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snow surprise n.
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“Snow Surprise” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Snow Surprise”

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“Snow Surprise”
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“Snow Surprise”

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  1. “Snow Surprise”

  2. bulged If a container bulged, its sides stuck out as if it were going to burst.

  3. bulged When the mitten was empty, it was flat, but when the animals crawled inside, it bulged. My suitcase bulged when I put too much in it. When your backpack bulged, what was inside?

  4. bulged If your friend’s lunch bag bulged, would the bag be full or empty? Tell why. What might you put in your pocket to make it bulge? What animal may have bulging cheeks? Why?

  5. jostledWhen you have jostled people, you have bumped them or poked them to make them move.

  6. jostled The hedgehog jostled the mole and rabbit to make room for itself in the mitten. When might you need to jostle someone to make them move over and give you some space?

  7. jostled Are you more likely to jostle someone when you are in the middle of a crowd or when you are standing in an empty hallway? Tell why. Would you get mad if someone jostled you? Why? Tell about a time when you jostled someone.

  8. argueWhen you argue with someone, you disagree loudly.

  9. argue The animals did not argue when the bear came in because they did not want to make him mad. If you said it was snowing when it was really warm and sunny, your classmates might argue with you. What else do people argue about?

  10. argue If your friend told you to get out of the way because a car was coming, would you argue? Why? What kinds of things do children argue about? How can friends make up after they argue?

  11. command When you command someone, you tell him or her what to do.

  12. command Joan commands her dog Sport to come along when she says, “Come with me.” I can command my dog to sit. Would you command a dog or a goldfish to roll over? Why?

  13. command I will say some sentences. If I command you to do something, you must do it. Otherwise, do nothing. Touch you toes. Who is wearing red? Today is Tuesday. Say your name. Open you mouth. I read many books.

  14. labored If you labored, you worked very hard.

  15. labored Joan labored to make the snowman, using snow, sticks and food. On Saturday, I labored all day to clean my home. Would you have labored if you built a sand castle or if you took a nap? Why?

  16. labored I will name some activities. If the activity is something a person would labor to do, stand up. If not, remain sitting. Take a nap. Color in a coloring book. Build a house. Climb a mountain. Eat an apple. Complete math work.

  17. wary When you are cautious and unsure about something that might be dangerous, you are wary.

  18. wary The animals are wary of Joan and do not go near the snowman until she goes inside the house. I would be wary if I heard a strange noise outside my door. Would you be more wary about going into a dark cave or a bright room? Why?

  19. wary I will name some things. If you would be wary of those things, cover your eyes. If not, you should put your hands at your sides. snake friend rock campfire sand ladybug flower bumblebee lion hat dark room stranger