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Business -Driven Development with BPM: Lessons from the Real World PowerPoint Presentation
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Business -Driven Development with BPM: Lessons from the Real World

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Business -Driven Development with BPM: Lessons from the Real World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business -Driven Development with BPM: Lessons from the Real World. Ken Ng Principal Product Manager Oracle Fusion Middleware. Program Agenda. Business driven approach to BPM Building Business case Business Driven Development.

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Presentation Transcript
business driven development with bpm lessons from the real world
Business-Driven Development with BPM: Lessons from the Real World

Ken Ng

Principal Product Manager

Oracle Fusion Middleware

program agenda
Program Agenda
  • Business driven approach to BPM
  • Building Business case
  • Business Driven Development
process matters to business
Process matters to business!

Top priority for Non-IT executives is improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes

oracle bpm process composer
Oracle BPM Process Composer
  • Business analysts can capture the process
  • Or import existing process from Visio etc.
  • Share models and collaborate
  • Manage snapshots
  • Generate Process documentation
simulate to optimize process design
Simulate to Optimize Process Design
  • Run simulations to do what-if analysis
business rules
Business Rules
  • Delegate business-interesting & dynamic logic to Business Rules
    • Decision tables
    • If-then rules
    • Localizable
    • Business vocabulary
business led user interface design
Business led User Interface Design
  • Business analysts can define the forms
  • Forms can be previewed within Composer
  • If needed, developers can enrich behavior using JavaScript
play validate
Play & Validate
  • Process can be played to business stake holders within Composer
  • Draft mode enables partial processes to be played facilitating iterative discovery
business it collaboration for process design
Business IT Collaboration for Process Design
  • Single Model From Modeling to Execution
    • Social, collaborative design
    • Single BPMN 2.0 model
    • Import/ Export process models
    • Comprehensive IDE for developers
assess process performance
Assess Process Performance
  • Assess each of the 6 BPM Maturity dimensions
  • Identify where the largest capability gaps exist
  • Define what “BPM projects” deliver the biggest bang for the buck
    • High value
    • Automation friendly
    • High risk-reward ratio

Maturity Model built by Oracle for “Large CRO “

Jan 2012

use inputs from bpm capability assessment process prioritization to create a roadmap
Use Inputs From BPM Capability Assessment & Process Prioritization to Create a Roadmap
  • Implementation plan provides the timeline for implementation
  • Enables measurement of implementation cost
identify benefit drivers calculate roi
Identify Benefit Drivers & Calculate ROI
  • Key input into the ROI calculation is the associated investments with acquiring and deploying the BPM technology
  • Projects with the best returns and most compelling business cases are the ones that stand a better chance of being funded
what is business driven development
What is Business-Driven Development?

A methodology for developing IT solutions that directly satisfy business requirement

Source: Wikipedia

business process development
Business Process Development


Design end-user screens, & define and capture key metrics


Turn models into real applications (models shared with IT)


Understand the problem, analyze, model, and simulate


Personalization and business rules modifications

order processing model1
Order Processing Model

All 3 human touch points need screens

demo scenario
Demo Scenario

Business Case

  • Avitekis a manufacturing and sales company
  • A core business value in Avitek’s mission statement is customer satisfaction
  • Avitek has been growing rapidly, doubling revenue in each of the past two years
  • Customer satisfaction has dropped from 95% to 75% over the past year
demo scenario1
Demo Scenario

The Current Order Process

  • The order process is email-driven between Sales Reps, Finance and the Warehouse
    • The process often breaks-down
  • Finance has to login to a system to retrieve the customer’s credit rating, and check internal finance business rules documents for each order
    • Approvals are time consuming
    • Updated rules are sometimes missed and orders are unnecessarily delayed or rejected
  • Finance and Warehouse are required to update the Sales Rep, but this doesn’t always happen
demo scenario2
Demo Scenario

Order Process Areas for Improvement

  • BPM Composer:
    • Automated process rather than an unregulated process via email
    • Utilize automated services, rather than requiring a person to key into a system (ie. retrieve customer’s credit rating)
    • Centralize business rules and enable automatic approvals when appropriate (ie. Finance auto-order approval)
  • BPM Workspace
    • Task oriented UI for process participants
  • BAM
    • Provide better insight and visibility for the Sales Reps and executive management
leading census organization

Oracle BPM Suite - 11g

Using Oracle BPM’s Composer – company was able to capture Decennial knowledge from key subject matter experts. A repository of the 2010 Decennial processes will now provide a starting point for the 2020 Decennial program process design efforts.

The repository consists of four key areas: Address Canvassing (ADCAN), Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS), Headquarter Processing (HQP), and Nonresponse Followup (NRFU)

Cost effectively counting a population that is growing steadily larger, more diverse and becoming increasingly difficult to enumerate

Billions of dollars were spent executing Decennial Business Processes that were for all intents and purposes un-documented and un-automated.

Limited to no ability to assess existing business processes for ways to evolve, cut cost and drive efficiency.

Leading Census Organization

Opportunities & Challenges



  • Short Term Results
    • Simulated 2010 Decennial Business Process models and 2012 Economic Business Process Models will provide, for the first time, the ability to run simulations using real processes – and measure the effects of changes to various aspects of the process. Predictive Analytical tools will be used to assist in defining simulated values and cross-references simulated results against predicted outcomes.
  • Long Term Results
    • Optimized 2020 Decennial Processes and 2017 Economic Processes will be automated, business activity monitoring dashboards will be deployed, online collaboration, self service and communication around the processes will be made available.