jason
  • Time Keeper: Jason
good debating



Blend of ethos, pathos, logos

Strong Communication Skills

Verbal & nonverbal

Use of physical presence and space


Think like opponent

Cite experts

Well-prepared presentation

Use of visuals and words


Good Debating