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Workflow Diagrams

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Workflow Diagrams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workflow Diagrams. Code Submission and Testing Process. Code Submission Process. Bug Fix or Incremental Change. VA Review (2). OSEHRA Review (1). Submit to Gerrit. Sub-mission Type. User Develops Code. OSEHRA Gold (3). VA Gold (4). OSEHRA Review (1). VA Review (2). Submit to OTJ.

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Workflow Diagrams

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workflow diagrams

Workflow Diagrams

Code Submission and Testing Process

code submission process
Code Submission Process

Bug Fix or Incremental Change

VA Review (2)

OSEHRA Review (1)

Submit to Gerrit

Sub-mission Type

User Develops Code

OSEHRA Gold (3)

VA Gold (4)

OSEHRA Review (1)

VA Review (2)

Submit to OTJ

New Module or Additional Capability

  • Reviewer is required to download code/tests, execute tests and evaluate the code. Referral is either back to Gerrit for additional modifications/abandonment or for acceptance. OSEHRA review may include manual functional testing.
  • VA certification process as defined by VA. Two types of feedback can come out of the VA process – Bug Fixes which require recertification by OSEHRA, and requests for additional artifacts such as BRDs, ICRs, Requirements Documents, Test Plans, etc.
  • OSEHRA gold version may need to be separate from VA gold unless we can identify a mechanism whereby the VA can accept code outside its area of interest such as pediatrics packages, open source versions of redacted code, etc.
  • VA gold as defined by/maintained by VA.
testing dashboard submission
Testing/Dashboard Submission

Automatic From Cron Script

Nightly Process (1)

Update VistA Code

Execute Nightly Tests

Download Test Harness

Adapt Script/Setup Cron

Update Test Harness

Submit to Dashboard (4)

Experimental Process (2)

Upload to Caché / GT.M

Execute Tests

Download Test Harness

Download VistA Code

Apply Changes (3)

  • Process for Nightly Regression/Unit Tests.
  • Process for verification of changes either as a developer or during review.
  • Changes may be downloaded from Gerrit, the OTJ, or be made as part of ongoing development.
  • The test engine automatically uploads to the dashboard on completion of the tests. No additional user action is required.
va intake
VA Intake

VA Intake Process (1)

Request Additional Effort (2)

VA Certifies?


Sufficient Artifacts?

OSEHRA Certifies

Code Submitted

VA Notified

VA Initial Evaluation



  • This is our understanding of the process as the VA intends to implement it based on our discussions with VA developers. We will need to adapt to whatever process the VA implement.
  • “Additional Effort” can either be a request for additional artifacts (BRD, ICRs, Requirements Documents, Testing), a notice of a bug, or a request for additional development prior to acceptance. Artifact requests do not require additional OSEHRA effort other than potentially a cursory review. Code changes will require eventual recertification by OSEHRA; although, that can follow formal acceptance of the changes by the VA.