how cincinnati transportation has changed n.
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How Cincinnati transportation has changed. PowerPoint Presentation
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How Cincinnati transportation has changed.

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How Cincinnati transportation has changed. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Cincinnati transportation has changed. By: Josie Lackmeyer Enjoy!. Small and old fire truck.

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How Cincinnati transportation has changed.

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small and old fire truck
Small and old fire truck

This picture shows change because this fire truck can only carry a small ladder and a fire extinguisher. Also, the wheels are very slender . Lastly, the fire truck doesn’t have a roof, so there’s not a lot of protection. The fire trucks we have today has a lot of protection, so no one will get hurt. We also have more high teck things unlike the fire trucks long ago.

old carriage
Old Carriage

They used to have small carriages with slender wheels, they needed to be pulled by horses, and they didn’t have radios. Now we have cars that have radios and they are powered by gas. Also, the carriages back then were very bumpy and slower than the cars today.


Now we have cars but they needed inclines. Inclines need tracks to go up hills unlike cars and the inclines were used to go up hills because horses and carriages had a hard time going up hills, but now we have cars to go up steep hills with paved roads and it goes much faster now with cars.

old airplane
Old airplane

This plane has a smaller wing span than planes we have today. It also looks very dangerous because the wings aren’t made of medal and the wheels are very small unlike the planes we have today.

racing in carriages
Racing in carriages

Now we have jockeys to ride on horses but then they had to use very small carriages to race. If you look down you can see men wearing top hats so that’s how I know it was from a long time ago.