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Kevin J. Driscoll Coord., Diocese of Gary Ofc. for Youth & Young Adults PowerPoint Presentation
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Kevin J. Driscoll Coord., Diocese of Gary Ofc. for Youth & Young Adults

Kevin J. Driscoll Coord., Diocese of Gary Ofc. for Youth & Young Adults

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Kevin J. Driscoll Coord., Diocese of Gary Ofc. for Youth & Young Adults

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  1. Kevin J. DriscollCoord., Diocese of GaryOfc. for Youth & Young Adults

  2. - Your name - Parish/ministry you represent - Where were you the night the planes were supposed to fly out of the sky? - What was your involvement in (youth) ministry in 2000?

  3. “The territory has changed, and we need a new map.” ~ Bob McCarty Exec. Dir., NFCYM HOW THE CATHOLIC YM MAP HAS CHANGED SINCE 2000…

  4. Individual Reflection: Write down one way you think youth ministry has changed/shifted/been impacted in the 2000’s.

  5. MUSIC & ITS DELIVERY 2000: Rap is king; radio & CD’s 2010: Idol-driven, variety is king; MP3’s, Ipods, celphones

  6. RTV COMPONENT EMPHASIS AMONG CHURCH LEADERS 2000: Prayer & Worship, Justice & service 2010: Catechesis & Evangelization

  7. PARENTS • 2000: becoming increasingly involved in teens’ lives, much more than 1990 • 2010: “Helicopter parents” much more active in teens’lives than in 2000

  8. WORLDVIEW • 2000: Individualistic: we were worried teens would isolate themselves from the world in front of a CPU screen • 2010: Communal: teens are still online, but in SOCIAL networks, communicating with a truly global community

  9. WORLDVIEW • 2000: Invincibility: economy good, tech stocks good, companies growing, suburbs expanding, life is good! • 2010: Vulnerability: 9-11-01, stock market & housing crash, jobs lost, have to do without

  10. THEOLOGY • 2000: U.S. Catholic Church theology moving to the right • 2010: Appointment of U.S. Bishops in mid-late 2000’s almost exclusively conservative. Devoted YA’s more likely to embrace traditional / devotional forms of worship.

  11. METHODOLOGY OF CATHOLIC FORMATION • 2000: 3-dimensional approach to Catholic YM pgms is the best way to nurture the whole person: head, hands, heart. • 2010: Focus on head first: reaction to Catholic teens fairing poorly in doctrinal knowledge in 2004 NSYR.

  12. INTERNET • 2000: Web 1.0: Info passed down from “authority.” Interpersonal communication 1-on-1 mostly. Chatrooms. • 2010: Web 2.0: “Authority” is the group. Pluralism. Interpersonal communication is communal. Chatroom isa town square.

  13. MIDDLE SCH/JR HIGH YM • 2000: becoming more important • 2010: COMPLETELY NECESSARY!

  14. TEEN ADVOCACY • 2000: Teens want a chance to be heard. • 2010: Teens are entitled to an opinion.

  15. What HASN’T changed? - Roughly same % of teens in Confirmation go on to become active HS YM participants. - Teens still want to belong to a supportive and accepting group. - Teens still searching for an identity.

  16. What HASN’T changed? - Teens still idealistic and proactive. - Teens facing more pressures than any other previous generation. - Fewer teens are going to Mass. - Young Catholics still the most loyal / least likely to abandon the Catholic label

  17. What HASN’T changed? - RTV framework still needed (Think: Ipod shuffle), but parish-first mentality may be somewhat short-sighted. - Cubs still haven’t won aWorld Series.

  18. Team Reflection: Based on these movements, + How has our ministry “kept up with the times?” - And where has our ministry failed to keep up?

  19. Kevin J. DriscollCoord., Diocese of GaryOfc. for Youth & Young Adults

  20. Individual Reflection: The single greatest challenge facing young people today is ____.

  21. (Revisiting)Renewing the VisionA Framework for Catholic YM(approved 1997) - Is it still relevant? - What changes would be made if it went before the Bishops today? - Are all 8 components still in harmony?

  22. (Revisiting)Renewing the VisionA Framework for Catholic YM Our ministry has – or must – shift from youth group to youth groupings. We can no longer rely on a single youth gathering or community to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse youth population. In terms of culture, ethnic communities, family, lifestyle and geographic setting, our young people have a wide range of needs, interests, resources, time, and even spiritualities. It is unrealistic – and ineffective ministry – to expect a youth group to be the primary vehicle for comprehensive youth ministry. Parishes are challenged to provide a range of settings and formats for ministry and to develop creative approaches to fostering faith and responding to life concerns. ~ Bob McCarty, NFCYM

  23. (Revisiting)Renewing the VisionA Framework for Catholic YM - Advocacy - Catechesis - Community Life - Evangelization - Justice & Service - Leadership Development - Pastoral Care - Prayer and Worship

  24. ADVOCACYInterprets the needs of the teen and his/her family, and speaks and acts on their behalf. Community leads and empowers youth to address the problems (often social, political, cultural) they face.

  25. ADVOCACY 2010 - “Fairness” and “special” generation demands a world in which their voice is heard - Marginalized: teens today have grown up in world of tolerance - reduced staff has impact on ability to “pound the pavement”

  26. CATECHESIS Provides for growth in a teen’s faith identity. Fosters communal identity by teaching and witnessing an understanding of the Catholic Christian faith.

  27. CATECHESIS 2010 - NSYR: Teens had experience, but couldn’t define that experience. (by comparison, Baltimore Catechism approach had definitions without experience) - The real challenge isn’t catechetical, it’s in translating the Gospel into Teen.

  28. Today’s teens are not content with gathering knowledge about God from an expert. They hunger for an encounter with God and to experience God personally. They do not want to learn about the tenets of prayer as much as experience the presence of God through prayer. They are less interested in lectures on Catholic social teaching than being immersed in a real-life mission—where they personally experience the face of injustice. ~ Frank MercadanteCultivation Ministries

  29. COMMUNITY LIFE Allows for the growth of Christian community through social interaction and participation in the life of church and community.

  30. COMMUNITY LIFE 2010 - Parish life not all it could be? Be a part of the solution! - Parochialism is an absurd concept to teens who connect nationally & globally. The future’s BRIGHT! - Tomorrow’s church is collaborative and this generation will do well in that regard.

  31. EVANGELIZATION Empowers teens to be a witness to the Gospel message, and to proclaim the message in word and act to those in their communities who have not experienced it.

  32. EVANGELIZATION 2010 - Now that we agree on the concept, resources & ideas are slow to follow. HOW?! - To empower teens to be evangelizers, we got to be real.

  33. JUSTICE & SERVICE Empowers youth to be a witness to the Church’s social teaching, defending the rights of all peoples. Calls upon youth to serve those in need.

  34. JUSTICE & SERVICE 2010 - We don’t have to cultivate the soil here. It’s ready for planting! - Politics getting in the way. - Teens will buy in IF they’re convinced they’re making a difference. (See: lightbulbs & pop tabs)

  35. Leadership Development Parish community empowers youth to assume leadership roles in their communities, including active participation in ministry. Parish also develops leadership gifts of parents and other parish adults to serve needs of youth.

  36. Leadership Development 2010 - Teens will not respond well to “top-down” model. - Our challenge: to vision, chart a course, empower, inspire, and allow THEM to lead programs and EVANGELIZE. - Colleges <3 religious leadership.

  37. PASTORAL CARE Parish utilizes various strategies to provide guidance and support as youth face life decisions. Provides care for both youth and families through counseling and referral if necessary. Provides positive influence as youth face moral challenges.

  38. PASTORAL CARE 2010 - This is where teens live. - Providing a Sunday response to Monday-Saturday challenges.

  39. PRAYER & WORSHIP Provides youth various communal prayer and liturgy to strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Encourages youth to actively participate in sacramental ministry in their parish community.

  40. PRAYER & WORSHIP 2010 - Variety still crucial. - Silence is golden. STOP.

  41. Team Reflection: Share answers from your individual reflection. Then, for each, how is the church and/or your ministry equipped to address this need?

  42. Kevin J. DriscollCoord., Diocese of GaryOfc. for Youth & Young Adults

  43. Individual Reflection: What do teens in my parish/cluster think about the Catholic Church? Be honest!

  44. Contextualizing Youth Ministry Our REALITY vs.their PERCEPTION

  45. In a study of 16-to-29 year olds recently-released by the Barna Group, non-Christians claimed that present-day Christianity isjudgmental (87%),hypocritical (85%),and old-fashioned (78%).

  46. The same study showed that half of active Christians said they perceive Christianity to be judgmentaland hypocriticaland one-third said it wasold-fashioned andout of touch with reality.

  47. Perception is Reality!

  48. “JUDGMENTAL” - Reflections Church for the “perfect. And I’m not perfect.”

  49. “JUDGMENTAL” - Response • Reconciliation! Not only a Experience. • Relatable Scripture: Prodigal Son, Adulterous woman, etc.

  50. “HYPOCRITICAL” - Reflections • Sex Abuse Crisis • Extension of a perceived judgmental Church: do they know that the holy ones fail, too?