the invention of hugo cabret l.
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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret. By:Aliya Rockind. The Author. The author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret is Brian Selznick. Main Settings. The train station Behind the clocks Hugo’s Room The toy booth (not really a main one) The cinema (not really a main one) Hugo’s Dreams.

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Presentation Transcript
the author
The Author
  • The author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret is Brian Selznick.
main settings
Main Settings
  • The train station
  • Behind the clocks
  • Hugo’s Room
  • The toy booth
  • (not really a main one) The cinema
  • (not really a main one) Hugo’s Dreams
main characters
(main) Characters
  • Hugo
  • Isabella
  • Papa Georges
  • Etienne (not really a main character)
  • Hugo’s father (Hugo’s father dies in the early beginning of the book so idk?)
  • Hugo’s automaton is broken :(
  • Hugo’s notebook is stolen :(
  • Hugo steals some parts at the toy booth while he’s working there and uses them to fix the automaton:):):)!!!!!!
  • Isabella steals back the notebook from Papa Georges!!!!!:):):)
  • Hugo’s dad finds an automaton but then Hugo’s dad dies in a fire at the train station he works at.
  • The old man(Papa Georges)that owns the toy booth steals Hugo’s note book (his dad wrote the “blue prints” for the automaton)
  • When the dad died Hugo’s uncle had taken him in.
more beginning
More Beginning
  • Papa Georges tells Hugo that if he wants his note book (to fix the automaton) Hugo has to work for him at the toy booth.
  • Papa Georges’ niece, Isabella tells Hugo that she can try to steal the book (Isabella is Papa Georges’ (god) niece).
about the automaton
About the Automaton
  • The automaton is like a wind up toy but instead Hugo’s Automaton has to be wound up a key.
  • The automaton looks like a mini person.
  • The automaton can write a secret message.
  • In the middle Isabella finds Hugo’s note book but doesn’t give it to him.
  • Isabella has a heart shaped key around her neck (it makes the automaton work and or write the secret message) and Hugo steals it when he gives her a hug.
  • When Hugo steals the heart necklace he puts it in the automaton and started to wind it up Isabella finds out that Hugo stole her necklace and goes to get it back.
  • When Isabella gets in the room Hugo was still winding the automaton and Isabella finds out about the automaton
  • Hugo got his notebook back.
the heart neacklace
The Heart neacklace
  • Isabella stole the heart necklace from her Godmother.
the secret message
The secret “message”
  • The secret message is actually a picture from Hugo’s fathers favorite movie.
  • P.S. Hugo’s father’s favorite movie was made by Georges Melies (papa Georges).
  • In the end Hugo finds out that Papa Georges is really a famous movie director (he made Hugo’s father’s favorite movie. The one that the secret message’s picture is from).
  • At the end end Hugo goes to live with Isabella and her Godparents.
fun facts
Fun? Facts
  • Brian Selznick didn’t really make up The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It’s Realistic-Fiction. Like for example: The cinema wasn’t made up Brian Selznick actually had to go look and find “older” movies!
  • The automaton is actually a giant simple machine.
thank you
Thank you!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for watching my book report about The Invention of Hugo Cabret. If you want to know more about the Invention of Hugo Cabret read the book if you like a book based on a boy living a hard life (sort of). I gaurintee you’ll like it it’s a great book!

-Aliya Rockind