9 shot analysis
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9 Shot Analysis. Lucy Crane.

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9 shot analysis

9 Shot Analysis

Lucy Crane

9 shot analysis

I believe the small light in this shot represents the small amount of hope each character has during upcoming events. As the light goes out shortly after this clip its shows that perhaps all hope is lost, and they have no chance of escape. Also to me it represents the tunnel they go down that leads them to the cave. This also appears as a long shot, therefore enhancing the idea that there chance of escape is a long way away.

9 shot analysis

This shot shows a long shot of the three girls water rafting in a dangerous river, this gives the audience an automatic impression that they are adrenaline junkies and enjoy a thrill. This also gives the audience an idea of how they will get trapped in the cave in upcoming events. The long shot allowed the audience to see a lot of the destination, enhancing the thrilling experience.

9 shot analysis

This particular moment between the two characters shows perhaps a secret affair behind his wives back, which could then signify betrayal later on in this film, the mid shot allows us to see the both the characters facial expressions which lets the audience to see the tension between them

9 shot analysis

In this shot you see a car appearing closer towards the family, whilst this is happening the wife starts to ask questions about the husband and the other girl, therefore this car heading towards them may represent the bad news/things awaiting to happen. The mid shot shows both the expressions of the couple, the confused/angered look on the wife and the innocent look on the husband. It also shows the car heading towards them which is a very significant part to this scene.

9 shot analysis

The pole is sticking through the husband, blatantly showing his death, I believe this is foreshadowing the upcoming event in the cave, showing that from this event, things are now to get worse. The close up on this shot shows the gruesome intensity and shocks the audience greatly.

9 shot analysis

This shows the lights turning off at the end off the hall, then the darkness following this character. This to me insinuates that since the death of her family, she cannot cope and is seeing such things. It can also represent the fact that later in the cave they are trying to find light, and trying to stay out of the darkness. The long shot gives a creepier feeling as you can see each light turn off at a time and also see her running away.