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The British in India

The British in India. The British East India Company: 1600 - 1857. India: 18c-early 19c. British East India Company Agents. Coins of the British East India Co. 1719 coin 1804 coin. British Soldiers in India, 1830s.

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The British in India

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  1. The British in India

  2. The British East India Company: 1600 - 1857

  3. India: 18c-early 19c

  4. British East India Company Agents

  5. Coins of the British East India Co. 1719 coin 1804 coin

  6. British Soldiers in India, 1830s

  7. Coffee House in mid-19c British India

  8. British Opium Warehouse in Patna, India Selling Patna Opium in China

  9. Sepoys, 1850s

  10. The Sepoy Mutiny: 1857

  11. Areas of the Sepoy Mutiny, 1857

  12. Execution of Sepoys

  13. India "Jewel in the Crown" of the British Empire

  14. 1877: Queen Victoria Becomes “Empress of India”

  15. Queen Victoria in India

  16. Assorted British Soldiers, 1890s

  17. British Colonial Life In India

  18. Outlawing Sati

  19. Bengal Medical Service, 1860

  20. A LifeofLeisure!

  21. Br. Viceroy’s Daughter: Simla, 1863

  22. Simla: Little England in the mountains of India

  23. Karachi, 1896

  24. Victoria Station, Bombay

  25. Chartered Bank of Calcutta, 1915

  26. The Rise of Indian Nationalism

  27. The Indian National Congress • 1885  The Indian National Congress was founded in Bombay. • swaraj  “independence.”* the goal of the movement.

  28. the Muslim League • 1905  partition of Bengal based on religions and languages. • 1906  creation of the Muslim League.

  29. Young Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1876 1869 - 1948

  30. Gandhi with the londonvegetarian society, 1890

  31. Gandhi as a young lawyer in Natal

  32. Gandhi as a Lawyer in Johannesburg, So. Africa Gandhi in South Africa

  33. Gandhi and His Wife, Kasturba, 1915

  34. Ahimsa= Non-violence • Civil Disobedience: Refusal to obey an unjust law

  35. Turning Points

  36. Amritsar Massacre, 1919 379 dead; over 1100 wounded in just ten minutes!

  37. Amritsar Massacre Gandhi 1982

  38. Textile Boycotts • Dhoti 

  39. End Economic Dependence!Gandhi spinning cloth March on Factory

  40. Salt March, 1930 MakingSalt

  41. “With this I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire!”

  42. 78 followers • 240 miles • Ends with Thousands • “With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire”

  43. Changes the International View of India/Britain

  44. The End of the Raj: August 15, 1947

  45. Last Viceroy of India Lord Louis & Lady Edwina Montbatten

  46. Partition!

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