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Paul’s Journey PowerPoint Presentation
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Paul’s Journey

Paul’s Journey

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Paul’s Journey

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  1. Paul’s Journey By: P.T. Clement, Liam Doheny, Grant Lamble, Nat Marrinson

  2. Paul was born in Tarsus, Turkey in 10 A.D. When he was a child his name was Saul. He was raised as a Jew and even participated in the stoning of Saint Stephen.When Paulwas on the road to Damascus, he was blinded by a light from the sky. He was on his way to visit the high priest to persecute Christians who believed that Jesus was the Messiah. He heard Jesus speaking to him and asking him why he had persecuted him. He told Saul to go to the city, and the blinded Saul was led by his fellow travelers. He was blind for three days. In the city there was a disciple named Ananias, who was told by the lord to go to where Saul was praying and baptize him. When Ananias laid his hands on Saul,the scales which had blinded him fell off. Saul stood up and was baptized. In the bible, this is described in chapter nine of the Acts of the Apostles. He then changed his name to Paul. Pre-Baptism

  3. After his baptism, Paul traveled to Arabia and reflected and prayed there for three years. On Paul's first journey he traveled in a small loop. He started in Antinoch then went to Salamis, Paphos, Attlia, a different Antinoch, Iconium, Lystria, and Derbe. He then came back by going to Lystria and Iconium and on to Pamphylia then back to Antinoch. On this journey he built many churches and spread the word of God. Paul’s first journey

  4. Paul’s second journey lasted three years, from 49 to 52 A.D. On this journey, he traveled to western Asia Minor, and Greece. He started in Palestine and eventually stopped at Seleucia, Antioch, Tarsus, Derbe, Lystria, Iconium, Athens, Corinth, and many other places. This journey eventually led him to bring the gospel to Europe. Paul’s second journey

  5. Paul’s third journey lasted for five years, from 53 to 58 A.D. He completed many important tasks on this trip and visits the evangelists and other important people. He started his trip in Antioch and eventually made his way to Jerusalem and Tyre. He warned people about the apostasy of the church. Paul’s third journey

  6. Before Paul’s last journey, he became a prisoner of Rome in Caesarea. Paul attempts to defend himself but is not heard until Rome elects a new governor and hears his case. Ceaser sends him to Rome so his case can be heard. While Paul is in Rome he receives letters and spreads Christianity and proclaims the gospel through out Rome. Paul’s fourth journey

  7. Feast day is June 29 • He is the patron saint of truth • He died in 67 ADand wasbeheaded by Romans • His signs are the book, and sword • He founded many churches on his journeys Important things about Paul

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