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  1. OFFICE OF MUNICIPAL MANAGER Municipal Manager Sect. 57 OMM0001 Office Assistant OMM0002 Deputy Director: Legal Services OMM0010 Manager: Office of the MM OMM0010 Manager: Communication OMM0009 Mayoral Support Staff PA Mayor (Contract) OMM0008 Admin Officer EXCO OMM0004 Mayor: Driver/Body Guard (Contract) OMM0005 Mayor: Driver/Body Guard (Contract) OMM0007

  2. COMMUNITY SERVICES Director Community Services (Sect. 57) COMM001 Admin Officer COMM007 Deputy Director: Community Services COMM012 Assistant Director: Social Development COMM018 Assistant Director: DM & Health Services COMM008 Data Capturer / Admin COMM022 Manager: Thusong Service Centre COMM009 Manager: Sport & Recreation, Youth Dev. COMM013 Complex Manager COMM019 Manager: SD COMM002 Manager: D. M. Operations COMM023 Manager: D. M. Capacity Building COMM005 Manager: D. M. Risk, Reduction & Plan. COMM006 Sport & Recreation, Youth Development Officer COMM014 HIV & AIDS, Arts & Culture Officer COMM017 Officer: Gender, Children, Disability & Older Persons COMM015 Disaster Management Officer COMM024 Officer: Gender, Children, Disability & Older Persons COMM016 HIV & AIDS Co-ord. COMM004 D. M. Control Room Operators COMM029 COMM030 Disaster Management Officer COMM025 Administrator COMM010 Disaster Management Officer COMM026 Gen. Service Counter Consultant COMM011 Caretaker COMM020 General Assistant Buildings COMM021 General Assistant Grounds COMM028

  3. CORPORATE SERVICES Director Corporate Services (Sect. 57) CORP001 Office Assistant CORP002 Deputy Director CORP013 Human Resource Management & Development Admin Services Auxiliary Services Assistant Director Admin CORP014 Assistant Director: Human Resources CORP004 Manager: Admin. CORP003 Manager Records CORP005 General Support Committee Services Admin Officer/ Translator CORP006 HR Officer / Skills Development Facilitator CORP011 Records Assistant / Relief Clerk CORP012 Switchboard Operator/ Receptionist CORP007 General Worker Maintenance CORP010 Messenger CORP008 General Assistant CORP009

  4. ENGINEERING SERVICES Director Engineering Services (Sect. 57) ENGS001 Admin Officer ENGS013 Deputy Director Engineering ENGS017 PMU Assistant Director ENGS003 Assistant Director Compliance & Data Analyst ENGS002 Assistant Director Project Finance ENGS012 Operations Assistant Director ENGS015 Admin Officer Projects ENGS020 Operations Manager ENGS004 PMU Senior Eng. Technician ENGS005 PMU Senior Eng. Technician ENGS014 Infrastructure & Works Manager ENGS011 Operations Technician ENGS021 ISD Facilitator ENGS010 ISD Facilitator ENGS009 Process Technician ENGS022 ISD Facilitator ENGS008 Water Tanker Driver ENGS018 Water Tanker Driver ENGS019

  5. FINANCIAL SERVICES Chief Financial Officer Sect 57 FINS001 Secretary FINS016 Deputy Director: Finance FINS005 Assistant CFO: Procurement FINS003 Assistant CFO: Accounting & Budgeting FINS002 Assistant CFO: Operations & Compliance FINS015 Payroll Officer FINS007 Manager: Procurement FINS018 Accountant FINS004 Control Support Officer FINS017 Demand Analyst FINS013 Snr Creditors Clerk FINS008 Procurement Clerk FINS006 Demand Clerk FINS014 Fleet Administrator FINS019 Procurement Clerk FINS011 Procurement Clerk FINS012 Jnr Creditors Clerk FINS010

  6. PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Director, Planning & Development Services CT Myeza Sect 57 Admin Officer/Office Assistant (05) TF Nkomo Deputy Director: Planning & Development Services Vacant (2) Assistant Director: Planning, IDP & PMS (03) DI Scholtz Assistant Director Tourism (03) TB Shange Assistant Director LED (03) MV Durham Senior Planner (04) Contract LO Ngidi Senior Planner (04) SN Nzuza Chief Technol. Officer (04) DM Pienaar GIS Manager (04) U Budhal PMS Manager (04) SC Gumbi LED Projects Manager (04) (Agric. Development) LA Radebe LED Projects Manager (04) (Infrastructure) SS Ngobese LED Projects Manager (04) (Rural Dev.) RK Shange LED Officer Poverty Alleviation (05) ZJ Radebe LED Officer (05) (SMME) DB Tshabalala Network Administrator (05) P Buldoo