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Spirited Away. Mr. Puentes Example Project. Characteristics of a hero: Chihiro. Female Low Birth The main character, Chihiro, is a lazy, whiny, and pessimistic 10-year-old child whose parents are absent throughout her heroic journey due to certain circumstances.

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spirited away

Spirited Away

Mr. Puentes

Example Project

characteristics of a hero chihiro
Characteristics of a hero: Chihiro


Low Birth

The main character, Chihiro, is a lazy, whiny, and pessimistic 10-year-old child whose parents are absent throughout her heroic journey due to certain circumstances.

the call crossing the threshold first test and ordeal
The Call/Crossing the Threshold/First Test and Ordeal

Chihiro and her parents are moving to a new city. After turning at the wrong stop, they arrive at a tall, artificial building with an ominous-looking tunnel on its front. Chihiro’s father feels ambitious and decides to enter the tunnely telling Chihiro’s mother and Chihiro follow. At this point, they are crossing the threshold; this tunnel leads to a magical world that will serve as home to her adventures. The tunnel ends up leading to an "abandoned” theme park, where there is an empty stall of fresh food, which Chihiro refuses to eat, serving as her first test and ordeal . As Chihiro's parents eat away, Chihiro wanders off. Moments after setting foot on the bridge to a bathhouse, a boy named Haku appears, and tells her to leave before its too late. Suddenly, the sky turns to dark, and the once-abandoned theme park lights up. She runs back to her parents only to find they have transformed into pigs and that the way back has become a deep river. This is where the human world Chihiro has known changes into the spirit world. Her new duty is to find a way to save her parents and return to the human world.


Helper Guides


A mysterious boy who doesn’t know who he really is.

No Face

In the beginning, portrayed as bad but also helps Chihiro on her journey.


The boiler man with six arms.


Yubaba’s twin who doesn’t care about money and isn’t greedy, opposite of Yubaba.


At first, she seems to be annoyed by Chihiro but soon acts like a big sister to her.

Bou and the Bird

Chihiro’s companions, Yubaba’s baby and bird who Zeniba transforms into these forms.


Test and Ordeals

2. Chihiro must find Yubaba for a job at the bathhouse in order for her to get a step closer to rescuing her parents.

3. Chihiro takesonher first job alone by cleaning a river spirit, which was polluted, and earnsgold and medicine. She shows that she can work hard and everyone is proud.


4. Chihiro tries saving Haku from the paper birds that attack him and give him medicine from the river spirit so that he would not bleed to death from the spell cast on him by Zeniba, Yubaba’s twin sister.

5. Chihiro goes to Zeniba’s house along with No Face and the other two and returns the gold seal back to her, begging for forgiveness for Haku.

into the abyss
Into the Abyss

Chihiro feels that she can finally take on Yubaba to release her parents from the spell. She undergoes Yubaba’s test, which requires her to identify her parents out of the many pigs they have left. This is Chihiro’s biggest challenge because she overcome her fear and muster the courage to save her parents before its too late.

the final struggle transformation
The Final Struggle/Transformation

Chihiro has changed from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. She finally matured from her lazy and nagging ways into a hard-working optimistic girl who has learned and grown through her many experiences to become stronger and braver.

elixir the atonement
Elixir/The Atonement

She finally is free from the contract with Yubaba.

Her parents can finally go back to being humans and they will never remember their lives as pigs.

Chihiro has changed character has tremendously.


Haku makes Chihiro promise that she must never to look back until she reaches the end of the tunnel (the threshold) with her family to ensure that they can go back to their normal lives back in the human world.


She continues to walk back with her parents until they reach their car. This is the only time she looks back, in a daze. It seems she finally realizes her journey is over and that she will return to her normal life.