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The Invention of eyeglasses PowerPoint Presentation
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The Invention of eyeglasses

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The Invention of eyeglasses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group ChocoBuddies' Presentation. The Invention of eyeglasses. The Inventor Of Eyeglasses. Inventor:Salvino D’ Armate Year Of Birth:1258 Year Of Death:1312 Salvino D’ Armate was born in Florence. All About Glasses ….

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Group ChocoBuddies' Presentation

The Invention of eyeglasses

the inventor of eyeglasses
The Inventor Of Eyeglasses
  • Inventor:Salvino D’ Armate
  • Year Of Birth:1258
  • Year Of Death:1312
  • Salvino D’ Armate was born in Florence
all about glasses
All About Glasses…

Also called eyeglasses ,spectacles, or specs (informal) – are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes, normally for vision correction or eye protection. Other types of glasses may be used for viewing visual information or simply just for aesthetic or fashion values.

Historical types of glasses include the pince-nez, monocle, lorgnette, and scissors-glasses.

Though modern frames can be both lightweight and flexible, and new lens materials and optical coatings are resistant to breakage or scratching, glasses can still cause problems during rigorous sports.

some other stuff you should know
Some other stuff you should know…

In the past, glasses were made

Of wire frames with plastic lenses.

One particular eyepiece, the pince-nez,

Is actually a piece of glass, attached

To the eye by suction

why are glasses important to us
Why Are Glasses Important To Us?
  • They enable people who have short-sightedness to have clear vision.

Quiz Time!!!

THE Rules:

On the count of 3,

raise up your

Hand. The fastest

Person to raise

His or her hand

Will answer the

Question. Fabulous prizes are to be won!!!

the 1 st question
The 1st Question!!!
  • Who invented the very first eyeglasses?

Ans: Salvino D’ Armate!!!

the 2 nd question
The 2nd Question!!!
  • In which place was Salvino D’ Armate born in ?

Ans: Florence

the 3 rd question
The 3rd Question!!!
  • State the year of

Salvino’s birth &


Ans: 1258 & 1312

Done by:

Javier Chua

Nur Iman

Yeo Tze Yee

Chen Ming