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CBH motorSports

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CBH motorSports
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CBH motorSports

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  1. CBH motorSports Cody Campbell Blake Rehm Hunter Mcclure

  2. Background • While hunting the wild water buffalo in Africa we discovered a large diamond in the ground and all we had were are dirt bikes to haul this sucker back to society. • We sold the diamond to Jared himself. Yes we went to Jared’s. • Now as new found millionaires with business degrees from the University of Wyoming, we decided to pay respect to the bikes that hauled our diamond and create CBH Motorsports. • CBH Motorsports was founded in September of 2012.

  3. Roles • CEO - Cody Campbell in charge of overall operations of the organization • CFO – Hunter McClure in charge of all finances of CBH Motorsports • CTO – Blake Rehm in charge of all technology and management

  4. Products and services • Dirt Bike Manufacterer and models • Honda- XR650, CR250, CRF450 • KTM- 350SX, 450XC, 650XCF • BMW- G650GS, F800GS • Yamaha- YZ250F, WR450F • Kawasaki- KX450F, KX250F • Husqvarna- TC449, TE511 • Suzuki- RMZ250, RMZ450 • Aprilia- SXV5.5, MXV450 • SERVICES • On site mechanic • 24/7 online maintenance support • Product Warranties • On the spot finance services • Customer service • Test track • Sports bar

  5. Accessories and Merchandise • Merchandise • Fox • FMF • Renthal • Alpinestar • Bell • Kawasaki • No Fear • Dunlop • O’neal • SHOEi • Products • T- Shirts • Jackets • Boots • Gloves • Helmets • Jersey • Gear • Goggles • Pants • Posters

  6. Demographics Store Front • CBH Motorsports pertains predominately to males from ages 18- 35 years old. • Middle class two income households • Outdoor enthusiasts • Extreme sports enthusiasts Online • Fans and active enthusiasts of all ages • Computer literate individuals

  7. Marketing Online Behavioral- We plan to trace users website activity in order to make their experience more beneficial and hopefully increase sales by providing the products they want. We plan to use clickstream to track this information. Crowdsourcing- We plan to use the website to interact with our customers and provide them with up to date shipping, purchases, and new products. We want to provide this through both website and phone updates. Long tail Marketing- We plan to have a refined image not only through online appearance but through business, logo, and product.This will separate us from our competitors by creating an monopoly over our product and the excellence we provide through our product and service. We will create a more active presence by having a social network presence.

  8. Marketing Store Front • Subscription- We will offer incentives to join and maintain membership in a mostly online rewards program. This will allow us to track information of purchases along with creating an incentive for our customers to return. • Display ads.- We plan to have discrete and purposeful store advertising. The image of both the business and of the product are of utmost importance and the appearance will attract consumers seeking out a high quality product. A distinguished brand and image at our store front will promote local following and hopefully increase popularity and sales. • Interactive Displays- we plan to implement interactive displays in order to make the purchasing of our products more enjoyable and more convenient for our customers. This convenience and modern feel to our store front will hopefully increase the amount of returning customers.

  9. What does your business do? • We sell dirt bikes and apparel to people within our local community • We have 7 different brands of Dirt bikes to choose from • We Have the following features • On site mechanic • 24/7 online maintenance support • Product Warranties • On the spot finance services • Customer service • Test track • Sports bar

  10. Cont. • You can buy any of our products online or in the store with a small shipping and handling fee • You can buy from major brands like: • Fox • FMF • Renthal • Alpinestar • Bell • Kawasaki • With accessories ranging from: • T- Shirts • Jackets • Boots • Gloves • Helmets • And many more

  11. ERP System • Out of the wide variety of ERP software types we decided as an organization to use the ERP system Apprise software, created by Apprise Software Inc. to create a better relationship with our customers. • Apprise software is a great choice for CBH Motorsports because it received 5 stars on all of its user reviews, exceeding especially in usability, and features and functionality. Apprise can also be used on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. • Apprise can be used in multiple industries giving CBH the option of expanding our market. • We also chose Apprise because this software has easy training and is cost effective.

  12. Details of Apprise software • Apprise has many features and is key in monitoring and organizing our company’s daily tasks to make CBH Motorsports more efficient. • Apprise manages our data relating to inventory, order entries, order processing, shipping and receiving, and tracking along with many other features. • Some of Apprise Software notable clients are A-America, Athens Distributing, Carolina Pad, Modus Furniture International, and Revere Mills. • Apprise comes with awesome extra characteristics such as, 24/7 manufacturer support, instructional videos, online access, many financial features key to business, and manufacturing features relating to bills of material, capacity , scheduling, workflow management etc. • Apprise caters to mid to large businesses, which gives CBH Motorsports to expand and grow if possible.

  13. Software usage • CBH Motorsports plans on implementing Apprise Software to: • track order processing • billing • order entries • scheduling for employees • payroll • inventory management Apprise software will give us the ability to manage our financial features such as: • Accounts payable • Accounts receivable • Accrual based costing • Cash flow management

  14. Pros • Apprise ERP can be used on multiple platforms and uses the SaaS application to manage many functions such as production and the supply chain. • Apprise eBusinessproduct allows many users to use different tools to improve sales and service efficiency. • Apprise Supplier Production Monitoring is used to consolidate all production data and activities in one central database, making information readily viewable, shared, analyzed and reviewed. • Apprise Distribution allows you to manage the distribution process • Apprise Manufacturing allows you to control administrative and production activities • Along with all those features for users Apprise has locations on four continents, companies can be assured that users across the enterprise have access to the same customer support and assistance from the company itself

  15. Cons • Apprise used a cloud based service which make the data available to many different computers on a real-time basis. This can lead to information safety issues. • The adaptability and customization of the ERP is left to the company and is not a open source supplier • The accessibility of the cloud to users and the ability to access important information • Some consumers feel that Apprise lacks some customer support capabilities that other competitors have.

  16. Cost • Apprise Software is at the higher end of the ERP software price scale. • Apprise cost about $192.99/user. • Most ERP software prices range from $5/user to $500/user, depending on the type of software that best suits your company.

  17. E-Commerce Revenue models • We plan on using a Sales revenue model, in which we will be selling our goods to customers. • This model will be used on our website dealing with selling any product and services that CBH Motorsports provides. • The Sales revenue model will help CBH Motorsports by managing our forecasting sheets, cost assumption sheets, and ultimately our income and cash flow statement

  18. E-Commerce Revenue models • We also plan on using an advertising based model in which we charge other non-related companies to advertise on the borders of our website. • Ad-based business models are always profitable if you can align the right intent of the users/consumers to an advertising market who are seeking those users. This is why Google adwordswork, and CBH Motorsports plans on implementing this in the same way. • By allowing other companies to put their advertisements on our website, we will charge them a fee for allowing them to market on our website and also CBH Motorsports will receive a percentage of sales from every product sold from ads.

  19. Web 2.0 • Our four technologies that we plan on using are : • Atendy • Zilok • Quote Base • Blomming

  20. Atendy • Event technology that helps promote, organize, and engage special events. • Keeps cost low and empowers hosts to be more productive. • Atendy is a user friendly technology that allows users to network before, during, and after the events. • Atendy is great because it allows the host to manage and monitor their guest, and create excitement by building a community for the event.\ • CBH Motorsports plans on using Atendy to manage special events that we host whether it is an online sale event or a store event too, Atendy is a great public relations and marketing tool as well.

  21. Zilok • Zilok allows anyone, individuals as well as professionals, to rent stuff out or offer for stuff for rent. • This technology is a public community that hosts individuals and businesses that put up items for rent. The website app has many tools within it including online discussion and community forums. • We plan to incorporate this into our business by trying to keep active in the buying, selling and renting of equipment especially dirt bikes. • We want to connect our customers with this suite in order to allow them to try new products before they purchase it from our store or just to be able to rent out their equipment they don’t use as much as they would like.

  22. Quote base • Create customized quotes within minutes by using the web interface or by sending an email to the app. • This app allows us to host a used marketplace where we can allow customers to request quotes on their products. • This Site will allow for us to quickly give customers information on their equipment which will benefit us whether they want to sell it back or just want to know what their stuff is worth. We want to incorporate this with our other technologies by allowing customers to sell their products to us, other customers, and on online communities. • Quote base will be a pivotal part to the fluidity and frequency of customers looking to sell their equipment.

  23. Blomming- the social e-commerce • Blooming allows you to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network - or even your friends' ones. • This technology allows us to sell our products even when our customers are on another site giving them the ease of access to our products as they surf the web. • This system will allow us to sell more products without having to be on our site. This is especially important because of the other web 2.o technologies we are using and the fact that many customers will be traveling off of our site even though they may still be interested in purchasing one of our products. • This system also allows us as managers to track purchases and orders with accuracy and also can tell us some about the behavior of our customers.

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