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Cornell Note-Taking PowerPoint Presentation
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Cornell Note-Taking

Cornell Note-Taking

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Cornell Note-Taking

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  1. Cornell Note-Taking

  2. Name Date Class Period Topic:Cornell NotesAim: How should I take notes in class? • Write your name, date, class, and period in the upper right hand corner (see above). • Write the Aim and Topic on the top of the page.

  3. Page setup Draw a horizontal line about five lines up from the bottom. Name Date Class Period Topic:Aim: • Draw a vertical line down the page about one third of distance from the left.

  4. Main Idea Key Question (after notes are completed) Key words & ideas Important dates/people/places Repeated/Stressed Info Ideas/brainstorming written on board / overhead projector Info from textbook/stories Diagrams & Pictures Formulas Name Date Class Period Topic:Aim:

  5. Where is Ms Kingham From? Why is she interested in World History? Why does Ms. Kingham Love her job? Has lived in India, England and the U.S. Comes from a multi ethnic and multi religious background Has been teaching at La! For 15 years – that means – Thousands of talented brilliant kids like you! Name Date Class Period SAMPLETopic:Ms.KinghamAim: Why is Ms.Kingham so great?

  6. Helpful Hints for Straight A Notes Abbrev. , Paraphrase. Use symbols (arrows, circles, underlining) or highlighting to emphasize important ideas and relationships. Name Date Class Period Cornell Notes • Skip lines between ideas. • Within 24 hours, review notes and develop study questions on the left side. • Be aware of teacher clues.*

  7. How do I know if what the teacher says is important? Repetition or stressed inflection Voice gets louder Writing on the board or overhead “This will be on the test.” Gestures (hand/arm movements) Name Date Class Period Teacher Clues

  8. Name Date Class Period So, what about the bottom of my paper? What belongs in the bottom space? • Summary - review notes as soon as possible after class and write a summary in your own words about the main ideas. Are there any gaps in your understanding? (see next point) • Questions for the teacher. • Doodles - down here they won’t get in the way of the important stuff. Summary, questions, doodles