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Data Quality Network

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Data Quality Network. Safe Schools Collection 4/16/2014. Why this data is collected, what is it used for?.

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data quality network

Data Quality Network

Safe Schools Collection


why this data is collected what is it used for
Why this data is collected, what is it used for?
  • The Data is collected in order to monitor the LEAs school violence statistics in order to coordinate antiviolence efforts and development of policies and strategies to combat school violence.
    • 24 PS §13-1317.2 - Weapons
    • 24 PS §13-1327 - Compulsory School Attendance
    • 24 PS §13-1333 - Penalties for Violation of Compulsory Attendance Requirements
    • 24 PS §13-1338.2 - Antitruancy Programs
    • 24 PS §13-1341 - Duty to Employ; Power of Arrest; Certification
    • 24 PS §13-1343 - Arrest of Children Failing to Attend School
    • 24 PS §15-1317.2 - Possession of Weapons Prohibited
    • 24 PS §15-1318 - Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils
    • 24 PS §15-1517 - Fire and Emergency Evacuation Drills
    • 24 PS §15-1547 - Alcohol, Chemical and Tobacco Abuse Program
    • 24 PS §15-1553 - Dating Violence
    • 35 Pa. C.S. §§7101 - Emergency Management Services Code
    • Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan
    • Professional Educator Discipline Act
    • Section 510 - Rules and Regulations; Safety Patrols
    • Section 510.1 - Special School Watchmen
    • Section 777 - Defacing, Injuring or Destroying Property Used for School Purposes
    • Section 778 - School Police Officers
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act
    • Title 18 - Possession of Weapon on School Property
what data is collected
What data is collected?
  • The data collection is made up of what is referred to as the Discipline domain encompassing the following data templates:
    • Incident
    • Person
    • Incident Offender
    • Incident Offender Infraction
    • Incident Offender Disciplinary Action
    • Incident Offender Parent Involvement
    • Incident Victim
what data quality engine dqe checks are being applied
What Data Quality Engine (DQE) checks are being applied?
  • DQE Advanced Rules:
    • These rules happen at the Batch Manager level and are associate across one or more templates in the PIMS Data Warehouse. These rules can check past year templates as well.
  • DQE Compound Rules:
    • These rules happen at the File Manager level and pertain to valid values, conditionally required fields, etc.. These rules work with one template only.
impact to leas if incorrect data submitted high numbers of incidents etc
Impact to LEAs if ... Incorrect data submitted, High numbers of incidents etc
  • All Pennsylvania families deserve to have confidence that they are sending their children to Schools that are safe learning environments.
  • Incorrect reporting can lead to your LEA drawing unnecessary scrutiny and the misperception that your LEA may be an unsafe environment. 
  • Purposefully underreporting and drastic year to year fluctuations will draw additional scrutiny.
common issues
Common Issues
  • Incidents involving a fight require two or more offenders associated to the incident.
  • Verify that firearms are indeed a firearm; there is often an indication of a bb-gun incorrectly listed as a firearm.
  • Inflated/duplicated Truancy Counts
    • Habitually truant is defined by the School Code as an unlawful absence for more than three (3) school days or their equivalent following the first notice of truancy given to the student. The first notice of truancy should be provided to the student after three (3) school days or their equivalent of unlawful absences from compulsory education within a specified time period. Each LEA should have specific policies regarding truancy.