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  1. Welcome to 2013-2014 Creativity has the power to change the world. Becoming a team is a life-changing experience. Our world’s future depends on extraordinary problem solvers.

  2. What is Destination ImagiNation? Destination ImagiNation(DI) is an educational activity in which student teams solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments. Our Impact • 125,000 participants annually • 1.5 million alumni • 48 states; 30 countries • 38,000 volunteers

  3. Why do DI? Our Impact Destination Imagination actually has the core of what we want to see in NASA in the STEM ecosystem: teaching participant hos to think instead of necessarily what we think. NASA’s Dr. Roosevelt Johnson We can’t teach our children everything that they need to know, but DI provides opportunities for them to think, take risks, and work together to solve common problems. Raymond Simon, U.S. Dept. of Education, Deputy Secretary DI Students are so curious and they’re so free. Paul Hanson, Director of Marketing, 3M

  4. The DI Program Teams showcase their Challenge solutions in Tournaments: • Teams first attend Regional Tournaments - Boulder Regional Tournament is Saturday, March 15, at Monarch High - Tournament registration deadline is January 17 • Teams can advance to Affiliate (State) Tournaments - Colorado State DI Tournament is April 12, at CU Denver • Top teams advance from Affiliate Tournaments to the DI Global Finals at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

  5. Participation There are four age levels at the Boulder Tournament: • Rising Stars! (ages 4 to 7, non-competitive) - Generally K-2 • Elementary (3rd to 5th grade) • Middle (6th to 8th grade) • Secondary (9th to 12th grade)

  6. Participation • Teams start by purchasing Team Numbers from BVSD at a reduced price of $115 or on www.IDODI.org (Rising Stars only). • Teams receive the Program Materials, the central resource every team must have and use to participate in DI. • Teams choose a Team Challenge and work for 8 to 16 weeks devising unique solutions. • The solutions come solely from the students; at no time is Interference allowed.

  7. Competition • At Tournaments, teams present their solutions to Appraisers for a score. • No parent interference • They also compete in Instant Challenges, which are: • Short, time-driven impromptu Challenges • Confidential until the day of the Tournament • Performance-Based, Task-Based, or a combination of the two

  8. The Specifics The DI Program This Year’s Team Challenges

  9. The Technical Challenge Prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning and related skills. “Your team has searched high and low and it seems like there’s nowhere to go. Now it’s time to Dig In and get to the Object(ive). Are you in, or are you out?”

  10. The Scientific Challenge Blends the research and curiosity of science with the thrill and creativity of the theater arts. “Art can begin with a flick of the wrist, but can it ride on the wind? If you take on this Challenge, you will imagine a character so light and airy that it could slip, slide and sail away!”

  11. The Fine Arts Challenge Students flex their acting and artistic muscles as they explore some of our most fascinating works of literature and media “We all know Mona Lisa smiles, but can you make her giggle? Maybe, if you’re really good, you’ll even make her Laugh ART Loud.” .

  12. The Improvisational ChallengeIs all about spontaneity and story-telling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.“When the past meets the present, you’ve got to MAKE IT WORK. Why? It’s Pandemonium!”

  13. The Structural Challenge Asks teams to design, build and test load-bearing structures out of specific materials. “Two forces. One structure. Will your team rally to prevent destruction OR crumble under the pressure?”

  14. Service Learning – projectOUTREACH Is designed to engage students in service learning to address real community issues through personal expression. “OKAY. Here are the rules of the game. Find a community need and put the pieces together. Will you pass or will you play?”

  15. Rising Stars The non-competitive category is especially designed for K-2 students. “The circus is coming! The circus is coming! Under the direction of your team’s Ringmaster, you’ll need to find your balance and act it out.” 

  16. The DI Program Season Relax – we have 23 weeks until our Boulder Tournament!

  17. Participation Boulder Regional Challenge Masters (RCM’s) • Challenge A -Technical: Dave Hogsett, dhogsett@opxbio.com • Challenge B - Scientific: Cate Stanek, cate.stanek@gmail.com • Challenge C - Fine Arts: Paul Chinowsky, pchinowsky@gmail.com • Challenge D - Improv: Megan Morgenthaler, megan.morgenthaler@colorado.edu • Challenge E - Structural: Nora Johnson, nora.johnson@gmail.com • Service Learning/projectOutreach: Megan Morgenthaler, megan.morgenthaler@colorado.edu • Rising Stars: Meredith Sherock, meredith.sherock@colorado.edu

  18. Participation Creating a Team • Finding team members • Determining a practice space/completing volunteer forms - Volunteer form and background check with BVSD - New last year: team manager and parent sign-off forms to school • Team manager involvement - Attend NEW TEAM MANAGER TRAINING on 10/19/13 at Monarch K-8 - Attend CO team manager training on 11/9/13 at Overland HS or on 1/12/14 at South HS - Attend BOULDER TM TRAINING on 1/28/14 right here! • Parent volunteer/appraiser - Attend Colorado appraiser training on 2/1/14 at Grandview HS or 2/22/14 at Alameda HS

  19. Start a Team • Teams start by purchasing Team Numbers through the AAS office at a reduced price of $115 - Rising Stars register directly at www.idodi.org = $90 • Teams receive the Team Program Materials, the central resource every team must have and use to participate in DI - DI “Road Map” for Team Managers • Teams choose a Team Challenge and work for 8 to 16 weeks devising unique solutions. - The solutions come solely from the students; at no time is parental Interference allowed.

  20. Coming Up! New Team Manager Training - 10/19/13 8 a.m. – noon - Monarch K-8 DI After Dark: The Gathering - Especially for middle schoolers - 10/25/13, 7-11 p.m. - Dunston Middle School, Lakewood

  21. Why Be a Team Manager? • "Being a team manager was as much a gift to me as it was to my kids."   Kate Donelan, Colorado Affiliate Co-director • “The ability of my first grade team of solving technical problems creatively far exceeded anything that I (PhD Engineer) could teach or even imagine.” Marc Plinke, Crest View Elementary Team Manager • “I had almost as much fun as the kids did!  It was great to be able to watch the team grow, not only as a group, but as individuals.  They are also incredibly proud of their achievements, and the confidence they gained from the experience is priceless.” Katherine Myers, Coal Creek Elementary Team Manager • “This really is one of the most rewarding things that you’re going to do. You’re going to get to watch a group of kids really turn into a coordinated team. They will do things that surprise you and accomplish things that you never would have thought they could do . . .” Paul Chinowsky, BVSD High Schools Team Manager

  22. Why Be a Team Manager? • “I was in awe of my team's creativity and problem-solving skills. I learned so much from them.” Erin Moran, Fairview High School Team Manager • “ . . . for the kids on my team, DI has been an experience that has developed many, many highly valuable, real-world skills that they would not have learned through school or other activities.  For me, I have developed a wonderful close relationship with these kids (and a much closer relationship with my own kids) and have thoroughly enjoyed the company of like-minded DI adults.” Scott Dalgeish, Platt Middle School Team Manager • DI teaches real-life skills kids just don’t learn in school: managing a long-term project, teamwork on a very high level, innovative thinking, and independent learning skills.” Susan Dalgeish, Summit/Platt Middle School Team Manager