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Our Class Planet Project

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Our Class Planet Project
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Our Class Planet Project

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  1. Our Class Planet Project By Mrs. Worthington's 2nd Grade Class

  2. My Trip to Uranusby Kyle and McKenzie

  3. Do you want to know how far Uranus is from Earth? It is one billion, 700 million miles.

  4. The temperature on Uranus is -300°. That is cold.

  5. A day on our planet is 17 1/4 hours. That’s shorter than Earth’s day.

  6. I would not like to go to Uranus because it would be 84 Earth years make 1 year on Earth.

  7. Uranus has 15 moons the largest is Titania.

  8. If I weighed 100 pounds on Earth I would weigh 93 pounds on Uranus.

  9. Uranus has poisonous gases and clouds too!

  10. Gravity seems to be pulling Uranus in space.

  11. Neptune seems to be tugging at Uranus too!

  12. Uranus has 11 rings. They’re made of ice and dust.

  13. My Trip to Neptune by Kaysia and Demi

  14. We’re going to give you facts about Neptune.

  15. It’s about 2,700,000,000 miles away from Earth.

  16. The temperature on Neptune is -360 °F. I would wear lots of winter clothes.

  17. A year on Neptune is 165 Earth years.

  18. There are 8 moons. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh 123 pounds on Neptune.

  19. It’s winds reach 600 miles per hour. It has poisonous gases and is very cold. Triton’s moon has an atmosphere volcano like eruption and frozen gases.

  20. My Trip to Pluto by Stu and Brook

  21. I would have to travel 2,700,000,000 miles to get to Pluto. I would have to wear lots of clothes because it is -395°F or -235°F. It takes 6 Earth days to make 1 day.

  22. A year on Pluto is 248 Earth years. It has 1 new moon. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh just a few pounds on Pluto.

  23. It has icebergs. Did you know there are frozen gases? It is also very cold. It is the darkest planet.

  24. It is hard to see with a telescope. The inside is called a core. Did you know in 2226 Pluto crosses Neptune’s orbit?

  25. My Trip to Saturnby AJ and Devin

  26. Saturn is 744 million miles from Earth. The temperature is -300°F. We would bring a space suit.

  27. Saturn has 23 Moons.

  28. If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth I would weigh 116 pounds on Saturn.

  29. We have never stepped on Saturn.

  30. The winds on Saturn blow 1,000 miles per hour.

  31. Saturn’s rings are made of ice. Saturn has 10,000 rings.

  32. Saturn is the 2 biggest plant.

  33. On Saturn a day is 10 hours and 39 minutes. A year is 29 and half Earth years.

  34. My Trip to Mars by Jenna and Bryce

  35. Mars is about 35 million miles from Earth. The hottest temperature is 60°f.

  36. Their day is also longer than ours. It’s 37 hours longer.

  37. Even our planet Mars, has a year, but it feels like 12 Earth years.

  38. If we went to Mars we would weigh 38 pounds.

  39. The average distance from Mars to the sun is 142 million miles.

  40. The dioxide with small amounts of other gases is what you breathe.

  41. In Mars the lowest temperature is about -220°F.

  42. My Trip to Mercury by Mackenzie and Michael

  43. We would have to travel 57 million miles from Earth to get to Mercury.

  44. The temperature on Mercury would be 750 degrees F and at night Mercury would be 300 degrees F.

  45. Mercury’s day would be 59 Earth days and a year 88 Earth days. Mercury has no Moons. If I weighed 100 pounds on Earth I would weigh 37 pounds on Mercury.

  46. Mercury is hard to see from Earth. Mercury appears to change its shape. Astronomers have questions about Mercury.

  47. Mercury is made mostly of iron. Mercury and the Moon both have many craters.

  48. Our Trip to the Moon by Joey, Michaela, Seth

  49. The moon is 239,000 miles from Earth.

  50. The temperature on the moon when the sun is out is 265°F. When the sun sets it is -310° F.