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Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

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Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02. Specification :. black / silver. Color:. 445 x 460 x 135mm (w x d x h). Measurement:. all-aluminium. Material:. mATX ~ ATX. Form Factor:. Devices (ext./ int.):. 1x 5,25“ , 1x 3,5“ / 3x 3,5“. Figure 1: HE-01SL.

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Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02


black / silver


445 x 460 x 135mm (w x d x h)





Form Factor:

Devices (ext./ int.):

1x 5,25“ , 1x 3,5“ / 3x 3,5“

Figure 1: HE-01SL

VFD (imon only for HE-01)



volume control

(only for HE-01)

Line Out

2x USB

Line In


Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

You need a screw driver at least 15 cm long

for mounting or dismounting certain components!


min. 15cm

1. How to open the case

Please loosen the six screws of the top


2. Now it is easy to remove the top cover.

3. You have free access to all

components, connectors and fittings.

Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

4. Installation of the mainboard

Please mount the I/O shield and find the

right position for the mainboard. You can

fix the board with the supplied screws

and the necessary grommets.

5. Dismounting of the 5,25“ device rack

For devices‘ installation, you must dismount

the complete rack. That is essential!

The rack is fixed with six screws (4 x on the

bottom of the case, 2 x on the front)

6. Installation of 3,5“ HDD

There is possibility to install a 3,5“ HDD on

top of the 5,25“ rack. The necessary screws

you can find in the accessory box.

Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

7. Installation of the 5,25“ device

Please insert the device from the front site and fix it with the necessary screws. Afterwards you can mount the rack back into the case.

External 3,5“ device (Card reader)

It is possible to install a 3,5“ device under

the 5,25“ rack . E.g. (e.g. Chieftec CRD-151

Card reader) or a FDD


8. Dismounting of the 3,5“ HDD rack

Please loosen the four screws from the

bottom of the case.

9. Remove the HDD rack.

Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

10. Installation of 3,5“ HDD‘s

It is possible to install max. two hdd‘s.

You need to fix the hdd with the related

two holding pins on the bottom of the


Be sure that the hdd connectors face the front of the case!


11. Mounting of 3,5“ HDD rack

Put the hdd rack over hdds and fix the

rack slightly with the screws again. Make

sure that the rubber rings are in the right

position and fix the screws afterwords


12. Fix the hdds

Fix the hdds with the delivered screws

on top of the rack.

Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02


Before you install the PSU, please make care that the I/O switch is on!

13. Installation of the PSU

Remove the two stainless steel screws from the PSU frame.


Please keep in mind, that all needed cables (such USB/Audio/LED) cables have to be in the right position before mounting the PSU!

14. Installation of PSU

Remove the PSU frame and place the frame in the correct position on the PSU. Fix the frame with four screws. Now you have to connect the power cord extension with the PSU and fix it..

15. Fix the PSU

Mounting instruction – Hi-Fi-Series – HE-01 / HE-02

16. Power supply and components

Connect all components, like motherboard,

VGA card, devices , fans etc. with the PSU.

17. Assembly of front connectors

Connect all cables of the case front, e.g.

Power Switch, Power LED, Reset Switch, etc. according to the instruction of your

motherboard manual.

18. Add the DVD cover

In the accessory box, you can find a DVD cover.

Remove the protection of the adhesive tape on

the back and press it exactly on the original DVD


19. Close the case

When all works have been done, you can

close the case and screw it together.

Have fun with your new CHIEFTEC case!