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The British in India. Mr. Cargile Mission Hills HS, San Marcos CA. The British East India Company: 1600 - 1857. India: 18c-early 19c. British East India Company Agents. Coins of the British East India Co. 1719 coin 1804 coin. Sir Robert Clive.

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The british in india



in India

Mr. Cargile

Mission Hills HS, San Marcos CA

The british in india

The British

East India


1600 - 1857

Coins of the british east india co
Coins of the British East India Co.

1719 coin 1804 coin

Sir warren hastings
Sir Warren Hastings

r. 1773 - 1784

British opium warehouse in patna india
British Opium Warehouse in Patna, India

Selling Patna Opium in China

Sir raghubir singh maharao of bundi
Sir Raghubir Singh, Maharao of Bundi

Execution of sepoys the devil s wind
Execution of Sepoys:“The Devil’s Wind”

The british in india

The Raj:

"Jewel in the Crown"

of the

British Empire

1877 queen victoria becomes empress of india
1877: Queen Victoria Becomes “Empress of India”

Queen victoria receiving the crown of india
Queen Victoria: Receiving the Crown of India

15 th ludhiana sikhs 1889
15th Ludhiana Sikhs, 1889

The british in india


Colonial Life

During the Raj

Outlawing suttee sati
Outlawing Suttee (sati)

Fighting the thuggees
Fighting the Thuggees

A life of leisure
A LifeofLeisure!

The british in india


Rise of



The indian national congress
the Indian National Congress

  • 1885  The Indian National Congress was founded in Bombay.

  • swaraj  “independence.”* the goal of the movement.

Bal gangadhar tilak
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

1856 - 1920

Jawaharlal nehru
Jawaharlal nehru

1889 - 1964

The muslim league
the Muslim League

  • 1905  partition of Bengal based on religions and languages.

  • 1906  creation of the Muslim League.

Mohammed ali jinnah
Mohammed Ali Jinnah

1876 - 1948

Gandhi with the london vegetarian society 1890
Gandhi with the londonvegetarian society, 1890

Gandhi as a lawyer in johannesburg so africa
Gandhi as a Lawyer in Johannesburg, So. Africa

Amritsar massacre 1919
Amritsar Massacre, 1919

379 dead; over 1200 wounded!

Salt march 1930
Salt March, 1930


The british in india

The End

of the Raj:

August 15, 1947

Last viceroy of india
Last Viceroy of India

Lord Louis & Lady Edwina Montbatten