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  1. SPIRITED AWAY MadokaNishina

  2. Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 Table of Contents 3 Movie Summary 4 Character/Voice Actors 5 Movie Facts 6 Company 7 Animation Facts 8 Bibliography

  3. Movie Summary CLICK • ten year old girl, Chihiro accidently goes into a different world when her parents drive her to a school • bath house for gods, witches, and monsters and also ruled by these creatures; where human will get changes to animals • parents became pigs, and at night, she was saved by Haku • She went to ask for a job and she got to work at the bathhouse • She was able to earn lots of money and let in No-Face inside • He ate so many things and vomited and chihiro went home after bringing him back

  4. Characters/Voice Actors Daveigh Chase as Chihiro Suzanne Pleshette as Yubaba / Zeniba Jason Marsden as Haku Susan Egan as Lin David Ogden Stiers as Kamajii

  5. Characters/Voice Actors 2 • Lauren Holly as Chihiro's Mother • Michael Chiklis as Chihiro's Father • John Ratzenberger as Assistant Manager • Tara Strong as Bôh

  6. Movie Facts • Director/Writer HayaoMiyazaki • Release Date Japan: 27 July 2001 US: 20 Sept 2002 Canada:20 Sept 2002 • Running Time 125 min • Budget ¥ 1.9 billion (US$ 19 million) • AwardsAnother 35 wins & 19 nominations • Studio/Company Studio Ghibli

  7. Company Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio, led by one of animation's greatest creators, Hayao MIYAZAKI Ghibli was established in 1985, to make the film, "Laputa: The Castle in the Sky". Ghibli means "hot wind blowing through the Sahara Desert". The name was used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Miyazaki, who loves airplanes (and Italy), named his studio after it. The first time Ghibli used CG was in "PomPoko", in the scene where the camera panned the library shelves. Not all the Ghibli Films were made by Hayao Miyazaki

  8. Animation Facts • The flexible light thing that jumps around and leads to the house is a reference to Pixar's mascot, Luxo Jr. Miyazaki is a big fan of Pixar and wanted to show his admiration. • The cleansing of the river spirit is based on a real-life incident in Miyazaki's life in which he participated in the cleaning of a river, removing, among other things, a bicycle. • The voices were looped in after the animation was completed. This is typical procedure for Japanese animation. • To do the voice of Chihiro's mother talking while eating, actress Lauren Holly actually spoke eating an apple • A minor dubbing error causes Haku's name to be slurred. • John Ratzenberger (Aogaeru) completely improvised the ditty he sings when he is extolling the virtues of the rich customer No-Face. ("Welcome the rich man, he's hard for you to miss...") The original script's song was "Welcome the rich man - he's pretty big, you see/so all bow down and get on bended knee."

  9. Animation Facts 2 Color Frame in the DVD Color Frame in the original version

  10. SToryboard Yubaba, Chihiro & the dirty guest Chihiro & No-Face in the train

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