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Helping you.. carrying on!

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Helping you.. carrying on!. E.R.P. E nterprise R esource P lanning. Presentation - Path. Why ERP and why Web. ERP Web based applications - Options. What Config Offers. Adapting Tailor-made ERP Solutions. Developing ERP applications using External Sources. Brainstorming on the Options.

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Helping you.. carrying on!


Enterprise Resource Planning


Presentation - Path

Why ERP and why Web

ERP Web based applications - Options

What Config Offers

Adapting Tailor-made ERP Solutions

Developing ERP applications using External Sources

Brainstorming on the Options

why e r p
Why E.R.P.

ERP is a solution, which

  • facilitates company-wide integrated information systems, covering all functional areas
  • performs core Corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting Corporate Image
why web
Why Web ?

Internet based Software

  • Boost your productivity
  • Control runtime
  • Secure your investment
  • Support On-line


web based structure
Web Based Structure

Intranet & Internet Solution

erp web based applications options
ERP Web based applications - Options
  • World wide access
  • Fastest accessibility
  • Online monitoring
  • Runtime results
what config offers
What Config Offers
  • Enterprise Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Liner /Freight Forwarding (Air / Rail / Road / Sea)
  • Container Control
  • Warehouse
  • CRM
  • Medical
enterprise accounting
Enterprise Accounting
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Manager
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Job Costing
  • Time Tracking
  • Dash Points Dashboard
  • Fixed Assets
  • Currency Manager (Multi-currency)
  • Budgeting
  • Allocations
  • Account & Class Segments
  • Company Unlimited
  • User Unlimited
  • Config's E.R.P. is an e-Logistics solution for logistics providers to improve the communication and efficiency between logistics providers, buyers, suppliers, shipping agents, clearing agents, warehouse agents and delivery agents. It automates the complete fulfillment process by picking up the goods from suppliers all the way to delivering the goods to end customers. It tracks each incoming and outgoing shipment and provides accurate status of each shipment to the right partner at the right time for right action. It can also facilitate c-commerce collaboratively between logistics providers and their customers.
  • Config's E.R.P. can handle multiple customers, suppliers, shipping agents, clearing agents, warehouse locations (also virtual warehouses) delivery agents. Config's E.R.P. generates e-mail alerts and SMS alerts for user defined events in the fulfillment process.
  • Config's E.R.P. is deployed as a product, and installed as an intranet application in the sponsoring organization. The sponsoring organization could be the logistics providers or the corporate organizations. The sponsors will host the server and give permission for buyers, suppliers, logistics partners and finance partners to access the application and conduct transactions.
liner freight forwarding air rail road sea
Liner /Freight Forwarding (Air / Rail / Road / Sea)


► Multi-Modal

► International and domestic shipments

► Quotations & Order Management

► Bookings

► Import / Export services

► Document management control

► Automatic Document Production

► Report Generator

► Event Management / Workflow

► Accounting / Financial Control

► Tariffs

► Web services

► Tracking & Tracing

► On-Line Help

► Live Updates

container control
Container Control
  • Tracking units at various depots around the world segregating available and damaged units
  • Organize Container Contracts
  • Organize Container Costs


  • Automated customer specific charges by cycle.
  • Handles re-pack, cross-docking and storage..
  • Manage customer inventory, perpetual counts, annual counts and adjustments.
  • Control stock rotations.
  • Allows User defined warehouse planning.
  • Generate all documents (i.e. packing slips, bills of lading, etc.)
  • Comprehensive documents and reports package.
  • Inventory and interface with major accounting software or enterprise system.
  • Stand-alone or interfaced with web interface

Config’s CRM enterprise edition is a full-featured CRM technology delivered over the Internet through your web-browser. Enterprise edition contains all the features to execute a successful sales, marketing and service strategy in your business. The enterprise edition was designed from the ground up to allow your team to share customer information in real-time.

  • Sophisticate module for Medical Corporations cover all the needs for Operational / Management / Accounting Departments

ERP Product selection Criteria



To select the

Most Suitable Software

Package Solution

5 Strategic








Pitfalls & Points of concern

  • Costly comparing to custom-built options
  • Lot of hidden costs
  • Chances of cost & time overrun are high
  • The Level of customization/Indianization
  • Compulsion to pay for redundant modules/features
  • Vigorous involvement of all during implementation
  • Non-availability of special practices like Customer

Complaint, Logistics

  • Linking historical data – offline & painful
  • The requirement of Change Management is a must
  • Dependency on outsiders is high
  • IT department – Poor grip on the Implemented systems

Tailor-made ERP solutions


Critical Success Factors

  • The firm & optimistic approach of the Management
    • on adapting the ERP product driven methodologies
    • on customization
    • on monetary commitments
  • The dedicated Team
  • Good Training
  • Strict adherence to the Project schedules
  • Right technical infra-structure
  • Change Management

Tailor-made ERP solutions


Why Config?

  • Very economical while comparing the cost of implementing

tailor-made ERP solutions

  • Less prone for hidden-cost hits
  • The company can opt for its choice of Hardware, Software &

communication platforms based on the skill availability

  • The company and the software vendor have the direct

relationship during the project execution. The proximity

would be high & convenient.

  • IT department has good control over the Project
  • What is required only would be considered under the scope –

No redundancy

Custom-Built ERP solutions


Why Config?

  • The requisite flavor of E-Biz & work-flow components

can be embraced towards value edition

  • The existing practices & applications can be tuned and

linked with the proposed package

  • Maintenance & improvements are easy & less costlier.

Even IT team can maintain the setup after getting the

source code

Custom-Built ERP solutions



What is your


Helping you.. carrying on!