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The CEP blog!

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The CEP blog!. An Introduction and how to. How can the CEP blog help us?. Help manage Inbox Overload Provide a forum for in-depth discussions Publicize CEP events and projects Provide Resources and Information Allow for frequent publishing Allow for more contributors

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The CEP blog!

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the cep blog

The CEP blog!

An Introduction and how to

how can the cep blog help us
How can the CEP blog help us?
  • Help manage Inbox Overload
  • Provide a forum for in-depth discussions
  • Publicize CEP events and projects
  • Provide Resources and Information
  • Allow for frequent publishing
  • Allow for more contributors
  • Allow for more networking opportunities
  • Celebrate CEP!
how do i use the cep blog
How do I use the CEP Blog?
  • Blogging is easy and fun!
  • There is a handy set of instructions coming soon to the CEP website, and in your email!
  • Here’s some basic steps!
signing up
Signing up.
  • Shannon has sent all current CEP Students and the gang of four (Roz, Dottie, Dennis, Chris) an invitation to join WordPress and be part of the blog.
  • Your invitation was sent to the e-mail address listed on the Student Roster. Find it. It’s from bonfires (at) . Subject is “[Your name], Shannon has invited you to use WordPress”
open your invitation to wordpress it will read
“Dear [Your name],---------------------------------------------CEP has a blog! It's at's an invitation to create an account so you can post new topics!-Shannon---------------------------------------------You have been invited to open a free WordPress weblog.To accept this invitation and register for your weblog, visit invitation can only be used to set up one weblog.Regards,The WordPress Team(If clicking the URLs in this message does not work, copy and paste theminto the address bar of your browser).”Openyour invitation to WordPress. It will read:
creating an account
Creating an account
  • Click on the link that begins with
  • The other one will just let you look at the blog. Sorry!
    • Click on Just a username, please.
    • You don’t need your own blog! (Unless you really want one.) We are all using the CEP Blog! You do need a username, so you can make posts.
creating an account1
Click “Next”

Success! You should see this message:

“Your account is now active!

An email with your username, password, Akismet API key and important links has been sent to your email address.We hope you enjoy”

Creating an account
logging in
Logging In
  • Open that email WordPress just sent you.
  • Click on the link that reads
  • Enter your username and password.
  • WordPress will try to get you to start up a new blog again. Ignore them. They are silly people. Look for the text that reads : Here are the blogs you already have:
  • cepweb
log in
Log in

Click on “cepweb” Yay! You are logged in and looking at the CEP blog. Now the fun can begin.

writing comments
Writing: comments

First, let’s learn how to comment on posts. You can do that by clicking on either the title of the post or clicking on the comments. Now you’ll see the box to comment in. After you finish writing your comment, click on “Submit Comment.” To return back to the front page of the blog, click on “FRUIT FROM THE TREE” at the top.

writing new post
Writing: new post
  • Okay, so now you want to post?Up at the top of the screen you’ll see a blue bar. It reads “My Account” “My Dashboard” and “New Post” . Click on “New Post.”
  • Type your post. WordPress gives you some cool options. Add tags to your post to make it easy to find later for people interested in your topic. Now:
saving yr post
Saving yr post
  • You can click “Save and continue editing.” This just saves a draft of what you’ve written so far, and you can keep writing more.
  • You can click the middle button “Save.” This saves a draft, but doesn’t publish it at all. It’s great for when you want to write a post, but halfway through realize you still have two chapters to read for class. Shannon does this all the time.
publishing yr post
Publishing yr post
  • The button on the far right will read either “Submit for Review” or “Publish.” This is because of the way WordPress moderates new users. A representative of the Communications Committee checks the user list for the blog once a day, and enables cepsters to make posts without the posts being moderated.
  • If you write a post before the check is made, it will be held in a queue and appear when the ComComm Rep updates the user settings for the day. After your user setting is updated, the button will read “Publish”
technical support
Technical Support
  • If you follow these instructions and are still having trouble, you can email Christine or Shannon and we will help you! If you don’t read the instructions, Shannon at least will NOT help you. Instead she will either be grumpy, or laugh.
That’s itfor now! We’ll see you all at

Love, the Communications Committee!