technology time line of the computer n.
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Technology Time line of The Computer

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Technology Time line of The Computer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Time line of The Computer. By: Jacob Hopkins. ENIAC (Main Frame) - February 14,1946.

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eniac main frame february 14 1946
ENIAC (Main Frame) - February 14,1946

Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer or ENIAC was, in my opinion the first computer. The size of the computer was 8 by 3 by 100 feet. And took up 1800 square feet. The reason why I believe this was the first computer is because it had a lot of electronic information for then any thing had ever had. It could only do

what a modern calculator

could do. This is

classified as a mainframe


  • This was a smaller computer and much more affordable then the Mainframe computers.

The significant thing about it was it could hold more memory, but it took less smaller space. The first successful minicomputer was Digital Equipment Corporation's 12-bit PDP-8, which was built using discrete transistors and cost from US$16,000 upwards when built in 1964.


This type of computer had a micro processor

meaning it was a smaller computer then the mini computer. This is similar to how our modern computers look like. This were the first mobile computers. In 1975 the first microcomputer was invented by Ed Roberts.

home computer
Home Computer
  • Home computers were a class of micro computers that were invented in 1977.

This is a new era of computers because they got smaller and were more user friendly then other generations. They were the most affordable generation of computers so far . They were generally less powerful in terms of memory and expandability. However, a home computer often had better graphics and sound than contemporary business computers and, by far, their most common use was playing video games.

macintosh first computer
Macintosh first computer
  • This the first Mac computer that turned apple into a big company. This computer came out in 1984. This is a significant up grade because this was a whole new company making computers and it had different features.
windows 3 0
Windows 3.0
  • This is a whole new generation of the computer. It was released May 22, 1990.

It became the first widely and successful version of windows and it had color. But was only available on certain systems.

windows 95
Windows 95
  • Around this time internet was introduced.

And so Windows 95 computers had Internet explorer and so this was a new generation of what the future is going to be. It was released on august 24, 1995 and sold over 4 million copies in the next 4 days.

windows 98
Windows 98
  • This was a significant upgrade because the computers were becoming more like modern day simply because internet explorer 4 came out along with windows media player. It was very similar to Windows 95 but was faster and more features. It was released on June 25, 1998.
power mac g4
Power Mac G4
  • This was the next generation for apple computers. This was released on August 24, 2000. This version of Mac had a lot of bugs so during the time apple was making this model it released several upgrades. This changed Mac because it was competing with windows.
mac os x lion
Mac OS X Lion
  • From 1946 to 2012 computers have come a far way. This is the computer of the modern day society. This computer does a lot more then any one could dream of in the 1940’s. The computer was released on February 24, 2011. This is the fastest computer as of 2011and has so many features it blows away your mind.
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