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Bus Timetables PowerPoint Presentation
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Bus Timetables

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Bus Timetables - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bus Timetables
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  1. Bus Timetables

  2. What Mathematics will you have to use when you plan a bus timetable?

  3. Otto is starting up a new bus company in Norfolk. The only problem is, he left school at 14 without any qualifications and can’t work out how to set up a timetable.

  4. Otto has worked out how Norfolk wants the busses to run.He has given you this sheet telling you all of the rules about his bus routes.

  5. Start and End here You will be getting the map of Norfolk you used for the Easter Egg Hunt 2 years ago to help plan your timetable.

  6. You will have to complete a timetable plan for each of the busses, like the one below.

  7. The important rules are............ You may have as many busses as you like All busses set off at 9 a.m. Bus speeds depend on the distance travelled Each town must be visited twice per day All routes must start and end in Norwich No bus may travel for longer than 8 hours

  8. As usual you will be asked to produce a poster to show your results. Make sure you have a timetable of your routes as well! Otto’s Outrageous Outings