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Listening to our Students’ Voices PowerPoint Presentation
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Listening to our Students’ Voices

Listening to our Students’ Voices

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Listening to our Students’ Voices

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  1. Listening to our Students’ Voices Dr. Andrea Henne 2006 SDCCD Online Best Practices Showcase

  2. “It felt more personal and open because everyone had to give input in order to pass the class; but in this way we all got to know each other much better without any fears or shyness getting in the way”

  3. “I liked having the lessons right there so I could refer back to them as often as I needed.”

  4. “Conveince.”

  5. “TIME!!! I work full-time and had 2 on campus classes, so it was wonderful to have an additional class under my belt, but be able to do so in my pjs in my home as late night as I needed it to be.”

  6. “Ability to dive into the lesson without the other classmates slowing down the class.”

  7. “The covenience is the major factor. I am a returning student and work full time. I hope to be able to complete my studies online.”

  8. “Not having to hear students talk while instructor does.” .

  9. “Self study and responsibility about your time.”

  10. “The ability to be a full time mom and wife and pregnant with my 2nd baby and still be in school.”

  11. “It’s so much nicer to work from home than to deal with parking, walking and uncomfortable desks.”

  12. “Convineince”

  13. “Go back and review whatever lessons you want at anytime. Step by step procedures with examples and explanations.”

  14. “Convience”

  15. “Could learn at my pace. I like to go quickly. The teachers notes seem better because they are in writing and sometimes with lectures, points are not as clear.”

  16. “I feel that people tend to open up more when not in a face to face situation.”

  17. “I live in Minnesota, so obviously being able to take a class needed to transfer for SDSU; the distance education was very valuable because I couldn’t come to San Diego at all for the course and I didn’t have to.”

  18. “You can’t wing it – you learn more actually.” .

  19. “Convenience”

  20. . “The commitment of the instructor and his interactive relation with the students.”

  21. How online learning helped me achieve my goalsTera Ulbert“When I thought there was no where to turn for education, motivation, and self-preservation...SDCCD showed me the way”

  22. “There are three types of people in this world: Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen and Those who wonder what happened. We all have a choice. You can decide which type of person you want to be. I have always chosen to be in the first group.” Mary Kay

  23. “If you’re going to think, think big.” Donald Trump