TruckSuvidha: Transportation on Online Wheels
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TruckSuvidha is an online platform connecting transporters, industries, logistics & truck drivers for the timely and effective communication. It aims at making the people aware of how technology will make their lives better; getting the truck drivers educated about their rights; and making people accept change in an industry which has not seen use of technology since its inception. We offer services of Load post, Truck post, Search Load, Search truck, online transporter directory, Distance calculator and many more. With a few clicks user can register as a customer, transporter or packer or mover. The customer can choose the city, date, material, weight and truck type as per their choice and book a vehicle for transportation. The transporters can list their entire catalogue of vehicles available. We classify the information and share the same to get the transaction on-going. So basically we help the key players come together to perform their business in a simple yet effective manner.

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Trucksuvidha transportation on online wheels

TruckSuvidha: Transportation on Online Wheels

TruckSuvidha is a start-up which was formed with one goal in mind i.e.

to bring about a change in the existing transportation scenario. The

current logistics industry in India faces huge gaps due to the demand and

supply not being met despite the availability of both in huge numbers.

This start-up plans to act as a bridge and curb the existing gap. Apart

from this the logistics sector is technology deprived with players opting

for old traditional practices while booking trucks. The plan is overhaul

the complete industry by introducing technology and other means to

make truck booking a rather easy affair.

TruckSuvidha is an online portal connecting various entities to

bring them on a common platform where they can go about doing their

businesses easily without any hassle. There registered user base includes

transporters, customers, service providers, packers and movers,

individual truck owners who communicate in a timely and effective way.

It aims to reduce the problem of lack of information by providing an

extensive database with thousands of options to choose. It can be rightly

said that TruckSuvidha is the ‘Yellow Pages’ of the transportation


Services provided are keeping in mind the key vulnerabilities of

this sector. There exhaustive database provides real time information on

not only the forward journey but the return journey as well. The unique

subscription model at affordable prices makes the job easier for both the

transporters and customers as only relevant information is shared with

the apt party to make the operation easy and swift. Main features include

Trucksuvidha transportation on online wheels

Load Board, Truck Board and Distance Calculator which feed into

database the requirements from a transporters and customers

perspective. This information is classified and shared to get the

transaction on-going. So basically the idea is to help all key players

come together to perform their business in a simple yet effective manner.

Road transport is a dominant segment in India’s transportation

sector with a share of 4.7% in India’s GDP in comparison to railways

which is a mere 1% (NTDPC Research 2009-2010) with a total of 76.6

lakh goods vehicles. If we approximately calculate the number of trips in

a year, it amount to 700 M out of which TruckSuvidha plans to cater to

70 M trips all across India. The target is entire logistics industry be it the

traditional transporter or customer, service provider, packers and movers

etc. Any vehicle transporting goods from one place to another should be

booked through TruckSuvidha. The plan is to bring the entire industry

online and moving goods as easy as eating pie.

As of now TruckSuvidha has covered close to 632 locations with

39,200 registered users on their website. More than a 500 posts/queries

are received per day. One of their unique features is a full time call

center which takes care of real time queries at that moment making this a

trusted brand for all. Even after such a positive response the challenge is

Trucksuvidha transportation on online wheels

to make the people aware of how technology will make their lives better,

getting the truck drivers educated of their rights, making people accept

change in an industry which has not used technology since its inception.

The strategy is to organize and modernize a technology crippled

industry. Existing dogma needs to vanish and people need to be more

aware of the things going around in the current world scenario.