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Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation

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Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation

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  1. Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation 50th Anniversary Conference “A Golden Opportunity- Learning From the Past, Focused On the Future”

  2. Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation • Vision Statement • "GAPT will serve as the leading resource for pupil transportation professionals in the State of Georgia and inspire a culture of continuous improvement." • Mission Statement • "GAPT will build capacity in pupil transportation professionals by providing information, promoting innovation and serving as an advocate for those professionals while they partner with their community to meet the needs of their students."

  3. GAPT 50th Anniversary Conference “A Golden Opportunity-Learning From the Past, Focused On the Future” • Who Should Attend? • Every transportation professional in the State of Georgia should consider attending, regardless of whether they are just beginning their career or are veterans to the profession . • Directors • Supervisors • Trainers • Routing Staff • Fleet Personnel • Regular Needs or Special Needs Staff

  4. 50th Anniversary Conference“Learning From the Past; Focused On the Future” Why Should I Attend? • Sessions will be categorized according to 5 “tracks of study”. Each session will include offerings specific to the track. Each track however, will include workshops that may be of “crossover” interest to members. • Tracks will include Leadership (I & II), Planning and Routing, Special Needs, Fleet and Safety and Training. • The Conference schedule will allow each member to attend up to 19 hours of professional learning. • As importantly, they will be able to tailor their learning to attending those sessions that they need or want most, whether or not they are the track of study most closely aligned with their job function. • Classes will include timely, relevant information and the latest innovations that will help you protect 100% of your students, 100% of the time!

  5.  Professional Development Leadership (I and II) – • The largest track of study, it will include a broad range of sessions designed to enhance and develop the knowledge and abilities of pupil transportation professionals responsible for the supervision/administration/direction of their district service. • Topics will begin with those needed by our newest administrators to acquire a basic working knowledge of pupil transportation in the State of Georgia and progress through more complex, advanced sessions that might be appropriate to Directors/Supervisors with significant experience in the field.

  6.  Professional DevelopmentTracks of Study Safety and Training – • Primarily focused on trainers and supervisors who are responsible for providing professional development for transportation employees, especially regular needs school bus drivers.   • Topics may include First Aid, CPR , Student/Driver Training, On-Board Annual Bus Driver Assessment, GA-DOE School Bus Safety Resources, How to Create a Power Point Presentation, In-Service School Bus Driver Safety Training, Adult Learning, Accident Review Committee & Follow-up Procedures, Review & Follow-up Procedures Based on Points, Bullying, Power Lines on the Bus, Mirror Grid Adjustment.

  7.  Professional DevelopmentTracks of Study Fleet- • For staff member(s) who may purchase (recommend), manage maintenance/repair, maintain and/or repair the school buses/white fleet in their district. • Topics may include Fleet Assessment Requirements, Workplace Safety, Innovative Maintenance Practices, School Bus Inspection Criteria, Shop Personnel Management, Critical Thinking/Data Analysis, DPS Annual Inspection, Georgia & National School Bus Specs, State Purchasing Contract, Tires, Buses, White Fleet, Fuel, Etc.

  8.  Professional DevelopmentTracks of Study Special Needs- • Designed for all staff members who may supervise, train, or provide services in this category.   • Topics that pertain to the delivery of transportation service to students requiring modified service as a result of Special Education IEP, 504 plan and/or the McKinney-Vento Act.  Sample topics might include Staffing, IEPs & Transportation Requests, 504 Requirements, Special Needs Legal Topics, Developing effective driver/monitor teams, Training for Special Needs Drivers, Special Children Riding Regular Buses, Dealing With Specific Disabilities, Child Safety Seat & Restraint Systems and/or Wheel Chair Securement.

  9.  Professional DevelopmentTracks of Study Routing and Planning - • Sessions designed for staff responsible for the planning and routing functions of the department. • Topics may include effective routing practices, routing efficiencies, designing and implementing effective school starting times, route pairing, dealing with sex offenders, safe bus stop criteria/procedures, accessing student data. We may also provide hands-on training in user groups who work with specific routing software.

  10. 50th Anniversary Conference“Learning From the Past; Focused On the Future” • What Will Be Gained? • This conference promises to provide outstanding learning opportunities at an exceptional value for every member who attends. • We hope you use this information to educate the decision-makers within your system about the importance of helping you to establish a culture of continuous improvement in your department, by developing your most valuable resource, your people. See You June 16th in Jekyll Island GA!