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Introduction-Geographic Concepts/Maps PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction-Geographic Concepts/Maps

Introduction-Geographic Concepts/Maps

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Introduction-Geographic Concepts/Maps

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  1. Introduction-Geographic Concepts/Maps Judy Okun

  2. Geography? • The study of spatial patterns or spatial occurrences on Earth, both physical and cultural • The examination of where these patterns exist and why

  3. Five Themes of Geography

  4. What is the most useful tool of the geographer and why?

  5. Why are maps useful to geographers?

  6. Infra-Red Mapping

  7. Cartogram

  8. Contour map

  9. Landsat Aerial Photo

  10. Beginnings of Geographic inquiry

  11. Babylonian Map-600BC

  12. Lunar eclipse

  13. Geographica-20 BC-Strabo

  14. Strabo-Roman Empire/17 AD

  15. Strabo Map of Europe

  16. Now the parts beyond the Rhenus, immediately after the country of the Celti, slope towards the east and are occupied by the Germans, who, though they vary slightly from the Celtic stock in that they are wilder, taller, and have yellower hair, are in all other respects similar, for in build, habits, and modes of life they are such as I have said1 the Celti are. And I also think that it was for this reason that the Romans assigned to them the name “Germani,” as though they wished to indicate thereby that they were “genuine” Galatae, for in the language of the Romans “germani” means “genuine.”2

  17. T and O Map-12th Century Europe

  18. From The Travels of Marco Polo… “When you leave the island of Java…, you sail north about one hundred and fifty miles, and then you come to two islands, one of which is called Nicobar. On this island they have no king or chief, but live like beasts. They…both men and women, do not use the slightest covering of any kind. They are idolaters. They decorate their houses with long pieces of silk, which they hang from rods as an ornament, regarding it as we would pearls, gems, silver, or gold. The woods are filled with valuable plants and trees, including cloves, brazil, and coconuts..”

  19. 13th century Vinland Map

  20. Snorri, Karlsefni's son, was born the first autumn, and he was three winters old when they began their journey home. Now, when they sailed from Vinland, they had a southern wind, and reached Markland, and found five Skrælingar; one was a bearded man, two were women, two children. Karlsefni's people caught the children, but the others escaped and sunk down into the earth. And they took the children with them, and taught them their speech, and they were baptized. The children called their mother Vætilldi, and their father Uvægi. They said that kings ruled over the land of the Skrælingar, one of whom was called Avalldamon, and the other Valldidida. They said also that there were no houses, and the people lived in caves or holes. They said, moreover, that there was a land on the other side over against their land, and the people there were dressed in white garments, uttered loud cries, bare long poles, and wore fringes. This was supposed to be Hvitramannaland (whiteman's land). Then came they to Greenland, and remained with Eirik the Red during the winter.

  21. 1407--Based on Ptolemy’s World 150 AD Map

  22. The legend of Cibola emerged in Europe long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, during the Moorish invasion of Spain. It was said that when the Moors invaded Porto in the early 8th century, the city’s seven bishops took all of their wealth and fled to sea. They landed on an island in the Atlantic called “Antilla”. There, each of the seven bishops established a city. The island of Antilla actually appears on many early portolan charts of the Atlantic. It is a rectangular island, usually but not always set on a north south axis, with seven deep bays, each of which holds a magnificent city.