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Task ?

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Task ?
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  1. Unit 3 The world of colours and light Task ? Reporting on a visit to an art exhibition

  2. Discussion • Have you ever visited an art gallery, a museum or an exhibition? 2. Where and when did you go?

  3. 3. Why did you go there? 4. Did you see someone like the organizer of the exhibition, the artist or the photographer there? 5. Did you learn anything new by going? If so, please explain.

  4. Further discussion If you are going to report on a visit to an exhibition, what information do you need to include?

  5. Pre-reporting When you are going to report on a visit to an exhibition, such information should be included in your report as: e.g. a photo gallery • the place visited • when the visit took place • why the visit took place • what you saw on the visit • who you met on the visit • any other interesting information • …… to find out about a famous photographer and his / her work the photographer

  6. Listening Zhang Linghong, a famous Chinese artist, is holding an exhibition of his work in our city. You and your other members of the school art club are going to the exhibition. You are required to write a report on the visit. Before you go, you’d better listen to your art teacher talking and take notes about what you need to include in your report.

  7. Things to include in my report • what place I visited • _______ I went there • _______ I went to see • ____________ for the trip • describe some of the __________ • say whether I _______ them or not when what the reason paintings liked

  8. 5. Give some details about the painter • and his _______ • where he _______ • how he became _________ in painting • where he has _______ life grew up interested studied masterpiece 6. find out his __________ 7. find out why the painter choose the name for the exhibition

  9. What can you get from the Ad? • where • when • what • Who City Art Gallery _____----29th May Glance of Guilin Zhang Linghong

  10. Listening Part B The art teacher is telling the class about the advertisement for the exhibition. Listen and fill in the missing information.

  11. (1) _______ -29th May 22nd Student Day 30th May (student price: ¥ (2) _______) 5 Zhang Linghong has been painting for (3) ______ years and this is an exhibition of his recent work in Guilin, Guangxi Province. He shows many beautiful views of the (4) _________ and the surrounding (5) _____ and presents them in a unique way. 20 Li River hills

  12. At the exhibition You get a brochure that gives you more information about the artist and his work. You are advised to read Part C and answer the questions .

  13. Questions : He painted many scenes of the canals inSuzhou. • 1. What did Zhang mainly paint during 1970s and 1980s? • 2.How do you think the tourists who paid small fees for his early works? • 3Where did he study home and abroad? • 4. What is his masterpiece in the collection? They are very lucky . In 1983, he was admitted to the Beijing School of Art .In the 1990s ,he won a scholarship to study in the New York School of Art Guilin Heights

  14. 1. Sitting of the shores of them , he watched and painted the local fisherman and sailors. 仿句: 他躺在草地上,仰望天空。 He lay on the grassland , looking up into the sky. 2.Considering his later fame, they got a real bargain. considering prep.就…而言 He looks very young considering his age. Considering that he did not study ,he did well on the test.

  15. bargain n &v 特价品 ,交易 The coat is a bargain at such a low price .

  16. 3.In 1983 , he was admitted to the Beijing School of Art. Admit v 录取 承认 admit doing sth 翻译: 他承认他犯了一个很大的错误。 He admitted having made a big mistake. 4.It was while at the New York School of Art the he experimented with different materials . 仿句:正是因为他生病他才缺席这次会议。 It was because he was ill that he was absent from this meeting.

  17. Guilin, China

  18. Guilin, China

  19. Guilin, China

  20. Guilin, China

  21. Pair work After appreciating Zhang Linglong’s masterpiece, you realize it is not just one painting but many small paintings overlapping and painted at different angles. You would like to know more about it. How lucky you are! You happen to meet Zhang Linghong in the art gallery. You have 3 minutes to interview him face-to-face. What questions do you want to ask?

  22. How to ask technical questions? • Where did you get the idea from? • What did you do first? • What did you do next? • How did you get this effect? • How long did it take you to finish your work? • How did you decide what to call it? • What do you think of it? THINK IT OVER

  23. One acts as the artist • the other as the one who interviews the artist. • You don’t need to ask all the questions .You can choose the questions you are interested in to ask. When you finish the interview, you should change roles.

  24. Writing Having enough information, you are writing a report. However, your are puzzled on how to organize the information in an order that will make sense to the reader. tips Past tense Headline ---- what the report is about Introduction ---- place / date / what was seen / people met Description of what was seen Description of people met Conclusion ---- what you thought of the visit

  25. Possible example: Report on Art Club visit to Glance of Guilin Introduction Place of visit: City art Gallery Date of visit: 29th May an exhibition by Zhang Linghong What was seen:

  26. The exhibition 12 paintings, painted between 2003 and 2004 1 The collection: 2 The masterpiece: Guilin Heights, Description: over 3m tall, focusing on several caves, painted in a unique way .

  27. The artist in Hangzhou in 1961 Born Admitted to Set up Studied _____________in the 1990s Presented his paintings in Beijing School of Art in 1983 a studio in Hangzhou after graduation in the USA Guilin

  28. Conclusion Painted at different a________ Cann’t be m________ mpressive F_________ and i_________ antastic ngles issed

  29. A possible version On May 29th, we paid a visit to City Art Gallery to see an exhibition by Zhang Linghong. The exhibition showed 12 paintings which were painted between 2003 and 2004. Of these works the one named Guilin Heights deeply impressed us.

  30. It is a painting that was painted in a unique way, which is over three meters tall and focuses on describing several caves. When it comes to the painting Guilin Heights, we will think of its artist Zhang Linghong. Zhang Linghong was born in Hangzhou in 1961.

  31. At the age of 22, he was admitted to Beijing School of Art. After his graduation, he set up a studio in Hangzhou and continued his study in the USA in the 1990s. There is no denying that the paintings showed in City Art Gallery are fantastic and impressive and they are painted at different angles and can not be missed.