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A Pictorial Dictionary of Geographical Terms

A Pictorial Dictionary of Geographical Terms. 4 th Grade. This slideshow was prepared by the 4 th grade computer students at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School in Baton Rouge, LA 2008-09. basin bay bayou bog boundary butte canyon continent Continental Divide crater crevasse

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A Pictorial Dictionary of Geographical Terms

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  1. A Pictorial Dictionary ofGeographical Terms 4th Grade

  2. This slideshow was prepared by the 4th grade computer students atWestdale Heights Academic Magnet Schoolin Baton Rouge, LA2008-09

  3. basin bay bayou bog boundary butte canyon continent Continental Divide crater crevasse delta delta 2 desert dune equator 17. estuary fault geyser glacier gorge 22 gorge 2 23 grassland 24 gulf 25 island 26 island 2 27 isthmus 28 jungle 29 lagoon 30 lake 31 latitude 32 levee 33 longitude 34 marsh 35 meadow 36 mesa 37 moraine 38 mountain 39 mouth 40 oasis 41 ocean Table of Contents 42 peninsula 43 piedmont 44 plains 45 plateau 46 pond 47 prairie 48 rapids 49 reef 50 reservoir 51 river 52 savanna 53 sierra 54 source 55 springs 56 strait 57 stream 58 stream2 59 swamp 60 tributary 61 Tropic of Cancer 62 Tropic of Capricorn 63 tundra 64 tundra 2 65 valley 66 valley 2 67 volcano 68 waterfall 69 wetlands

  4. Basin • A basin is all the land drained by a river and the streams that flow into it.

  5. Bay • A part of a sea or lake extending into the land. Chris

  6. Bayou A Bayou is a marshy inlet or outlet of a lake, river, or gulf in the South Central U.S. Leah

  7. Bog • A piece of soft,wet, spongy ground, marsh and swamps. Niya

  8. Boundary • A limiting line or thingthat dividesstates Elvyn

  9. BUTTE • Western U.S. steepflat/topped hill standingalone. By, Collin

  10. Canyon • A narrow valley with high, steep sides Dontae

  11. CONTINENT A continent is one of the seven great masses of land on earth. The continents are North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa, and, Australia.

  12. Continental Divide • The ridge in the western U.S. which separates streams in North America flowing toward the Pacific from those flowing toward the Atlantic or the Arctic; also called the Great Divide.The Rocky Mountains form a major part of the Continental Divide. Destiny

  13. CRATER • An opening at the topofavolcano or a depression in the ground. Darrin

  14. Crevasse • a deep crack in a glacier , or in the ground after an earthquake. By: Karigan

  15. Delta • A deposit of earth and sand that’s collected at the mouths of some rivers and is usually three sided. Shajuan

  16. Delta A deposit of earth and sand that collects at the mouths of some rivers and is usually three sided. BY: Ivy

  17. Desert A barren region with little or no rainfall, Usually sandy without trees. Eliza

  18. Dune • A mound range or ridge of loose sand heaped up by wind.. Tevin

  19. Equator • the equator is animaginary circle around the middle of the earth, halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole. Jean paul

  20. Estuary • An estuary is a broad mouth of a river into which the tide flows. By nina

  21. Fault • A fault is a break in the earth’s crust, with the mass of rock on one side of the break pushed up, down, or sideways holly

  22. Geyser A geyser is a spring that spouts a column of hot water and steam into the air at intervals.

  23. Glacier A large mass of ice formed from snow on a high ground and moving very slowly down a mountain or along a sloping valley or spreading slowly overa large area of land until it melts or breaks up. Georgia

  24. Gorge • A deep ,narrow valley, usually steep & rocky especially one with a stream. Christian

  25. Gorge A deep , narrow valley , usually steep and rocky , especially one with a stream. Julia

  26. Grassland • A region with mostlygrass and few trees Baileigh

  27. Gulf • A large bay; arm of an ocean or sea extending into the land. Kaylin

  28. Island • A body of land surrounded by water. It is smaller than a continent. By:Amani

  29. ISLAND A body of land surrounded by water. By:myron

  30. Isthmus • A narrow strip of land with water on both sides of connecting two larger bodies of land craig

  31. Jungle • Wild land thickly overgrown with bushes, vines, and trees. Jungles are hot and humid regions with many kinds of plants and wildlife. Claire

  32. Lagoon • Shallow water separated from the sea by low ridges of sand. Chase

  33. Lake A body of waterentirely or nearly surrounded byland. A lake usually consists fresh water and is longer than a pond. A wide place in ariver. Sophia

  34. Latitude • Latitude is the distance between north and south of the equator measured in degrees James

  35. Levee • A bank built out ofearth to keeprivers from overflowing Kaleb

  36. Longitude • A distance east or west on earth measured in degrees from a certain meridian Ainsley

  37. Marsh Low land covered at times by water, soft, wet land or swamp. Plants such as reeds, rushes,and sedges grow in marshes. JAZZ


  39. Mesa A small isolated, plateau with a flat top and steep, rocky sides, common in dry regions of western and southwestern United States. Jose

  40. Moraine a mass • A moraine is a mass or ridge of rocks, dirt, or other natural debris deposited at a side or end of a glacier or beneath the ice as the glacier melts. Grace

  41. Mountain A very high hill. A natural elevation of earth’s surface rising high above the surrounding level in a massive and conspicuous way. Jamaal

  42. Mouth • A naturalopening, suchas the openingof a cave orcanyon or thepart of a riverthat emptiesinto a larger body of water. Treylan

  43. Oasis • A fertile spot in the desert where there is water and usually trees and other vegetation. Jonavan

  44. Ocean A ocean is a great body of salt water that covers almost three fourths of the earth’s surface. Keimyneh

  45. Peninsula A piece of land almost surrounded by water, or extending far out into the water. Florida is a peninsula. By Matthew

  46. Piedmont .The piedmont is a district lying along or near the foot of a mountain range. Edgar

  47. PLAINS A level, treeless, tract of country. Nathan

  48. Plateau A plain in themountains or at height above sea level, a large, high, plain. kYLEE

  49. Ponds • A body of still water, • smaller than a lake. By; Marquis

  50. Prairie • A large area of level or rolling land with grass but few or no trees ,especially such an area making up much of central North America. Caleb CCCCCCaleb

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