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NHOM Scoring 2002. The correct scores, on time!. Needed revisions. 23 Appr Edit screen shot 15 Needs IYM details screen. Curriculum. History’s lessons Our response Instant Challenge is different Data entry into the computer General notes about scores Scoring this year’s team challenges

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Nhom scoring 2002

NHOM Scoring 2002

The correct scores, on time!

Needed revisions
Needed revisions

  • 23 Appr Edit screen shot

  • 15 Needs IYM details screen


  • History’s lessons

  • Our response

  • Instant Challenge is different

  • Data entry into the computer

  • General notes about scores

  • Scoring this year’s team challenges

  • Score Room Processes

  • The scoring program

History s lessons
History’s Lessons

  • The purpose of the score room is to ensure accurate score calculations

  • The most error-prone part of the process is the hand calculation of the intermediate scores

    • Averaging judge scores for each score item

    • Combining score items

Our response
Our Response

  • Changes to Team Challenge processing

    • Enter each appraiser’s scores directly into one computer

    • Number Cruncher’s scores entered into another

    • Score checking in the score room only for weight held totals

    • The computer will generate the Master and Team score sheets

      • These will go back to the challenge rooms

Calculation flow
Calculation flow:


Score sheet


Appraisers scores

Number Cruncher

rolls up scores

Math #1

Cross check scores

Enter summary scores

Data entry #1

Enter detail scores

Instant challenge is different from team challenge
Instant Challenge is Different From Team Challenge

  • Instant challenges will still be combined by hand, due to security concerns

  • The hand calculations will be checked in the score room, as before

  • The summary Instant Challenge score for each team will be entered into the computer

Data entry into the computer
Data entry into the computer

  • In the morning, enter the appraiser info into the computer

    • Names

    • Which items each appraiser is scoring

  • The computer will accept scores for each item and each appraiser

  • It will then calculate the combined scores

Score ranges
Score Ranges

  • Every score has a valid range, it is listed on the score sheet

  • Hopefully, this will limit out-of-range appraising errors

  • If a score is out of range, the score sheet must go back to the head judge

    • Use the “Issues” feature of the program

      • next session will go over this

Types of scores objective
Types of Scores: Objective

  • Either something happened, or it didn’t

  • Scores noted with the keyword “OR”, e.g., “0 OR 10”

  • The only valid scores are those listed.

    • It is not a range of scores

  • If multiple appraisers score this item, their scores must match

Types of scores subjective
Types of Scores: Subjective

  • Appraiser’s opinion

  • Scores noted with a separating hyphen, e.g., “1-5”

    • Valid scores are anywhere in the specified range

  • There must be at least two appraisers scoring each subjective item

  • Multiple appraisers’ scores are averaged

Subjective score exception 0
Subjective score exception: 0

  • Is zero ever a legal score for a score with the range of 1-5?

  • Yes, if the item to be scored was not present in the team’s performance

  • Then the score becomes like an objective score, and all appraisers’ scores must be zero

  • The program enforces this rule

  • An explanation must accompany the score, which we enter into the program


  • Deductions must be accompanied by an explanation

  • This explanation must be legibly copied onto the team and appraisers’ score sheets

    • We enter the reason into the program

  • Remember to check the prep area and weigh-in sheets for deductions

  • If deductions do not agree, we need to ask the head judge

Scoring this year s team challenges
Scoring this Year’s Team Challenges

  • It’s Your Move

  • On Holiday

  • Dual DI-lemma

  • StranDId!

  • Art of Improv

Score room processes team challenge scores
Score Room Processes: Team Challenge scores

  • All incoming scores will be logged in

  • Scores will be entered into two computers

    • First from the master score sheet

    • Second from the individual appraisers’ sheets

    • Cross-check results via the network

    • Second machine will print team and master score sheets

    • Each machine will be “first” for some challenges, “second” for others.

Score room procedures team challenge scores cont
Score Room Procedures:Team Challenge Scores (cont.)

  • Deduction reasons will be entered into the second computer

    • Also reasons for zero subjective scores

    • Will be printed on the TM and HA score sheets

  • All paper goes back into the team’s envelope

    • Runner will return the entire envelope to the Team Challenge Room

Score room procedures instant challenge
Score Room Procedures:Instant Challenge

  • Instant Challenge scores are computed before they come to the score room

  • Instant Challenge score computations will be checked in the score room before entry

  • Single score per team is entered into both computers

    • Plus possible deduction

    • Both computers enter all IC scores, for cross check

      • Same order (first, second) as for TC

Score room procedures general
Score Room Procedures:General

  • Any problems found will be sent back to the team challenge room

    • An “issue” will be entered in the computer

  • Keeping up-to-date with TC takes precedence over entering IC scores

    • Team managers are waiting for the TC scores

Setting up in the morning
Setting Up in the Morning

  • Determine scoring room assignments

  • For each challenge, determine who will enter first, and who will print scores

  • Enter appraisers and their scoring assignments into the second computer

    • First computer doesn’t know about appraisers

Score entry team challenge
Score Entry: Team Challenge

  • Arrange appraisers’ sheets in same order as table columns

    • We’ve asked for alphabetical order!

  • Ensure appraisers are scoring the items the computer expects

    • Appraisers must score same items for every team

  • Enter all scores for each appraiser

  • Remember to check for deductions, especially on the prep area form

    • Should already be on the Master form; check

Entering deductions
Entering Deductions

  • Deductions are not normally editable as a safety measure.

  • To enable:

    • Right click in the score area

    • Select “Modify deductions”

About accuracy and speed
About Accuracy and Speed

  • We MUST be accurate in our scoring

  • We also need to be fast

    • Teams are waiting to pick up their scores from the head judge

  • But not at the expense of accuracy

  • We need to stay current with the incoming TC paper

How to handle problems
How to Handle Problems

  • Talk with your score room leader

  • Send problems back to the challenge room

  • Enter an “Issue” in the program, for any score that goes back

    • This lets us ensure that we resolve any problems before finishing

Issues form modify team form
Issues Form (Modify Team Form)

Instant challenge
Instant Challenge

  • Scores will be calculated in the IC rooms

  • We will re-do that work, to make sure that the calculations are correct

  • If a discrepancy is found, we do it all again (different person)

  • A single score per team will be entered in the computer

  • We can’t go over score sheets ahead of time due to challenge security

Your preferences
Your Preferences

  • Are you comfortable using a computer?

  • Can you enter data accurately and quickly?

  • One person in each score room will be checking IC scores and weights with a calculator, and logging scores in.

  • Would you prefer the calculator role?

Your equipment
Your Equipment

  • Do you have a computer you could / would bring if needed?

    • Must be 300 MHz or better, with at least 32 MB memory

    • Portables are preferred

  • Same question for a printer?

    • Ink jet or laser

  • If so, please contact Al at al@nh-di.org

Program location
Program Location

  • The scoring program is available on the web<http://www.nh-di.org/discoring/>

  • Play with it and get comfortable with it

  • If you have questions, contact Al atal@nh-di.org

Time to play
Time to Play!

We’re going to try out the program now; we have several computers here running it.