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Building Your Business Case

Building Your Business Case . Nathan Birtle Northern Europe Sales Manager nbirtle@arbortext.com. Arbortext Overview. World leader in applying XML technology Software for SGML/XML creation, management and personalised delivery Over 250 Global 2000 customers

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Building Your Business Case

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  1. Building Your Business Case Nathan Birtle Northern Europe Sales Manager nbirtle@arbortext.com

  2. Arbortext Overview • World leader in applying XML technology • Software for SGML/XML creation, management and personalised delivery • Over 250 Global 2000 customers • 40% compound annual growth over last 3 years • Privately held; funded by Norwest, Invesco

  3. Building the Business Case • Review Purpose for Case • Communicate your case to the Organization • Calculate Savings • Calculate Increased Revenues • Calculating Costs • Impact on Market

  4. Basics of the Case Improving the efficiency of “all” vital business information • as part of the product • as part of your service • as the product itself Treating “document” content like any other relational database data:automate, process, reuse, and extract for use in a limitless variety of ways • Contents of documents = Unstructured data • Contents of relational database = Structured data • XML/SGML = Consistency, structure to all content

  5. What type of information do you most want to automate and reuse • Functional specifications • Design specifications • User’s guides • Test plans • Manufacturing instructions • Operating guides • Training books • Service manuals Mission Critical Documents

  6. Basis for the caseComparing what is to what’s possible!

  7. Alternate Outputs Additional Versions Additional Languages Combine Combine Convert Convert Cleanup Cleanup World Wide Web Engineering CD-ROM ConvertCombineReviewmark-up Users Guides Workflow WP Product Manuals Contribute Specifications Combine Revision Control Convert Cleanup XML and SGML Contribute Research PDF ConvertCombineReviewmark-up Combine Convert Cleanup Current Situation Original Documents Create/Edit Format for Output Contributors Multiple Suppliers

  8. Proprietary Publishing Process with DMS and Database • Characteristic: linear process, no automated reuse • Creation: Create information structured as paper documents • Reuse: Locate the document automated by DMS • Some manual copy and paste source some links • Maintenance: apply changes to source and re-convert, or apply changes to each set of files individually (each change repeats the entire process) • Version control: track documents automated by DMS • All deliverables: convert to target format and cleanup for each type of required deliverable

  9. World Wide Web CD-ROM assemble document Users Guides Product Manuals and apply format Specifications XML and SGML PDF Engineering Research Building a case for... • All Document Versions • Assemble Objects (automatic or manual) • Original Content • Create/Edit doc objects • Apply format and output (automatic) • View objects within whole documents containing objects being authored by others • Update Objects ContributeReview Seamless integration Contributors

  10. Automated Document System • Characteristic: enables concurrent authoring/review and automates composition and publishing • Creation: Create documents as objects of information • Reuse: Locate the source automatically • Establish link(physical or logical) • Maintenance: Apply changes to source and automatically update all documents containing that source information • Version control:automatically track documents and individualinformation objects • All deliverables: automatically generate all target outputs

  11. Benefits Summary List • Reduced Cost • reuse existing information (maximize your assets) • eliminate redundant processes • reduce unnecessary steps • Increased Productivity • reusing instead of recreating information • concurrent processes (collaborative creation, revision, update) • shorter revision and update cycles • automatically generated deliverables (custom) • Increase Customer Satisfaction • better access to information (search, right format, etc.) • tailored information • up-to-date information • Faster Time to Market • claim a larger share of the market life cycle • gain competitive advantage

  12. Impact throughout the organization Engineering Manufacturing Research Mkt/Sales Suppliers IT Customers Services

  13. Marketing Reduce cost and increase productivity AT&T Corp. is the world's premier voice and data communications company, serving more than 80 million customers, including consumers, businesses and government. With annual revenues of more than $53 billion and 109,000 employees, AT&T provides services to virtually every country and territory around the world. Real results include: • Improved & automated information management platform & processes. • Improved information integrity, retrievability, consistency. • Reduced manual processes. • Eliminated duplication of information from multiple sources.

  14. Online Publishing Making Production Easy; Future-Proofing Information PC World Online, the online counterpart to PC World Magazine, must create original web content as well as flow content from its print-based publication into electronic formats. Real results include: • Faster content delivery • Editor efficiency • Design consistency • Improved reuse of information • Customized content • Reduced webmaster bottleneck • Foundation for the future

  15. PC World 2 days to 2 hours 10% of previous time to publish old articles

  16. Finance Design+Dev. Customer Care Sales+Mkt Control Costs Time to Market Fast Problem Resolution Revenue/Comp. Edge • Maximize Return on Assets • Greater Capacity (reuse) • Increase Lifecycle of Assets (future-proof) • Automate Manual Processes • Search • Reuse • Automate • Collaborate • ConcurrentProcessing • Up-to-date, Accurate Information • Available at the Time of Need • Custom, Tailored Documents • Reduce Support Service Costs • Reduce Repeat Service Costs • Claim more of Market Lifecycle • Offer a wider range of product • Gain Competitive Advantage • Beat Competition • Maintain Market Leadership Impact Throughout the Organization Corporate Goal: Maximize Profitability

  17. Organizational Impact Benefits Summary • Eliminate unnecessary and redundant processes - reduce overall cost of goods • Use existing information to do more - increase value of information assets • Quickly and easily incorporate feedback - improve customer services and delight customers • Improve information flow - reduce time to market

  18. Application Metrics • 20,000 content pages, 10% revised annually, 10% obsoleted • 2,000 new content pages annually • 20 full-time content creators • 3 languages • Print, CD-ROM, Web versions • 30% of creators time spent on formatting • 70% translator efficiency

  19. Cost Metrics for Savings Calculations • $150/page to create new information • $10/page to convert data between different formats • $100/page to translate in other languages • $150/hour for engineering time • $75/hour for technical writer time • $75/hour for help desk and field service

  20. Reductions in Costs • Creation • Enabling reuse reduces redundant effort by 80% to 20% • Automatic formatting reduces content creation costs by 33% • Translation • Reuse reduces translation costs by 20% to 80% • Publishing • Automating alternate format publishing saves conversion costs

  21. Annual Cost Savings

  22. Danfoss Large manufacturer - based Denmark, $2B dollars revenue Issues Time to market Many product adaptations Increasing number of languages Writer spending too much time (60%) on layout Results Reduce master manual dev time by 50% Reduce external translation costs by 50% Reduce external DTP by 100% Reduce manufacturing time by 50% (6 to 3 weeks) Reduce small product changes from 4 weeks to 1.5 days.

  23. Calculating Your Return Let’s Look at the Numbers! ROI calculator available during Arbortext web seminars see www.europe.arbortext.com

  24. Additional Costs • Current system maintenance vs upgrade cost • Cost of doing nothing vs cost of change • Market share losses...

  25. 12 months Create Review Translate Publish Getting to Market Sooner! 1.8 months Eliminate formatting from creation automatic publishing 40% Creation 95% Publishing Modularized information 50% create, review, translate Concurrent processes 80% elapsed time in review and translate

  26. 100% 100% 25% 25% 20% 30% 69.9% 25% 25% 1.9% 18% 35.9% 9% 1.9% 12.5% 12.5% 15.9% 1.9% 2.5% 2.5% 9% Create Review Translate Publish Getting to Market Sooner! 15.9% 40% Creation 95% Publishing 50% Create, review, translate 80% Elapsed time in review and translate

  27. 12 mo 1.8 mo Two Year Market Life Cycle Impact on Revenue Gained Revenue

  28. Increased Revenues and Market Share • If you adopt XML a full solution first: • Short term gain = achieve greatest revenue by claiming larger portions of the market life cycle • Long term gain = capture the market leadership position with the best chance to sustain it You stay ahead of your competitors • If your competition adopts first: • Short term loss = less than optimal revenues by claiming smaller portion of the market life cycle • Long term loss = difficult and expensive to attain market leadership position…if not impossible! Competitor stays ahead and you keep playing catch-up

  29. Business Case Conclusion • Reduce Costs • Increase Revenues • Shorten Time to Market • Improve Customer Satisfaction = Better Bottom Line

  30. For further information www.arbortext.com ROI calculator available during online seminars see www.europe.arbortext.com

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