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Avalanche Motorsports PowerPoint Presentation
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Avalanche Motorsports

Avalanche Motorsports

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Avalanche Motorsports

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  1. Avalanche Motorsports CEO- Dustin Withee CFO-Katie Stewart CTO-Joe Melton

  2. A Little About Us • Spur of the moment, we decided we ride so much that we should have our own shop in our hometown of Boulder, CO. • The shop led into fixing friends bikes. • After getting so much business we started outsourcing parts to customers. • Later we got in touch with Kawasaki and KTM and started selling bikes.

  3. What We Do. • Sales- Bikes and Parts • Maintenance- Oil changes, engine rebuild, customization, etc. • Online Sales • We ship to you or in store pick up. • We offer building workshops to show you DIY on your own bike.

  4. Products • Kawasaki- Top Sellers KX250, KX450, KX85 • KTM- Top Sellers 450 SX-F, 250 SX-F, 350 XCF-W • Suzuki Scooters- Top Sellers Burgman 650 Exec and Burgman 400 ABS • Aftermarket parts- Exhaust, Grips, Handlebars, etc. • Order online and pick up in store. Yes, its that easy.

  5. Online Presence • Purchase • Apparel • Accessories • Virtual Showroom • Customize your bike and we’ll build it. • Customer Service • 24 Hours, 7 days a week. • Map and Hours

  6. Our Customers • We have been satisfying needs to people in our store since 2001 and online since 2008. • Our customers range from any ages. • We bring in customers all over the west all the way from Colorado to Utah. • Our customers also range from professionals to amateurs.

  7. Marketing in Store • Monthly Promotions • Free Oil Change with a $100 purchase. • Product of the Month • Featuring a new product every month at a reduced price. • Repairs • Warranty repairs or just any repair needed for your bike.

  8. Marketing Online • We have banner ads all over the motocross industry websites. • We also sponsor professional motocross riders that showcase us on their personal websites. • On our websites we have videos of our products in action.

  9. CRM System • We are using Sage Act! Premium 2013 license by the Sage Group. • We chose a CRM system over an ERP system because we are a small business and our main focus is on the customers. We are not very big and do not have an enormous amount of data, so an ERP system is not as important for our company. We really want to focus on attracting new customers and retaining our current customers and a CRM system will help us do this.

  10. Sage Act! Premium 2013 • Gives you a detailed picture of where you stand with every customer you have. • Keep connected to customers through phone and e-mail. • Integrates social media information of customers and puts it all in one place. • Organizes contact information, meetings and notes all in one place. • Allows for interaction between Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. • Connects teams and allows for shared access to a central database from Windows and the internet.

  11. Sage Act! Premium 2013 • Mobile application to access Sage Act! from portable devices. • Smart Tasks allows for our company to indicate certain tasks that the system will perform automatically, saving us time. • Regular communication with customers through e-mail and social websites. • Used by mainly small companies such as E-Business, Soundbite Learning, and Activities Abroad.

  12. How we will use our CRM system • We will use it finding reviews about our company through e-mails, phone, and social media activities by our customers. • We will use the CRM software to keep all our customer information organized and in a single location. • We will use the CRM software to send e-mails to our customers with information about our company and advertisements and offers that specifically match our customers preferences. • We will also use the CRM software to contact customers through the phone and mail. For example we will send a card with a discount coupon to our customers on their birthday, etc… • We will keep track of potential sales, appointments, and requests from customers using the CRM software.

  13. Pros of Sage Act! • Mobile features • Viewing social networking pages and company websites • Simple to use and great for small businesses • Excellent at managing contacts

  14. Cons of Sage Act! • Lack of dialing capabilities • Does not allow for much customization • A lot of information, can be confusing at times • Some mobile compatibility issues • IPhone

  15. Cost • The cost of implementing Sage Act! Premium 2013 in our business is $440 per user

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