the invention of hugo cabret
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The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

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The Invention Of Hugo Cabret - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. Brian Selznick. Example 1: A Series of Movements.

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example 1 a series of movements
Example 1: A Series of Movements

Hugo crept through the walls, came out through an air vent, and hurried down the hall until he reached the toy booth. Nervously, he rubbed the notebook one last time, then cautiously lowered his hand around the windup toy he wanted. But suddenly, there was a movement from inside the booth, and the sleeping old man sprang to life. Before Hugo could run, the old man grabbed his arm.

example 1
Example 1: 一連串的動作


example 11
Example 1: 一連串的動作


example 2 a series of movements
Example 2: A Series of Movements

Hugo headed straight for the shuttered toy booth. He made sure no one was around, and then he tries all the keys on the key ring until he found the one that opened the booth. He stepped inside and began going through the boxes, opening drawers, and flipping through papers the old man kept there.

example 2
Example 2: 一連串的動作


example 3 scenes description
Example 3:Scenes Description

Some sunlight filtered through the dirty skylight. Hugo looked at the rows and rows of jars, filled with pieces from all the toys he had stolen from the toy booth over the past few months. The jars sat on shelves made from scavenged planks he had found inside the walls of the station. Under his rickety bed lay a pile oh Hugo’s drawings. His deck of cards rested on a dusty trunk in the middle of the room…

example 3
Example 3: 關於場景的詳述


example 31
Example 3: 關於場景的詳述