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Building a Business Case

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Building a Business Case - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a Business Case . Dan Devlin April 2, 2012 . Why is it necessary?. Plan for success Build the roadmap to your goal A chance for you and your team to spot challenges and opportunities ahead of time

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building a business case

Building a Business Case

Dan Devlin

April 2, 2012

why is it necessary
Why is it necessary?
  • Plan for success
  • Build the roadmap to your goal
  • A chance for you and your team to spot challenges and opportunities ahead of time
  • Involve as many people as possible on your team. Inclusion creates a sense of ownership and commitment!
for example
For example….
  • Creation of a new “Healthy Living” off-site clinic aimed at the prevention and effective management of chronic diseases.
business case outline
Business Case Outline
  • Executive Summary
  • Plan Overview
  • Products and Services
  • Industry Overview
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan
executive summary
Executive Summary
  • Should be 1-2 pages long at most!
  • It provides the overview of your entire concept including:
  • Key objectives
  • Management team description
  • Explains your product or service
  • Defines your target market
  • Describes any competitive advantages
  • Highlights proposed marketing strategies
  • Concise summary of financial projections
business plan overview
Business Plan Overview

Include details of the:

  • History of your business
  • Vision or mission
  • Objectives and Risks
  • Ownership structure (or chart of key decision-making personnel if more appropriate)
products and services
Products and Services

Give more detail on your product or services:

  • Benefits
  • Competitive advantages
  • Details about how your product or service will be created and where
industry overview
Industry Overview
  • Your chance to show how and why your concept will be successful!
  • Describe and discussthe size/current state of your industry and any relevant growth trends.
  • Clearly explain your understanding of what motivates your target customers.
  • How do your target customers currently access products?
marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy
  • Describe your target market segments in detail.
  • Who or what is competing against you?
  • What makes your product unique and ultimately desirable to the consumer?
  • Detail your proposed pricing and promotional plans.
  • How will you market your product to your proposed customer?

“Traditional” advertising vs. Social Media strategies?

marketing strategy continued
Marketing Strategy (continued)
  • Competitive advantages, marketing strategies, and a summary of your financial projections.
  • Remember to include the proposed cost/value estimates for each approach.
  • Finally, describe how your product will be sold (e.g. storefront, on-line, through wholesalers) and the buying patterns for your target market segment.
operations plan
Operations Plan
  • Provide an outline of your management team personnel sharing their relevant experience.
  • Describe your business location and facilities.
  • Provide an overview of your proposed day-to-day operations.
financial plan
Financial Plan

Perhaps the MOST important part of the plan and may take a majority of your preparation time!

  • Need to show 3 years of projected financial statements.
  • Be sure to document all of the assumptions that you used in creating your projections of revenues and expenses.
  • No wild guesses allowed here! Be prepared to defend your financial projections. If the numbers don’t work….there will be a black cloud over your project. Not likely to proceed!
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • A well researched and clearly presented business case can be the deciding factor on whether your endeavour is EVER given serious consideration!
  • Confidence is contagious! This is your first and perhaps best opportunity to convince decision makers that you have prepared diligently and have all the tools in place to achieve success!