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Candice’s Corner . February 27 th , 2014. How to C ollect Observational Data: Ethnography (Abridged). Themes: Observational data Survey data Triangulating results. Observational Data. http:// Things to Consider : What did you observe about the user?

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candice s corner

Candice’s Corner

February 27th, 2014

how to c ollect observational data ethnography abridged
How to Collect Observational Data: Ethnography (Abridged)
  • Themes:
      • Observational data
      • Survey data
      • Triangulating results
observational data
Observational Data

Things to Consider:

  • What did you observe about the user?
  • How does the presence of the researcher change the interaction? Does observation make this “unnatural”? How can we act to minimize this effect?
  • What if you are testing your family and/or friends?
survey data
Survey Data
  • Surveys use a range of question types from qualitative, in-depth questions to simple “yes -- no” binaries.
  • What are some ways to make sure survey information is meaningfully comparable from one user to the next?
  • Calibration assessments – one option is to seek their opinion on a well known item to get a baseline for their preferences.
    • On a scale of one to five, how usable did you find windows 8?
    • Have you ever used a similar product before?

Triangulation is the use of multiple

measures or “perspectives” to get a

360º view of the user.


Participant observation

Controlled experimental testing

What if these various measures contradict each other? For example, a user is super polite and positive during the testing yet gives terrible reviews in the survey?