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AGENDA Martha Pérez, UTeach Institute Data Coordinator Introduction (in order of appearance) ( 10 min) PowerPoint Presentation
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AGENDA Martha Pérez, UTeach Institute Data Coordinator Introduction (in order of appearance) ( 10 min)

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AGENDA Martha Pérez, UTeach Institute Data Coordinator Introduction (in order of appearance) ( 10 min) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AGENDA Martha Pérez, UTeach Institute Data Coordinator Introduction (in order of appearance) ( 10 min)
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  1. Expanding UTeach—Working with Community Colleges and Satellite CampusesWednesday May 21, 9:00 – 10:15 AM Room: 203Round Table @ Room 108 (10:30 AM - 11:45) Austin, Texas AGENDA Martha Pérez, UTeach Institute Data Coordinator Introduction (in order of appearance) (10 min) Les Pesterfield, SKyTeach Co-Director, University of Western Kentucky Katrina StullkenRothrock, UKanTeach Master Teacher, University of Kansas Curtis Turner, UCCS Teach Master Teacher, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Louis S. Nadelson, IDoTeach Co-Director, Boise State University John Villarreal, Co-PI UTeach Pan American, University of Texas - Pan American Presenters ~ (50 min) Conversations exploring successes and challenges in extending UTeach program to Community College/Satellite Campus’ student populations 3. Open Discussion ~ (10) 4. Questions ~ strategies ~ next steps ~ take-aways Discussion/forum continues in room 108

  2. Expanding Uteach/SKyTeach to Community Colleges and Satellite Campuses Western Kentucky University Martha M. Day, SKyTeach Co-Director Les L. Pesterfield, SKyTeach Co-Director

  3. Mission: • Recruit - Increase enrollment for the next generation of math and science teachers in Kentucky. • Prepare - Develop outstanding teachers to improve math and science education in Kentucky. • Support - Offer mentoring throughout the program and continued support after graduation. • Outreach - Provide opportunities to local educators by promoting math and science in the community.

  4. Western Kentucky University Statistics • WKU’s Main Campus has 21,000 students • An additional 12,000 students attend WKU from one of three regional campuses • Glasgow is WKU only • Owensboro and Elizabethtown also have community colleges that operate at their sites Owensboro Elizabethtown Glasgow

  5. SKyTeach Growth & Expansion • Enrollment increased from 29 students to 250+ in 6 years • Approximately 30 of our 250 SKyTeach students attend at the regional campuses • Replicating replication is quite a challenge! • Regional Campus Expansion • 3 campuses • Glasgow 30 miles • E’town 75 miles • Owensboro 80 miles Fall 2012 enrollment Owensboro 2,422 Elizabethtown2,709 Glasgow 6,826

  6. SKyTeach at the Regional Campuses • SKyTeach began offering courses at the regional campuses in fall 2012 • Considerations • Format adjustments, face-to-face delivery versus Interactive Video Services (IVS) • Course catalog numbering for non-compete with community colleges • Training and hiring of staff familiar with Uteach ideals • Distance learning=Distance supervision of staff • Supplies • Development of new contacts in schools for field placements • SKyTeach “identity” with students at the regional campuses • Developing relationships with regional campus staff

  7. SKyTeach Growth & Expansion Next Steps • Planning a WKU-KCTC partnership beginning in spring 2015 @ KCTCS in Somerset, KY • KCTCS-Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges • 8 locations throughout Kentucky and 1 in Tennessee Western Kentucky, Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Owensboro, Elizabethtown, Southcentral KY, Somerset, Henderson, and Volunteer State Community College (TN)

  8. SKyTeach Growth & Expansion Next Steps • Students will be able to complete a middle grades mathematics or a middle grades science curriculum in residence at the partner institutions. Approved community college faculty may teach courses in the content area curriculum Western Kentucky, Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Owensboro, Elizabethtown, Southcentral KY, Somerset, Henderson, and Volunteer State Community College (TN)

  9. SKyTeach Growth & Expansion Considerations • Use of retired STEM teachers to supervise field experiences • Use of adjunct faculty to teach SKyTeach/Uteach courses • Development of relationships with local schools for student field experiences • Use of Interactive Video Services for course delivery • Maintaining fidelity

  10. The University of Kansas UKanTeach Filling classrooms with math and science teachers who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly qualified One Degree, Many Career Options. Katrina Stullken Rothrock UKanTeach Master Teacher

  11. Center for STEM LearningEstablished in 2000(Formerly Center for Science Education) Center for STEM Learning College of Liberal Arts & Sciences The School of Education The School of Engineering Improving math and science education at KU and throughout Kansas while contributing to scholarship in math and science education nationally and internationally.  The Center for Teaching Excellence The Center for Research on Learning The Natural History Museum & Biodiversity Research Center 

  12. The Center for STEM LearningMission  1.  Promoting and improving K-12, undergraduate, and graduate STEM education to enhance the quality of all Kansas learners,   2.  Improving STEM teacher development, including recruitment, pre-service development, induction period support and in-service development, To provide leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education by: 3.  Improving informal STEM education and public outreach, and 4.  Developing and expanding innovative, interdisciplinary STEM education research.

  13. 2007UKanTeach Established UKanTeach’smission is to recruit, prepare, and retain qualified STEM teachers.

  14. UKanTeach Goals Attract and retain more students in 6-12 science and math education career paths who: a) are masters of their discipline, b) use technology effectively to enhance learning, c) understand and involve students in scientific inquiry Give students early classroom teaching experience, often Provide social, academic, and financial support, so students have every opportunity to be successful Build partnerships with schools to help support and retain highly qualified teachers

  15. KU Edwards campus BEST Building 12604 Quivira Road Overland Park, Kansas (913) 897 - 8441 UKanTeach Locations KU Lawrence campus Dole Human Development Center (DHDC) 1000 Sunnyside Avenue Lawrence, Kansas 66045 (785) 864 - 4471 KU / Johnson County Community College (JCCC) Approaches to Teaching I & II at JCCC (through an Articulation Agreement)

  16. Fall 2008Listening to the concerns ofCommunity College Transfers Transfer students were often frustrated that their community college courses were not always accepted for university credit Those that did try to plan ahead often couldn’t find the “right” contact, and regularly got “the runaround” trying to find the answers to credit and planning questions Additionally…… Transfer students tended to be lower income students on needs-based scholarships, lacking the confidence and skills to find and insist on the support they needed.

  17. 10.10.2008KU Community College Forum UKanTeach: Exploring an articulation agreement School of Business: 2+2 Articulation Agreement with JCCC School of Social Welfare: 2+2 MOU with KCKCC School of Ed: struggling students take gen ed classes at JCCC KU Edwards: KU/JCCC/KCKCC collaboration, Metro tuition rate Office of Admissions: help with unofficial 2+2 agreements, difficult to keep all transfer guides updated CLAS Student Academic Services: yearly transfer guide updates Provost Office: desire to increase Hispanic enrollment

  18. Primary Concerns heard fromCommunity Colleges UKanTeach:CC want a seamless and successful movement toward universities CC want to feel valued and respected as part of the students’ educational experience. School of Business:CC would like specific university transfer contacts School of Social Welfare:CC want up-to-date advising so that courses transfer School of Education:CC want to keep students through AA degree, but with guaranteed transfer credits Edwards Campus: CC are concerned about new requirements of programs/majors. CC want a dedicated transfer site at KU (one stop shop for transfer guides, scholarships) CC want more transfer scholarships (huge tuition shift from CC to university) CC want more bachelor degree completion programs at KU Edwards Office of Admissions:CC want questions answered without “the runaround” CC want easily accessible info that they can trust CC want to know who to contact for what CC want to know how former students are doing (were they prepared?) CC want to know why courses aren’t transferable (to change them so they are) CC want input on awarding of scholarships and respect from the university CLAS Student Academic Services:want clear 2+2 plans to avoid transfer problems

  19. Articulation Agreement09.25.2009

  20. Community College response from Articulation Agreement Jeff Frost, dean of mathematics at JCCC, said the program is good not only for students who already know they want to teach, but also those who appreciated the chance to explore that career. “I think a lot of our students and peer tutors haven’t considered teaching until they start doing that kind of work and realize ‘I could see myself doing this,’” Frost said. “I think any time we can work together it’s a great way to show the community we’re all interested in students’ success.”

  21. KU & JCCCThe First Years 2010 - 2012: Beth Edmonds, JCCC math faculty + Georgia Smith, Master Teacher Beth was very excited about the program, attended a UTeach annual conference, promoted the program Beth taught Step 1 on a course overload schedule, without much science division support, and without much marketing of the class (no one knew about the opportunity) Class sizes became so small, they weren’t feasible, and JCCC stopped offering the Step 1 course.

  22. KU & JCCCNow: The Second Time Around 2014: Katrina Rothrock JCCC Adjunct Faculty & KU UKanTeach Master Teacher JCCC Step 1 students with KU (Edwards) Step 1 students Large marketing efforts by UKanTeach at both KU and JCCC Step 2 course proposed at JCCC for Spring 2015 implementation to help with continuity of pathway

  23. Benefits for bothKU & JCCC Added career path opportunity for JCCC students: gives potential to increase JCCC enrollment numbers JCCC is not paying for the faculty at this time… but this is a pathway to KU With the articulation agreement, students are certain of what classes will be accepted toward their degree at KU. The KU Edwards campus allows for more local classes, longer. Local schools in Kansas City area are very excited to have UKanTeach as part of their classrooms. With more marketing support from KU, there is more awareness and faculty support at JCCC

  24. Challenges For Students: At JCCC, many students are a long way from the academic level necessary to begin a math/science degree Only Step 1 now, soon only Step 1&2 – but not an organized 2+2 Pre-requisites: desire to increase diversity and access to the program, but pre-requisites discourage this For Instructors: No designated classroom or storage room (My office is the supply room, and I pack the bins) 2 Learning Management Systems (need a 3rd party dropbox) JCCC faculty interactions are critical For the Program: KU is providing teacher, observer, supplies Constant recruiting required for sustainability

  25. The Future We hope the added pathway increases the program enrollment, and therefore more teacher development for Kansas With added program awareness, we hope to make the program self-sustaining at JCCC We plan to offer more courses for the program at the KU Edwards campus, creating a more complete local program for the students who start at the community college

  26. The University of Kansas UKanTeach One Degree, Many Career Options. Katrina Stullken Rothrock UKanTeach Master Teacher

  27. UCCSTeach Community College Expansion Curtis Turner, UCCS Teach Senior Instructor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

  28. CCCS • CCCS one system • Guaranteed Transfer Agreement • AA and AS Degrees

  29. Issues • AS transfer degrees do not match Uteach requirements. • Extended time to completion • Difficulty of introducing new courses into CC system

  30. Solutions • Specific articulation agreements • Connect with advising at CC • Dual enrollment?

  31. IDoTeachA Collaboration between Boise State UniversityandCollege of Western Idaho Louis. S. Nadelson, PhD Uteach Conference 2014

  32. Location Over 50% of the population of Idaho lives within a 50 mile radius of Boise

  33. More Location

  34. History • Spring 2009 – Began conversation about being a UTeach site – collaboration • Spring 2010 – Worked with Micron Foundation on a proposal to fund IDoTeach • Fall 2011 – IDoTeach planning year – curriculum approval, hiring • Fall 2012 – First Boise State IDoTeach students • CWI works on curriculum approval • Fall 2013 – Master Teacher hired – shadows at Boise State • Spring 2014 – First College Western Idaho IDoTeach class

  35. Challenges • 2 year to 4 year program • Curriculum consistency • Communication • One Team One Dream! • Dual enrollment • Retention as CWI • Resourcing two programs

  36. Successes • Openness to change • First 3 semesters at CWI • Program/course consistency • Resourcing from multiple sources • Co-director at CWI, BSU Colleges of Ed, Arts and Sciences, Engineering • Regular team meetings • One Team One Dream!

  37. For more information: Office: 208-426-2856

  38. UT-Pan American/South Texas CollegeUTeach Partnership Preparing Quality Secondary Science and Mathematics Teachers for South Texas May 2014

  39. UTeach-Pan American Replication Proposal • UT-Pan American (UTPA)/South Texas College (STC) MOU • Offer STEP 1 and STEP 2 at STC in Year 2 • STC students complete Associates Degree and matriculate to UTPA to complete UTeach certification • UTPA UTeach master teachers • UTPA/STC UTeach Partnership well received by UT System

  40. UTPA/STC Partnership - Progress Made • Two new Master Teachers hired in Summer, 2013; taught STEP 1 at UTPA, Fall Semester, 2013 • Spring Semester, 2014: STEP 1 offered to 39 STC students; 30 passed the course • Spring and Summer, 2014: Recruitment of STC STEP 1 students for Fall, 2014 • AY 2014-2015: anticipate 72 STC STEP 1 students and 48 STEP 2 students

  41. UTPA/STC Partnership; Requirements Met • Letters of endorsement from 3 universities with UTeach programs; acceptance of STEP 1 and STEP 2 credits • STEP 1, STEP 2 courses in STC Catalog • STEP 1, STEP 2 courses in degree plans • Approval of UTPA Master Teachers as STC Guest Lecturers • Master Teacher office space, furniture, access to STC Information Technology, Student System access

  42. UTPA/STC Partnership; Additional Requirements Met • Mentor Teachers for STC STEP 1 and STEP 2 students • Tuition reimbursement for STEP 1 and STEP 2 courses • Reimbursement for STC STEP 1 students for TB tests and background checks

  43. UTPA/STC UTeach Partnership; Replication Goals for AY 2014-15 and AY 2015-16 • AY 2014-15 (Year 3) – Continue with STEP 1 and STEP 2 offerings • AY 2015-16 (Year 4) – Recruit an additional 72 STEP 1 students and continue with STEP 2 • Identify bridge scholarships to increase percentage of STC UTeach students matriculating to UT-RGV • A new way of doing business: a subrecipient contract for STC to facilitate tuition reimbursements, wage payments, STEP 1 and STEP 2 outreach and recruitment, minor space renovations

  44. UTeach at STC Logo

  45. Open Discussion Questions Strategies Next steps Take-aways + Discussion forum continues in room 108 DONT FORGET- Evaluate session In web browser type (URL address):