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the amazing switcharoo




As a team we decide to create a product that we thought would succeed in Morocco and in the United States. We had to come up with a product particularly for cats and/or dogs. After group discussions we were able to agree on one product. This product was to make everyone’s life easier when traveling with their pet(s). We agreed upon this product as a team, and in the end decided to create a product such like a kettle. This kettle though was for all types of cats and dogs no matter how big or small, how fat or thin they are. This is an easier way of traveling for our pets.

description add on

We have come up with three different materials to use depending on the customer’s preference, we offer; metal, plastic, and cloth. This way we make everyone happy and that special pet feel like a family member. We also thought about how kettles usually are bulgy and take up too much space that this kettle will be able to be folded and put away. It will fold so many times that it can fit into your pocket. In addition, this kettle will ease the pet from being anxious throughout the trip since it will be very comfortable.

Description Add-On
exectutive summary

This Marketing Project was able to open our eyes. Now, our team is less ignorant of Morocco, this meaning that with all the research that we did we were able to find out more about Morocco. Morocco is a very big country and their culture is very unique and interesting. We were able to see more of Morocco when doing all this research. We learned so much, such as having dogs for security reasons and not as pets. We also learned how many companies from there export products to here, United States.

domestic marketing strategy
Technology Forces

Competitive Forces

78.2 million dogs and about 86.4 million cats are owned in the United States

65% of American households own a pet, and approximately 78% of pet owners travel with their pets

Limited amount of competitors

  • Out of 348,280,154 people in the United States, 273,785,413 use the internet
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, and YouTube
  • Creating a website our customer can contact as if they have any questions or concerns about our project
Domestic Marketing Strategy
domestic marketing strategy1

Sociocultural Forces

  • Demographiccharacteristics– age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital and parental status, income, and education
    • 14% of all U.S. adults (29.1 million) say they have traveled with a pet
  • Cultural values
    • 78% of human companions consider their dog an equal member of the family
    • 43% of travelers feel guilty about leaving their dog behind
  • Consumerism
    • Safety of product
    • Loyalty for product
Domestic Marketing Strategy
domestic marketing strategy2

Economic Forces

  • USA has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world with per capital GDP of $49,800.
  • It has a market oriented economy. Business and private firms makes most of the decisions. Goods and services are purchased by the FED government in predominantly private market place.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility than Europe and Japan to expand flexibility in decisions to expand capital plant, layoff surplus workers and to develop new products. Imported oil count for nearly 55% of US consumption. The total labor force is 154.9 million compare to the world is number 4.
  • Labor force occupation
    • 0.7% – farming, forestry, fishing:
    • 20% – Manufacturing, extraction, transportation, crafts
    • 37.3% – Managerial, professional
    • 24.2% – Sales and office
    • 8.2%. – Unemployment as of 2012
    • 15.1% – Population below poverty line
  • Total BUDGET is 2.465 trillion dollars.
  • Expenditure is 3.649 trillion dollars.
  • Agriculture products are: corn, wheat, fruits vegetable, beef, pork, dairy products, fish and forest products are exported. Taxes are 15.7% of GDP.
DomesticMarketing Strategy
domestic marketing strategy3

Legal and Regulatory Forces

  • Political-legal forces include the outcomes of elections, legislation, and court judgments, as well as the decisions rendered by various commissions and agencies.
  • Among the most important government actions are: regulation, taxation, expenditure, takeover (creating a crown corporation, and privatization.
  • Political activity my also have a significant impact on three additional governmental functions influencing a firm's external environment:
    • * Supplier function. Government decisions regarding creation and accessibility of private businesses to government-owned natural resources and national stockpiles of agricultural products will profoundly affect the viability of some firm's strategies.
    • * Customer function. Government demand for products and services can create, sustain, enhance, or eliminate many market opportunities.
    • * Competitor function. The government can operate as an almost unbeatable competitor in the marketplace, Therefore, knowledge of government strategies can help a firm to avoid unfavorable confrontation with government as a competitor.
  • In general, the impact of government is far-reaching and increasing.
Domestic Marketing Strategy
domestic marketing strategy4

Political Force

  • Legal system: Based on the constitution of 1787
  • Federal legislature: Senate of 100 members directly elected on a plurality system for a six-year term
  • Electoral system: Universal direct suffrage from the age of 18
  • Head of state: Executive president elected by popular vote via an electoral college of 538 members, for a maximum of two four-year terms.
  • State legislatures: Each of the 50 states, except Nebraska, has a bicameral legislature that essentially follows the model of the federal legislature
  • National government: The administration is appointed by and responsible to the president
Domestic Marketing Strategy
international marketing strategy
Technology Forces

Competitive Forces

The people in Morocco uses their dogs for security purpose

Limited competitor

  • 49% of the population use the Internet
  • The main information technology indicators in the information technology market continue to increase in Morocco
  • Use E-market to reach our customer.
International Marketing Strategy
international marketing strategy1

Sociocultural Forces

  • For the Demographic and Diversity Characteristics we be looking in to the age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital and parental status, income, and education
  • For the Cultural values we would look into whether or not our product fit in or consumer lifestyle.
  • For consumerism we be looking into safety of or product so people will not have complaints
International Marketing Strategy
international marketing strategy2

Economic Forces

  • Capitalized on its proximity to Europe and relative low labor cost to build a diverse open market economy.
  • Was heavily indebted in the 1980s.
    • Implemented premarket reform over seen by the IMF.
  • Built more ports and has a free trade zone which improves competitiveness.
  • Key sectors of the economy agriculture, tourism, textiles, and apparel. Despite morocco economy progress the country suffers high unemployment, illiteracy in rural areas.
  • Major challenges are fighting corruption, reforming the judiciary system.
  • GDP 171 billion as of 2012. Per capital is 5,300 dollars. Rank 153 in the world.
  • Agriculture is 14%. Industry is 32.8% and Services is 52.6% as of 2012.
  • House income highest 10% of the country.
  • Import partners are France 13.6%, Spain 11.2%, USA 8.6%, and China 6.5%. Inflation rate is very low 1.4% ranked 24 in the world.
  • Export textiles fabric, telecom equipment, wheat, gas, plastics and electricity to countries like France 19.7%, Spain 18.2%, India 6.2% and Brazil 5%.
InternationalMarketing Strategy
international marketing strategy3

Legal and Regulatory Forces

  • Legal and regulatory risk is moderate. The judiciary is slow-moving and unreliable.
  • Foreign companies in Morocco seldom use the local courts, and are more likely to resolve disputes through arbitration.
  • The creation of new commercial courts has, however, competition policy is not well developed, and there are few safeguards against anti-competitive practices
  • Tax regulations are opaque and time consuming.
  • The customs system has been notoriously slow and inefficient, although improvements are being made.
  • Intellectual property rights are not well enforced but this should change with the signing in mid-2004 of a free trade accord with the US that came into force in January 2006
  • Price controls exist for a number of goods, such as fuel products.
International Marketing Strategy
international marketing strategy4

Political Forces

  • Legal system: Based on French and Islamic law and French legal procedure
  • National elections:  Bicameral system, consisting of a directly elected 325-seat lower House of Representatives  and a 270-seat upper Chamber of Advisers indirectly elected by an electoral college 
  • Administration: There are 39 provinces and eight urban prefectures
  • Executive : The king appoints the prime minister, who chooses a Council of Ministers, which is then  approved by the unemployment rate
  • Point of Entry to Morocco for Animals and Animal Products:
    • Imported live animals, animal products, and by products can enter Morocco only through specified ports and airports. 
  • Entry ports: Casablanca, Tangier, Kenitra, Safi, Agadir, Jorf Lasfar, Nador, Al Hoceima, Dakhla and Layoune. 
  • Entry airports: Casablanca (Mohamed V), Agadir, Fes, Tangier, Oujda, Rabat-Sale, Marrakech, Layoune, Dakhla, and Ouarzazate
International Marketing Strategy
swot analysis


      • Easier way of traveling with pets
      • The “hotel” is for all types and sizes of cats and dogs to make their experience comfortable
      • Convenience and safe way to travel with your pet
      • Limited marketing budget
      • Product not well-known
      • No brand recognition
      • Growing cats and dogs products in United States
      • Growing market in Morocco
      • To market our product worldwide in the near future
      • New competitors realizing in the market potential
      • The economy affecting people ability to travel and purchase our product
marketing strategies

Target Market SegmentationStrategy– concentrated target strategy

  • Product Strategy
    • Material: metal, Cloth, and plastic
  • Pricing Strategy
    • Limited time pricing
    • Good quality and cost effective
    • Pricing varies:metal $15, Cloth $9, and plastic $12
  • Distribution Strategy
    • Local market
    • E-marketing
  • Promotion Strategy
    • Radio, Television, and internet
    • Create awareness of or product
    • demand for our product
    • Product trial
Marketing Strategies