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Buddhism . By Juliana Chaves. one who is awake. Buddha AKA Siddhartha Gautama was born as any human being in Nepal around 2,500 years ago

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By Juliana Chaves

One who is awake
one who is awake

  • Buddha AKA Siddhartha Gautama was born as any human being in Nepal around 2,500 years ago

  • He was born into royalty but saw that so many horrible things like sickness and death were occurring that he decided to travel to find the true meaning of life.

  • He began meditating to free his spirit by denying his flesh

  • After 40 days of being under a pipal tree he reached the ultimate freedom and began sharing his teachings


  • Everyone has the potential to reach their enlightment but it would be in their own timing

  • Meditation is a must and there are certain things one must abide by

  • Teachings include:

  • Three jewels

  • Threefold way

  • Four noble truths

  • Noble eightfold path

  • All of these basically show the way to live in harmony with animals and humans, not to steal, how to meditate, and how to change for the better

Everyday life
Everyday life

  • “to kill a person is the same bad as to kill a bug. The followers go to temple on the first and fifteenth of the month where confession and wishes are made to the monks. “(1)

  • “It is very popular to have Buddha's face on a necklace or statues in the house. Everyday the statue would get a plate of the food for dinner.”(1)

  • “There are different levels in hell that someone can get into depending on how bad they were in this life. There is just heaven, though. The person who goes to hell can move up in the floors by doing good in the next life, but if they are on the last floor of hell they cannot move up. If they are kind of bad in this life then they will go to the in-between place.”(1)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c4OHe202hACCTV: Buddhism in China - YouTube



What is something new you learned about Buddhism?


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